Organic chemistry at it’s best: there was a reaction what was described to work between 270 °C and 320 °C. Unfortunately, when I tried it, instead of a product I got a black tar, so I modified the recipe a bit, using decalin (decahydronaphthalene) what has a boiling point at 187-190 °C (on the picture). 

The intetesting was, that the reaction in boiling decalin produced something what sublimed out from the flask onto the condenser as a white powder, while none of the starting materials or the planned products would behave like that according to the literature. Let’s find it out what was made!

Tonight I made raw organic vegan sea salt almond brownies! They taste fantastic! For dinner I prepared Paella with a side of sautéed cabbage.

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently pescatarian. I haven’t consumed meat since June 6th, 2014. I eventually want to transition over to full vegetarianism, then vegan, one day becoming a raw vegan. In the meantime I’m learning fun healthy recipes to make the transition easier. If you guys have any vegetarian /vegan recipes you’d like to share, please feel free to reply.

—  Tie


b 1 egg scrambled with brown rice and roasted red peppers, refried beans, salsa, avocado, tempeh bacon, Chao vegan cheese and hot sauce wrapped in a whole wheat oat bran and flax lavash flatbread // l smoothie strawberry, pineapple, banana, almond meal, flax oil and orange juice // d salad romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olives, gherkin pickles, avocado, poppy seed dressing and maple smoked salmon 

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