I didn’t take a pic of my lunch today because I ate Panera Bread with my dad and some person there was staring at me… it was weird so I just felt too self conscious to whip out my phone and take a pic lol. But I wanted to tell you all about this ice cream! I think I’ve talked about it here before but Luna & Larry’s coconut ice cream is organic, vegan, and fair trade. It’s a little on the expensive side but it’s very rich and extremely tasty—and as a once in a while treat, you can’t beat it! This is the chocolate peanut butter one… mmmm…..


Homemade Deodorant.

On my quest many years ago, as I learnt more and more about organic, healthy foods and body products, I began to rid my cupboards and shelfs of such harming things.

Its pretty easy to find any organic, real, natural product now a days to replace that chemical ridden product you used before.
For the most part, every new organic natural product I use, works just as good or better as the old product.
One thing I have struggled with though is- Deodorant. I’m not a stinky person, but My underarms do need a bit of attention. Seems like every deodorant I’ve used doesn’t work, in most cases it makes me stink more!
I was using a mineral salt deodorant in place of the chemical concoction of secret. I looked over the ingredients and notice ‘alum’ super shitty. Because of the leniency of the word ‘natural’ they can let this slip.
ANYWAYS. I was going to buy a d.o called ‘Primal Paste’ but I looked at the ingredients and realized, I can make this myself! So I did.

3 TBS Coconut Oil
3 TBS Arrowroot Powder
2 TBS Baking Soda
10-20 Tops essential oil (I used Teatree)
Half melt the coconut oil then add all other ingredients and mix. I did sift the powders.
Put in a glass jar or container you can seal.

Ill let you know what I think of it after a week.


My friend let us harvest half her backyard the other day! Our home is now FILLED with eucalyptus bundles like this in every corner. We even have two drying racks with just leaves cut from the branches! Lots of super freshly harvested and air dried eucalyptus is coming to the shoppe soon! 🌳🌳🌳 #eucalytpus #herbs #herbal #herbalism #harvest #harvested #allnatural #organic #magic #magick #metaphysical #wicca #wiccan #pagan #paganism #spell #ritual #incense #energy #power #forsale #etsy (at http://www.thewellandspindle.com)

What on earth is clean eating

We learn something new everyday.  I have been doing this for years, that is helping people lead an organic life style that is  free of processed / packaged foods as possible but, now there is a new term and It is called claen eating…I know say what!

For generations organic eating meant if you grow it, make it from scratch you were an organic living being now we have to learn the latest catch…

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BEST BAG EVER. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is not bliss. Not for your health, not for the animals, and especially not for the environment. It’s our responsibility to consciously choose what we buy and how we impact the universe. Everything is connected whether we like it or not. Bring your own bag, buy organic and local whenever possible. Pick up this hot tote from #thugkitchen @thugkitchen. Love it!

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