Crunchyroll x Park Harajuku Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes Video

Crunchyroll is collaborating with Park Harajuku on the new original web manga “PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team!”. To kick off the project, Crunchyroll released shirts and pins by the manga’s Japanese artist Mugi Tanaka. We tagged along on the photo shoot for the new items on the streets of Harajuku. Check out the video - featuring models are Rinyo and Ruki-chan - and find more info on “PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team!” on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sorry for the long and messy post! But i’ve been using this amazing program call ‘Comic Workshop’ on the 3DS. It’s an awesome drawing app for those who like to draw or make comics/mangas! I kinda wanted to share them here on tumblr so that I can see how much I can improve over time and to show you guys as well. I’ll do this for every 10 pages (these are the only ones so far).

Posted them on miiverse 

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the marketing exludes Sasusaku most of the time, right? I don't think ss gets a good treatment in the hidens either. sasuke was used as misadvertising in TL. the bad treatment that sakura/sasuke/sasusaku get from studio pierrot. nh gets a whole movie from sp. and how it seems like pierrot loves hinata more than sakura. now the Uchiha/ss/sarada/team 7 are the focus in naruto gaiden & some people lose their minds. maybe it will be always like this only if it involves ss/ss family/sakura/sasuke.

SS(S) is never treated right if it’s not handled by Kishi himself. And I guess it’s because those who complain know that you can’t compare a movie or anything by SP in general to Kishi’s manga. In addition, it re awakens their butthurt over the original manga, where ‘uchiha cancer’ was a big topic as well.


My Process of Work - Part 2 | Part 01

Most artists hate storyboarding because we’re used to give a picture our all and just a rushed stick figure or few ugly lines won’t satisfy our needs, especially when you spend time on that storyboard to end up looking ugly and unpresentable.

For me, I started storyboarding chapters after I finished 7 chapters. When I started I hated storyboarding coz it’s a waste of time. But like I said in my post about starting a comic; the more you draw, the more you’d want to progress and the more you’d realize why professionals and the masters of the medium do things the way they do.

It was until I had to redraw a chapter 3 times that I realized that storyboarding is essential! ( I learn by trial and error)

I catch myself sometimes drawing a face like it’s in final shape because I can’t help but beautify it for my eyes, especially when it’s an important scene. But usually, it’s just scribbles to know what is the camera view and poses, sometimes even expressions aren’t important coz I can tell from the script but I still draw them because I can’t leave a face blank XD

I use an A5 notebook and divide it into 4 boxes and thumbnail a page per box. But lately, I’ve found A6 books that have around 50=80 pages which are awesome to sketch in so I’m using these to storyboard without dividing the page.

I started, recently, to place speech bubbles to the storyboards as well, which I found save a lot of time for me too.

I hope these two post help in anyway.
Thanks a lot for reading~