Groove is in the heart.

How rad is this?!? Sure beats a cheap looking memorex that you try to make look cool with a sharpie. Here’s the modern mixtape! As easy as dragging and dropping your playlist to a USB, with the charm of a good ol’ fashioned cassette tape. iTunes, meet my boombox circa 1990.

Do you remember making a mixtape with a dual cassette boombox?? You’d have to press play and record at the same time, then listen to each song as it records, wait 3 seconds to record the next song until you’ve filled up side A and then rewind the whole thing to record on side B. What a bitch that was. But back in the 80’s and 90’s, this was a huge gesture when you spent at least 2-3 hours to make your crush a handcrafted cassette with numbered tracks scribbled on the tape case. Usually including top jams like Motown Philly (Boyz II Men, ABC… BBD) or DeeeLite’s - Groove is in the Heart (you’re welcome for putting that tune in your head). 

Finally! Someone created something new to bring back the classic appeal of a mixtape. A USB stick that fits inside of a cassette case. And it’s a whole gig! You could fit I dunno….like 250 songs on here? That’s quite the mixtape. Or maybe you want to add a pic slideshow to go with the tuneage. Have at it! But I can guarantee this mixtape will melt someones heart. Definitely a little pricey at $32 compared to a $2 disc, but for someone special I think well worth the charge. I found it on Shop Modi - a small online retailer that carries modern gadgets and nerdy gifts. That’s just what I need, another loveable shopping site.

Oh and check this out, right before I posted this I was merchandising on and fell hard for a new product we just added. The Music Listography Journal; Your life, in playlists.

(Chandler Bing voice) Could this be more perfect for the music enthusiast in your life? $16.95. Add to cart.

Happy mixtaping!

Check out this uber-organized Magnetic Medicine Cabinet I found at Galvanized Metal back and door, notepad holder for brushes & combs and spice cans for hair accessories. Like items can be stored in votive holders and acrylic boxes. Double your space with acrylic risers.

Sources:Magnetic See N Store Containers, Power Lock Suction Hooks, Apothecary Jars, Magentic Pencil Cup and Acrylic Containers at Galvanized Sheet Metal: Lowe’s, Home Depot or any Home Improvement store.

Organize beautifully…

| Kids Room |

Marketplace :

Square Stacking Containers with Wheels by IRIS®

  • These square rolling baskets are great for storing toys, clothes or books. Small enough to stack in closets, on shelving or tuck in a corner. Handles flip in to stack multiple units. Wheels make it easy to move where you need it.
These are a few of my favorite things, on sale.

It goes without saying that every once in a while I will feature awesome products from Because I love the brand I work for and we all love anything that makes our homes, big and small, more liveable. If you read Real Simple Magazine and shop at Target, we’re right up your alley.

Just a few days ago we decided to do a little spring cleaning of our 44,000 sq. foot warehouse in Southern CA. Why? For a couple reasons. Mainly, these items aren’t necessarily our niche (yet…and I’ll fill you in on new/fun/exciting developments when I’m allowed to spill the beans) and if they’re not selling, there’s really no reason to let them take up space in the warehouse when we can make room for new products.

We as buyers have a tough job, it’s easy to stick to our basics but it’s fun to take risks and see the reaction of our shoppers, kind of like gambling but with someone elses money (always more fun - except when you lose someone elses money, not so much fun). We’ll go to trade shows and fall in love with an item that you’d never think you’d find on a site called - like that silly little sock monkey you all saw for the holidays. What does that have to do with organizing? Absolutely nothing. Yet I think we sold over 1,000 units last season. Hollerrr! I laugh at this all the time. So then we’ll go to another show and fall in love with something completely random and ask ourselves, “sock monkey effect?” You win some, you lose some…sometimes the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. So now, we put these items on sale. Jackpot for bargain shoppers! So here are items that I either already own or plan to stock up on since these are fab buys that I’m sure you’ve seen in boutiques around SF and beyond at regular price.

Susy Jack Work Life Magnets: Original $9.99 Now $5.00 

Currently on my fridge. File Under: Adorable Fridge Decor. Send a p.s. I love you note or call attn to the I owe you: whatever sweet thing you had that I wanted at 2am.

Minimergency Survival Kit: Original $11.39 Now $5.70

I’m a sucker for impulse buys, so much that this impatient girl LOVES to stand in line at Sephora so I can go through all the bins of shiny, good smelling things to tack onto my total. This is one of those and so well worth it! I think they actually sell this at Sephora, but here it is at half off. The Minimergency Survival kits comes with everything a girl could ever need in sticky situations, and it’s hard to believe that everything you see below fits into the palm of your hand… it’s pretty impressive really.

