Photo-Aidipsos part 2

OK, from top to bottom:

1. Hopeless at shooting things behind shop windows (part 4) or This guy can’t even frame decently (part 2).

2. Taken last year (2013) with my crappy mobile phone. This wooden camera is inside the shop. Mr. Souliadis Jr. was purist enough to say that “unfortunately the lens is not the original”.

3. 4. 5. 6. Just to accompany this post, some assorted photos taken in Aidipsos, say in the 1950s and 1960s… Found years ago on eBay - I don’t own these photos. As mentioned earlier, Aidipsos is a spa town, renowned for its mineral springs. Ferry boats, a bit more modern than the one in the first photo, are still used to carry passengers and cars from across mainland Greece. The building (Υδροθεραπευτήριον “Οι Άγιοι Ανάργυροι”) evident in the other photos is one of the town’s spas, of course. It’s still around, I think.

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Okay so here’s the deal: I really like music. A lot. It’s basically the only thing I want to do in life, it’s what I’m going to school for, etc. I have been performing since childhood and in the past few years I’ve written like 6 dozen original songs (here’s one of them). It’s my passion.

I have the opportunity now to finally record & release an EP of my music, but real talk: I can’t afford to do it. At least not on my own. Enter: my IndieGogo campaign. In the 24 hours since launch, the campaign has already received 15% of it’s funding goal, which is so amazing and encouraging and it would be INCREDIBLE if that success could continue. 

So please lend me a hand and spread this around! Reblog it, share it on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ (jk), tell your Grandma, tell your neighbor, or maybe even contribute if you’re able! Releasing original music would be a dream come true for me and every bit of support means the world to me.

Thank you thank you thank you.