Oragnutans, elephants and your epic life!

We aren’t going to use the term opportunity of a life time very often. Many of our trips are so amazing, you will want to go again and again. AEI was created because Nora got addicted to volunteering with these great organizations and wanted to share her amazing experiences.

However, the Experience we are about to tell you about IS an opportunity of a lifetime. We just partnered with a group that needs a volunteer go live in Sumatra for a year and take videos and photos of the rehabilitation and release of orangutans and elephants. Yes, you would be in living with an amazing organization and watching the beautiful and inspiring rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild elephants and orangutans. No experience is medical necessary as you would be taking video, pictures and writing blogs about your experience. We will work closely with you and the organization to find you housing, figure out a budget (less than 3,000 for a year) and make sure you can focus on living in paradise and helping endangered animals. If you are interested or think you may know someone who is interested please contact us. AEI has an open door policy and will work with you to make sure you are safe, conformable and secure with your placement.

Check out the Placement for yourself and see how you can live your dreams. If a life less ordinary is what you are looking for THIS placement if your ticket.

Orangutans and Elephants and YOU- oh my!

Nora & Heather