"Okay guys, we have to take a really good picture!" Lyra said, excitedly, "Everyone smile!" She set the camera’s timer and rushed back to her spot.

Red smiled but couldn’t focus on taking a picture though. He head had been so cloudy since he left Mt. Silver. He thought about home, his mom, Professor Oak, Green… Mostly Green. His best friend hadn’t talked to him when Red first came of the mountain more than a muttered, “You leaving really pissed me off.”

Red’s gaze wondered away from the camera and his false smile fell away. Why was that one little thing getting him down so much. It wasn’t like Green said he now hated Red. He only said leaving had pissed him off.

Someone walking by caught Red’s attention. Spiky brown hair, just a glimpse of it. It could have been someone else, but Red was certain it was Green. Forgetting the picture, he stood up and walked to wear he had seen the spiky hair go. He pushed passed everyone, not caring if they got upset. just muttering slight apologies.

He was more the person with spiky hair. It was just who he had thought it was. Red started to move faster, he was almost running. He just needed to get to Green.

He broke free of the the crowd but had lost sight of Green. He sighed and looked around. He was disheartened that he lost Green but he wouldn’t give up. Then he saw Green standing several feet outside the building and looking out at the setting sun.

Red pushed the door open and stood there, staring at Green. He hadn’t thought of a way to approach the Gym Leader, he just yearned to be near him. He took a few steps closer to Green. Each step making a painfully loud sound in the calm evening.

He felt tears welling up in his eyes and he ran the rest way to Green. Red grabbed Green’s arm and held it tight. He pressed his face into Green’s should and started to cry, “i’m so sorry,” he still managed to whisper.

Green stood still for several moments as Red cried into his sleeve. He wrapped his arms around his friend and tangled one hand into his hair, musing the fine locks, the other rubbing Red’s back gently.

Red’s arms found their way around and up Green’s back, his hands held his shoulders. His sobs subsiding.

"I’m the one who should be sorry," Green said, kissing Red’s cheek.

Red blushed slightly, “We’re both at fault in a way.”

"You know I could never hate you, right?" Green asked.

Red nodded, “I had doubt, but I always knew in some part of my mind.”

Green untangled his hand from Red’s hair and moved it to lift up his chin. He leaned down a little to close the gap between them and softly kissed Red,  ”Good. I do love you after all.”

Red smiled and kissed Green again, “I love you, too,” He gently hit Green’s chest, “Don’t ever do that to me again.”


lanettes-pc replied to your post: lanettes-pc replied to your post: hot funyuns what…

who is more likely to like hot Funyuns? Red or green?

helena asks the hard-hitting questions UH my first instinct was Green but idk i imagine him to be kinda healthy while i think Red wuold have a big sweet tooth and probably enjoy snacks then Green would get on him about having a healthy diet or whateevr and Red wouldn’t care because he lived on a friggin mountain for 3 years so clearly he knows how to surive whether it’s “a good way to do it” or not. so yeah. HUg e loser.s