2013 Phan Master Post

So as someone brilliantly suggested, I’ve created a master post of all recent stuff that (I feel) really points towards phan as a real thing. Even though half of these were submitted (thank you anons!), I probably forgot to add a lot of stuff so please feel free to add to this list!!! Link your own analyses, add more context, start new sections. Go crazy. As people add things, I will try to update the list and I’ll keep it under the ‘masterpost’ tag on my blog. Thank! (:


  • 'Birthday sex' favourite (x). [context: It was Dan’s birthday.]
  • 'Don't say any private stuff in public' tweet (x). [context]
  • 'Can't believe Phil has left you home alone!' tweet (x). ‘He appears to be happy’ tweet (x) and ‘bc phils back’ favourite (x). [context: When Phil went on the Europe tour and when he returned from Florida.]

Becoming Youtube

  • How much of themselves should Youtubers be prepared to share online? (@7:35) [analyses: 1,]

Moving in with Molly

  • .Dan and Phil’s expressions (x). [analyses: 1,]

Eliza Doolitle

  • Dan’s expression (x). [analyses: 1,]

The Bedroom Situation

  • Theory that both Dan and Phil were sleeping in the office at one point (x).
  • Two chargers theory (x). [context: Earlier, someone had suggested that one thing secret couples often forget to hide is having two charger on opposite sides of the bed. Then, this was found.]


  • When Crabstickz tried to make us cry on his (x).
  • Dan almost putting his hand on Phil’s knee but then not (x). 
  • Playing footsies in matching wellingtons (x).
  • The look (x). [analyses: 1,]

*disclaimer: if they are a couple these are not facts etc etc. you know the drill. 


I definitely need this.

This is a screenshot of our newest app in use! It is called “ORGNIZ" In this picture, you can see how easy it is to use with any application. The application lets the user move a selected window to a specific preset area of the screen. This is also our first application tested (and built) using the new mac OSX operating system Lion!

anonymous asked:

You shouldn't donate your hair to locks of love, they are a scam, and throw away or sell the majority of the hair they receive. Locks of love is a corrupt "charity" which operates just like a normal wig company, charging extortionate prices to kids with cancer, while reducing their costs by convincing people to donate hair to them. You should look into Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Children With Hair Loss, or Wigs for Kids, not Locks of Love!

I already donated it, I’m sorry. and like I said it was previously colored so I didn’t have much of a choice otherwise.

Once my hair is long enough again I’ll look into the other orgnizations

1-Mad Dod.

Mad dog is a dangerous.But we treat the mad day than it is a harmless life normal dag and spend a normal life after treatment-

normal dog became mad dag due to wrong treatment is fever condition it we gove a wrong injectionto the dog than there injection dirreet effect an the dogs brain.

Some time hot summer effect.

2-One it and disturb ito brain,

It the madness condition the dog can orgnize the owner and any body ar any things .

It bite every thing which come on his way or is front of its eyes.

Some time mad dog bite the normal dog the ar any living things .those things also become mad due to germs of the mad dog.

3-Mad dog sit alone and you or owner colled the dog by its name  it in not come even dog donot  give any respons.

The water is bringiny from the doy is mouth contionuously mostly people want to kill the dog but it is not true.

The also have life like human being .so we should treat the mad treat the mad dog because it is suffer life human being

We do not want to kill the man of he suffered .so we not kill the mad.


It is needed to propen treatment .after complete will spendiny a normal life with you became a member of you family.