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1.Can you find Orion’s constellation in the night sky?

Sometimes when my uncle points it out because he loves astrology and all and that. But if you mean right now it’s kinda impossible ‘cause a storm’s coming and the sky is totally dark and it frightens me.

2. white-blue-grey or white-red-grey?

White-red-grey I guess.

3. which one’s sexier neck or collar bones?

Collar bones, damn! Haha

4. A Paint drawning for me! (Yes you must do it or the bad spirits will eat your food)

Hmm, ok. This was actually one I found on Google, it’s cute. Don’t blame me though for being lazy, you asked so here it is. xD

5. Have you ever been swimming on a lake/sea at night?

Actually when I was younger, yes. It’s one of the most amazing feelings ever.

6. Does the skin under your nails tickle after you cut your nails?

Nope, should it? o,o Unless I cut it too much then it starts bleeding and the blood gets stuck in there, but no tickles. lol

7. Tell me a song that doesn’t tell about love or depression

That’s actually a good question, most songs out there are either about love or depression. I would say We Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joel.

8. Which Disney character is your look-alike?

Maybe a mixture of Mulan and Snow White.

9. Your favorite movie villain?

Loki, absolutely.

10. It’s time to reveal your senpai! Go ahead.

Amm, well someone who probably will never notice me, this beauty.

11) Your favorite gif

This because of her smile and gorgeousness.


Nice questions btw :3


1) What is the first thing standing next to your left?

2) Are you in love?

3) What is the first song you heard in 2014?

4) Cats or dogs and why?

5) Do you think guys should wear more eyeliner and dye their hair more often? Do you think one’s appearence could define their personality?

6) What is your opinion on abortion?

7) What is your favorite idol of all time and why is she/he your favorite?

8) What was the most exciting thing about 2013?

9) How do you think you’ll look 10 years from now and where will you be and what you’ll be doing?

10) What is your favorite song of all time? What’s the most meaningful song you’ve ever heard? What is the first song you ever cried to (if you remember)?

11) Make yourself a question you’d like to receive and answer it yourself :)


Tagged by g-the-dragon. THANKS FOR TAGGING. Seriously. No one ever does these things to me :DD

sorry about my English. I know it sucks.

Rule 1: Post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post then make 11 new ones.

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1. what are the best things about kpop that western music doesn’t have?

- When we’re speaking of the music, I’d say lyrics. The western hits these days are mostly about dancing/partying/getting wasted/sex or at least linked to one of those. What comes to kpop, there are some really meaningful lyrics. Like NU’EST’s both singles or EXO’s Mama. Okay maybe bad examples (since they’re only rookies blahblahblah to me they’re not ‘cos they’re so awesome.) but those lyrics are really amazing. And kpop is really catchy. I don’t know how to describe it. + Kpop fandom is way better than any of “the western ones”. At least I think so. Oh God. A long answer.

2. is there a kpop group that you don’t like? (if yes, why?)

Not really. There are few that I don’t listen to at all, but I don’t actually dislike them. Almost every group has at least few good songs. But yeah. To me, liking a group is so much more than “just” their music. But I’m speaking about their music just because I can. Bwahaha.

3. lyrics you can relate to the most?

- This is a hard one. It really seems like there is a song for every situation. NU’EST’s Action kinda gives me strenght (okay sounds weird and cheesy. SHAME ON ME) since I’ve been bullied a lot and people don’t accept me the way I am. So. Yeah. But I’m not sure if I’d call that relating. But anyway.

4. who are your tumblr best friends?

…ultimate forever alone moment. I don’t really have any tumblr friends. :( There are many people who I find awesome and I’d like to be their friend but I’M TOO SHY AND AWKWARD. http://organisoitukaaos.tumblr.com/ is the only one but we usually talk in twitter and I knew her a long time before getting addicted to tumblr. AND I WAS THE ONE WHO GOT HER INTO KPOP AND I’M SO PROUD. She’s awesome. Yaaaay. + WHO WANTS TO BE MY FRIEND ._____. Okay wat. 

5. are there groups that you would wanna get to know better? what groups?

Am I stupid or why I don’t fully understand this question? :D I’m gonna answer it as I see it. I’d like to know more about U-KISS and INFINITE. But I don’t really know many people (okay of course there are a lot but I don’t know any well enough to like TALK TO THEM or FANGIRL WITH THEM) who I could talk about them with and fangirling alone is boring. Getting into new groups is waaaaay funnier together.

6. if you could change one thing about your bias, what would it be?


7. what thing do you regret the most?

- Few years ago I had a really close friend but then we got into an argument and didn’t talk that much anymore. We kinda GREW APART (how dramatic) and we haven’t talked or anything for like…1.5 years? I miss her and I regret that stupid argument over COMPLETELY POINTLESS THINGS. :(

8. do you like your name or would you like to have some other name?

- Milla is actually just fine. Not too unique but not overly-used either. 

9. three things you love about your life right now?

1. The fact that EVERYTHING is finally okay and right now I have absolutely no worries. I already forgot this feeling. 2. Kpop. I regret nothing. I have no life. 3. My friends. They’re all awesome. :)

10. three things you hate about your life right now

- 1. My appearance. I’m _really_ insecure. 2. This job shadowing thing. I chose the wrong place and this is fuckinnnnggg annoying. 3. School. It’s so hard and tiring and I HATE PEOPLE okay not you. NOT THE TUMBLR PEOPLE.

11. what’s your favorite song and why? 

- It changes all the time but my all-time fav has to be SHINee’s Lucifer. It was the song which FINALLY got me into kpop. I had heard some Korean songs earlier (Replay and Haru Haru for example) but Lucifer was “the one”. SO MUCH NOSTALGIA.

My questions:

1. What got you into kpop?

2. Have you ever regretted getting into kpop? Why/why not?

3. Your favorite kpop group? JUST ONE.

4. Who is the most important person in your life?

5. Would you like to live abroad or are you fine with your home country? Why?

6. Are there any kpop groups you absolutely hate? (okay is that even possible?)

7. Your favorite tumblrs?

8. If tomorrow would be the last day of your life what would you do and why?

9. What is your biggest dream?

10. Tell about your first crush. THESE ARE ALWAYS SO CUTE AND FUNNY :DDDDD

organisoitukaaos answered your question: hELP?

Id get CAT3, because standing more than a hour(dunno how long the concert is) isnt that nice.

omgosh i know right?! i haven’t exactly been to a concert before, but almost everyone’s been telling me that even with seats people usually stand anyways.

liujialu answered your question: hELP?

follow your heart

most profound answer ever, lol.

thank you all who’ve responded through the post and my asks. i am 70% certain of buying the CAT3 one. :)