Pintura : Portafolio de Oriela Medellín. 

Oriela  es una  nueva  artista mexicana/puertorriqueña,  ha vivido en Italia,Francia y actualmente divide su tiempo entre Los Ángeles y el DF. Estudió en Parsons, Marangoni y  FIDM.

Ama el rostro humano, la expresión emocional,crea piezas que ser  sexies, que  pueden quedar bien en cualquier  interior,  grandes piezas que  no pasan desapercibidas.

Oriela Medellin´s artwork Portfolio  

Mexican/ Puerto Rican new artist, world citizen has lived in Italy, France and currently is in between Los Angeles and Mexico City. Studied in Parsons, Marangoni and FIDM
Loves the human face, expression emotion, creates pieces that are sexy that can go well in any interior, big pieces that do not go unoticed.

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I trully believe in the magic of reality. But for this magic to operate, it is befitting to cultivate in oneself a certain number of qualities that are at times contradictory, at least in appearance: innocence, self control, faith, bravery….. Putting this magic into motion requires a lot of audacity, and also purity, and a lot of work on oneself. So I insist that I devote my existence to perfecting myself, to knowing myself,and to making myself internally accessible. It is important to never lose sight of all the discipline without this which this approach to existence would be but an illusion. Life is not there for satisfying the desires of the first sloth that was created. LIFE IS WONDERFUL to us when we ABANDON OURSELVES TO IT AND WHEN WE OVERCOME EGOCENTRISM.
—  Psychomagic, by Jodorowsky

Me and my babies my paintings… Who sees the human face correctly , the photographer , the mirror or the painter?? And well.. We never actually see ourselves in 3D…! Have you thought about that? #oriela #painter #art #artist #love #paint #create