AllureNaturals: Organic Handmade Deodorants, Lotions, Soaps & Lip Balms

Natural deodorant can sometimes be a let down, leaving you not smelling your best. The products from this black-owned Etsy shop actually work to keep your underarms smooth, your body healthy and smelling fantastic. 

 We learned about Allure Naturals Organic Handmade Deodorants, Lotions, Soaps & Lip Balms from our Instagram account. We on Instagram BlackOwnedEtsy, Follow Us! 

In Her Own Words:

Greetings all!! I’m a naturalist who has always been in love with personal care products. As a teen, I shopped for anything that made me smell good. However, I did not always pay attention to the ingredients. As an adult, I have become more conscious of what I put on my skin. This lead me to my journey of deodorant making. I sought to make a deodorant that myself, as well as others could be happy with. I will only make products that are made with natural and/or organic ingredients. I hope that you enjoy my products. Peace. 

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✨New beautiful Ammonite Necklace✨

Completely handmade and hand wrapped with copper wire. (The ammonite is also over 110,000 years old). Comes on a copper necklace with assorted jasper beads.

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Emulsifiers are detergent-like molecules that stabilize mixtures of immiscible liquids and are commonly added to processed foods. … [I]t is important to note that a lot of emulsifiers are ‘natural,’ such as soy lecithin, meaning that organic food can still be loaded with emulsifiers. We are currently working on deciphering if all emulsifiers have similar effects or not.

Just found out I am going to be working alongside a local suicide prevention organization to help raise awareness and money to help all those effected. All proceeds go directly to the organization. Check out my creation I made in memory of my best friend Tangerine So<3