NOTE: An independent production is one in which the film or video makers (producers and/or directors) retain creative and financial control and are able to present their work in the manner they consider best suited to the subject matter.

Caddi in uno dei miei patetici periodi di chiusura. Spesso, con gli esseri umani, buoni e cattivi, i miei sensi semplicemente si staccano, si stancano: lascio perdere. Sono educato. Faccio segno di sì. Fingo di capire, perché non voglio ferire nessuno. Questa è la debolezza che mi ha procurato più guai. Cercando di essere gentile con gli altri spesso mi ritrovo con l’anima a fettucce, ridotta ad una specie di piatto di tagliatelle spirituali. Non importa, il mio cervello si chiude. Ascolto. Rispondo. E sono troppo ottusi per rendersi conto che io non ci sono.
—  Charles Bukowski: "Musica per organi caldi"

v : A  W O R L D  M A D E  B E N T

           Sauron is defeated. The power of the elves in Middle Earth begins now to wane, and many, though far from all, have departed their fields and forests forevermore, crossing over the sea.  The world is changed, and paths that were once straight are now bent.

           The Noldor in Mandos are given a choice. They may remain as bodiless spirits within those Halls until the last days of the world; or they may be reembodied and take ship once again for Middle Earth, this time with the knowledge that the Straight Road will ever remain closed to them and return to the fields of Valinor is impossible.

           And yet some among them will choose that exile, to make for themselves such lives as they are able in a land which no longer resembles the one they knew before.

  • If interested in joining, please message quicktoanger or thewildhuntsman. We welcome all characters and ideas so don’t be shy!
  • The group has two main character divisions : those characters are reborn/released from Mandos, and those who are canonically alive in the time setting of the AU (late third / fourth age characters, men and elves). BOTH ARE EQUALLY NEEDED AND WANTED!
  • Due to the closely interactive nature of this verse, DUPLICATES ARE NOT ACCEPTED. There will only be one blog for each character. First come, first serve. We’re sad to do that, but it would simply be too confusing/counter-intuitive to have multiple versions of the same character.
  • OOC drama is a bummer and will be aggressively frowned at. IC drama encouraged and rewarded with cookies and beer probably.
  • Enemies and alliances are very much expected to develop, given the semi-volatile nature of characters being reintroduced to an already volatile world, so don’t sweat that at all.
  • Participants must follow basic roleplaying etiquette. Tag triggers, readmore nsfw content, cut replies, don’t reblog the askbox, etc etc etc. Verse interactions / announcements should be made using the verse tag  #v: a world made bent.
  • Most importantly : come have fun plotting and writing with us as we try to bring the ages of Middle Earth together!