Emergency Box of Cards by Bob’s Your Uncle: Original $12.49 Now $6.29

Fun, colorful cards to have on hand for any occasion. These have saved my ass on a number of occasions because I can’t seem to remember to write important dates down. Way to go Al. At least I’m prepared to forget.

Lollia Breathe Hand Butter: Original $24.99 Now $12.59 (!!!!)

Yumyumyummmmm. Lollia bath and body products are unbelievable! This smells like a meadow of pink peonies and newborn babies. I’m sure you’ve seen these products in boutiques from the west coast to NYC and beyond, here’s a chance to get the same luxury fragrance at half the price. All of the Lollia line is on sale at, because yes, this was one of those buys that they let me have despite it having nothing to do with organizing. What can I say? I LOVE this line and I wanted a discount (hellooo, awesome perk of a buyer!). Oh well, learned my lesson until I can someday own the boutique of my dreams (soonish). And guess what? Our entire Lollia Boutique is on sale. P.S. you’re going to have to fight me for these.

Scroll Mailing Label Tape: Original $20.99 Now $10.50

So cute to adorn a package. When we saw this line at the gift show in LA, we had to have it. Bummed it didn’t sell well for us, but I’m stocking up. I send packages all the time and these sticky labels just add a little touch of something DIY since I’m really not that creative and I wish I were. This is a sweet cheat.

Susy Jack Ringlet Jotter: Original $7.99 Now $4.00

I LOVE PAPER. All paper products, notepads, cards, list pads - you name it. I have notepads all over this house. I make lists for everything because my memory sucks. This little jotter is in my purse, always. When I realize that my chapstick is at pinky finger scraping levels of low, I write it down. Awesome chapstick at Walgreens. Or when I have my next big idea that I’m sure will make me millions until I GTS to find there’s already an app for that, the endless ideas all go down in this jotter when I’m on the go.

Which leads me to my last great deal…(more paper)

Martha Stewart Fern Thank You Cards: Original $9.50 Now $4.75

What ever happened to hand written thank yous??  I think anything hand written is truly more personal and I’m always touched to receive anything that has more thought put into it than clicking a send button. I’m a lucky girl. And I have a lot to be thankful for. These cards are just so sweet and simple to write a personal thank you to someone who deserves one.

p.s. hand written notes are not overrated, keep the pens alive!

Welp, those are my top picks from our sale. I could add so much more but I think this post is long enough as it is. But I’m telling you, we have over 600 products that are up to 85% off. You can find some great buys while they last at the one and only, Happy hunting!

I am a total fan of this website:
When you live small (like I do) it’s important to know where all your stuff is. This webpage has everything you need to get organized. I love it, and I wan’t this for all my extra pairs of shoes. Just put them under the bed: Yeah! (ugly shoes, though)..

…and drawer organizers! must have:


Lucky Magazine got it right with their purse organization tip to shelve the clutches and hang the rest.

To get the look, file your clutches like books and use basic single prong hooks to hang larger bags.

Photo: Lucky Magazine. Basic Single Prong Hooks;

Edited by Jen Ford, Photographed by Lucas Allen, Sets Built by Chase Booth, and Styled by Rebecca Omweg.


I’m on a inspiration journey and collecting ideas for my home office/soon to be craft, project, gift wrap room and home office combo. These images will give you an idea of what I’m working with, but I want this room to be fun, bright and a place I want to spend my spare time.

I have this white Bedford Office Collection from Pottery Barn. I added a corner hutch that sits on the top of the desk, houses my computer monitor and adds some heighth to my work station. There are slots in the hutch for file folders and drawers on each side of the opening. Those little features, the library style handles and label frames are the details I love about the collection.


This image from Pottery Barn inspired the friend and family picture wall in my office, including the ampersands. Love them. I used the same white shelves shown, which was a great contrast against the chocolate milk color on the walls. I mixed and matched picture frame sizes, using only black frames and white mattes. The white shelves pair nicely with the white molding and plantation shutters.


I’m planning to add the project table, stools, a craft wall organizer for gift wrap rolls, ribbon, tools, supplies + accessories.

I can’t wait to get started and to share the final product with you.

Holman Ledge Shelves, Ampersands: Pottery Barn; Craft Wall Organizer: Michaels Craft Stores; Project Tables now available at

photos: Pottery Barn, truelock equals truelove, Pinterest.


When the holiday season draws near, I’m always on the watch for clever ideas that make things - well, easier. I use tons of ribbon year round, but organizing the colors you are using during a season just makes sense.

Love the paper towel holder idea and a straw dispenser keeps spools of ribbon tangle-free and at your fingertips. Great eye candy on your craft table and another way to re-purpose something you might already have.

You can find similar paper towel holders and a straw dispenser at

Source: Ribbon-Filled Straw Dispenser, All People Quilt + Paper Towel Holder as Ribbon Organizer, Real Simple; both via At Home with Kim Vallee.