orc status update

yesterday i had to tell off a kid for doing the nazi salute in class. the teacher told me he was just joking (this was a history teacher). the boy started doing the salute instead of raising his hand. 

also now i have a target on my back because it’s the second semester of this class and nazi boy is buddies with everyone else unlike me. so theyre probably going to make this class a living hell for me now lol

WOW i cannot overstate how incredible that was. mr baldwin is seriously an artist, he must be seen to be believed, it is not an experience to be missed. the radio show does not even come close to comparing.

if a night vale tour comes near your area and it is at all within your means GO SEE IT its absolutely fucking stunning

sometimes i think about how many stories my dad has and how many things i dont know about him. every year at his AA birthday meeting he tells the same story and every year i learn something new about him.

and then i wonder how many stories ill never know and things ill never know about him.

breaking down emotional barriers is hard, and i guess we’ll never get done soon enough.

we did research papers on english the topic was literally anything we wanted and this one fucking cis boy did a paper on his fucking self

i could have spent the time it takes him to do a powerpoint presentation actually learning about something but no this prick had to spend twenty minutes of my life talking about personality tests and what he was like in elementary school smh