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Black Soul - Bo Diddley (The Black Gladiator, 1970)

St Cecilia at the Organ (1671). Carlo Dolci (Italian, 1616-1687). Oil on canvas. Gemäldegalerie, Dresden.

This painting is from the mature period of the artist. Saint Cecilia is at the organ with her hands on the instrument of the keyboard, and looking down. A vase of lilies is in the foreground.

How foolish it is to think that we love only with our hearts.
The heart is just an organ with a job to do, a quota to fill.
When I love, I don’t want to love with a blood-pumping machine.
I want to love with every inch of my body.
I will love you with my knees and my fingertips,
with my elbows and my collarbones. With my freckles and my knuckles,
my wrinkles and my scars.
And I will love you with all the spaces in between
—  unknown

The Organ Rehearsal (1885). Henry Lerolle (French, 1848-1929). Oil on canvas. Met.

Set in the choir loft of the church of Saint-François-Xavier in Paris, it features members of Lerolle’s intimate circle, including his wife (bare-headed) and her sisters, in fashionable matching hats; his brother-in-law, composer Ernest Chausson, plays the organ. The painter himself gazes outward at left. Shown at the Salon of 1885. One critic recalled, “spectators … spoke low before it, as if waiting for … the voice of the singer to be heard.”