German artist Dirk Loechel just completed a geektastic project that he began working on over a year ago. Behold the awesome and exhaustively-detailed glory that is Loechel’s Size Comparison chart of Science Fiction Spaceships. The full-size chart measures 4,268 x 5,690 pixels and contains so many ships that, every time we start looking for a specific vehicle, we get distracted by countless others. Most of the ships are grouped by franchise. He also included the ISS at the top (in a yellow box to the right of the title) to help provide a sense of real-life scale.

And before anyone gets upset about the absence of enormous spacecraft such as the Death Star or Halo’s CSO-class supercarrier and small ships like TIE fighters or X-wings, please note that, for reasons of image quality and organization, the chart only includes ships measuring between 100 and 25,000 meters long. Loechel also has an excellent explanation for why there’s no TARDIS on the chart either, saying that it’s both too large AND too small to be included. We rather like that.

Click here to view the chart in all its full-size glory.

The chart is not being offered for sale. Instead Loechel encourages fellow sci-fi enthusiasts to simply go ahead and print out a poster-size version for themselves.

[via Nerd Approved and The Mary Sue]


Some more pages of my planner because it helps me realize that I’m working hard and that each day is filled with new possibilities, new opportunities to start again, to laugh with your loved ones, to love and being loved no matter what, to read good books which make you stop and look into space for hours just after you read that sentence that just gets you, to dance to your favourite music, to learn to live. And I needed all of this today.


After many requests, it’s finally here — DIY planner! If you prefer planning your weeks in paper form, here’s a budget-friendly planner you can make custom for the new year :)


If you want to achieve your goals, get organized.

Do you think you’re just going to succeed by going about your goals all willy nilly with no plan? nah, sahn that’s not how that works. 

Have a plan. Attack your goals. If I get disorganized, I get off track real fast. I stay on track with free print outs I get off pinterest. Here are some of my favourites.

I have a weekly planner and I keep a cute monthly calendar on my wall. It’s functional and super fun to look at and keeps everything in perspective. On super busy days when I really need to be productive and cram everything in, I use the daily planner. That’s really the clearest pic I could get of it. I’m sorry. 

I use the meal planner when my meals get super boring and I need to plan before I go grocery shopping and it keeps me organized all throughout the week so I never freak out over what to do eat for dinner.

You have a ton of resources at your fingertips. There’s no excuse not to be organized. Get your ass in gear.

This is one of the things I’m doing to study for my American History exams so I thought I would share!

In the first column, I put a term/idea from the lesson. In the second, I define it. Basically give the date and the basic facts of what happened. Then, in the last column I explain the significance!

This is super helpful for essays, short answer, or ID paragraphs. Hope this helps!

I have a mini-challenge for y’all! You are not even ready for it. It’s SO freaking difficult… Try to accomplish one thing from your to-do list today. Seriously. Literally just challenge yourself to do ONE thing from your to-do list!

How easy is that?! Everything on that to-do list is leading up to accomplishing a big goal! Just get out there and do it! And it sounds easy… because it kind of is easy.

And just because it’s easy, don’t try to complete your whole to-do list in one day. You’ll burn yourself out. And Don’t give yourself a ridiculously difficult amount of items to do, either! You’ll neglect the other parts of your life. The point is just to get into the daily habit/routine of working these little baby steps into your everyday life.

Can you imagine the awesome things that you’ll be able to accomplish with 10 years of productive baby steps?! One at a time. Little by little.

Now go do that thing you’ve been avoiding! :)