I was scanning a bit of detritus with my microscope, when I noticed some movement coming from what I had thought was a very small (less than 1mm) seed.

I watched it for a few minutes, but there was no more movement then, just to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things, I set my microscope up to record, and, sure enough, after a few minutes, my little “seed” woke up!

It appears to be some kind of Oribatid mite.

It just goes to show that peering through the lens of a microscope can sometimes be like spying on a whole other universe full of amazing creatures.

Note: The full song in this video is an ambient set by Jameson Nyeholt (Mute Note), and it can be found here:

This is a cool mite for sure. The name is Damaeus onustus. My brother found it inside an old root beside a road. These mites are commonly called armored mites (Oribatidae). There are 6600 species in the same order, so you need a lot of experience to learn to identify them ;) Within soils, oribatids help to promote fungal and bacterial growth through their feeding actions, as well as contribute to soil microstructure through addition of fecal material to the soil substrate.