Other consequences of melting glaciers - organic carbon release.

Worldwide, glaciers have been melting (or retreating) at unprecedented rates since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800’s. Not only do we lose the valuable geologic record stored as gases trapped within the ice (which then contribute to increasing levels of greenhouse gases), the melting causes rising sea levels. Now, researchers have found another unwelcome side effect: the release of organic carbon.

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I wish health insurance would help cover the cost of healing your body with healthy eating.

Insurance will cover the cost of prescriptions and pills and visits to doctors who will hastily scribble in illegible handwriting prescriptions for more bottles of pills, and order expensive tests that do not help you get any better, but the closest I’ve come to healing from chronic illness and pain is from keeping an incredibly strict diet. I put nothing in my body anymore than is not completely natural and unprocessed. But the cost of cooking with only organic and pure ingredients and equipment for making all food from scratch is about putting me in debt. Someday I hope health insurance companies might recognize that food can heal, sometimes better than a bottle of pills, but not every one can afford or has access to wholly natural foods. It’s heartbreaking how many families are filling their bodies with processed foods that may very well be slowly poisoning them, exacerbating and/or triggering new health problems and pain.

Vegan Cheesesteak at Vegan Commissary

veganslikeitraw and I discovered a new vegan restaurant in Passyunk, Philadelphia. This place is small but very soothing. The food is great for the price you pay. I had the cheesesteak  ($10.24) with mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheese wiz, jalapéno jam. Also add-on avocado slices ($1.92). I strongly recommend this place even if you are not vegan or vegetarian. Definitely going for round 2 another time! 

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Blue Wind Skirt

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