Last exam is on the horizon! I have my biology exam tomorrow at 7PM, so today consists of finishing up some study notes. When I’m writing a test, I have the ability to just sit there and picture my study notes in my head - remembering word for word what they looked like. Does anyone else do that? Or am I a freak? Probably has something to do with my ability to memorize things super easily. Also pictured is a blue green mildliner, lilac coleto pen, the body shops wild rose hand cream (the closest to a real rose scent I’ve ever found) and my newest nest fragrance in indigo!

Things You Should Do At The Start Of Every Work Day

The first few hours of the work day can have a significant effect on your level of productivity —so it’s important you have a morning routine that sets you up for success:

1) Arrive on time.

2) Eat a proper breakfast.

3) Organize your day.

4) Check in with your colleagues.

5) Remind yourself of your core purpose at work.

6) Place important calls and send urgent e-mails.

7) Take advantage of your cleared mind.

8) Mix things up from time to time.

9) Plan a mid-morning break.

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so my dad took me on a shopping spree at Office Max and i was able to get:
• 1 wide ruled spiral notebook
• 1 quad ruled graphing notebook
• 1 mini Westcott ruler
• 4 Post it note Flags
• 1 post it note flag highlighter
• 3 Sharpie highlighters with clear tip and smear guard ( my wishes have come true!)
•5 assorted colors of small sticky notes
•ruled poly ring flash cards which i sepparated into two different sets
• 10 Staedtler triplus 0.3 mm colored pens
• my favorite, Paper Mate InkJoy 1.0 mm black pens
and finally to hold all my new treasures,
• 1 Five Star pencil pouch with an expandable pocket, three zipper pockets, and binder attachments

~• Ill be studying soon so ill show the beautiful noted i can make with all my new stuff! •~


// I’ve posted about my (critical) life binder before, but here’s a more detailed post on how to actually make your own! I’ve had it for the last year and it has already drastically improved my life. If you’re in your final years of uni, undergrad, masters or full on working, then I highly recommend you make one. You are now a young, responsible and independent adult - the life binder is a great first step to feeling powerful!

Every Single Document In My Life Binder:

Identity records:

  1. Birth certificate (+ copy)
  2. Canadian citizenship card (+ copy)
  3. ALL passport copies (past and present) (not originals)
  4. Social insurance number card (+ copy)
  5. Singapore national identity card copy (not original)
  6. Overseas Citizen of India “passport” copy (not original)
  7. Passport photos 

Health records:

  1. Record of doctors/dentists/optometrist/OBGYN/vaccination appointments so I know when I should be checking up
  2. Latest dental X-ray copies (not original)
  3. Latest lens prescription details
  4. ALL immunization records copies (not original)
  5. Organ donation details for ALL countries I’m registered in
  6. Blood donation eligibility assessment for Canada/Singapore/Australia (I donate blood very often, but because I travel a lot, and every country has different eligibility criteria, I like to keep it in this binder)
  7. Canadian health card
  8. Australian overseas student health cover details
  9. Singapore life insurance details

Education records:

  1. Arabic kindergarten records copies
  2. Canadian SK and grade 1-5 records copies
  3. Singaporean grade 5-12 records copies
  4. ALL school transfer documents copies
  5. High school diploma (+ copies_
  6. University (undergrad) acceptance letters/details
  7. University (undergrad) transcript (+ copies)
  8. University (undergrad) degree copy
  9. University (masters) application (I keep this because I’m currently doing my Masters, but once I’m done I’ll throw this out. Same for undergrad)
  10. University (masters) supervisor/thesis/program acceptances


  1. Almost every single (paper) award from beginning of my life (some copies, some originals)
  2. Certificates of participation for bigger events/competitions
  3. Certificates for training completion (e.g. chem/bio/radiation/mice safety training)
  4. Copy of every reference letter anyone has ever written for me, that I was given a copy of


  1. Photocopy of every bank card I own, front and back
  2. Booklets of bank registration details, or checkbook registration details
  3. Important receipts (e.g. mac book, glasses)


  1. Singapore re-entry permits (last and current)
  2. Australian student visa application and acceptance details
  3. E-tickets and boarding passes for ALL flights/trips in past 12 months, and all E-tickets for flights or trips in upcoming 12 months (this is so I can make sure I get my aeroplan points, I have 12 months to lodge them after a given flight)


  1. Mileage membership card copies (e.g. Aeroplan, Jet Airways, etc)
  2. Other membership card copies (bookstores/groceries/etc)


  1. Waranties for appliances (mostly kitchen stuff)
  2. Waranties for electronics

CVs/Resumes (only found on digital version)

  1. All versions of every CV/Resume I’ve made, organized first by year, then by type of position

(January 2nd 2015) Organizing my desk is honestly so relaxing. It helps me clear my mind and today I’ve been feeling less stressed. I’ve been making flash cards and all the doubt I had yesterday about this exam, disappeared. I’m feeling ready or maybe it’s the coffee talking.

My life update: Tomorrow I’m going studying at the city library with a friend of mine. Can’t wait because I’ve missed library’s :D