parlourprincess said:

67, 187, 143-148

67. The person that makes me cry the most it?

I’m literally the only person that can make me cry aha

187. My pet:

I have a fat black cat named teddy and if he were a human i’d expect him to be a really vain prince or something he’s so cool

143. Curly or straight hair? Curly wurly

144. Oranges or apples? Orangess

145. Night or Day? ahh night but that is so hard to choose

146. Chocolate or vanilla? vANILLA

147. Autumn or Spring? Again, very hard to choose but probably spring because the fashion is always flawless and heaps more little snails/bees/butterflies appear and we can’t forget flowERS

148. Summer or Winter? Winter all the way because my skin is v sensitive and i’d rather be admiring raindrops than lying on a beach heh

Thank you so much for asking kitten!!