Little update

Hello followers new and old, apologies for the lack of updates recently. I’m still adapting to life now I’ve moved home. I’ve got my graduation in a week and I just got a new job working at a print company which is exciting. Although this doesn’t mean I’ll stop updating with new work and all that jazz. 

Speaking of work once I sort my room out I’ll start posting up daily scribbles and random doodles, most probably some fan art for some awesome TV series I’ve been watching lately (Game of Thrones fuck yeah). 

In the meantime I was featured by Business Boom Collective which was lovely. You can check it out here


Hello! Few updates. Firstly, I just received this in the post. I’ve been featured in the Japanese illustration book Artbox file volume 10. Some lovely work in there from some brilliant and inspiring illustrators, so I’m chuffed to be included in this. 

Secondly, I wanted to apologise again for the lack of updates and lack of new work. I’ve recently gotten a new job and have been working hard with that but there will be some updates later this week. 

Quick update

I’ve technically finished my degree now.. just got to wait for the results to come back. Fingers crossed. I’ll upload photographs of the degree show sometime in the next few days.

This also means I have no excuse for not updating the blog regularly, mainly because I’m what you’d call a ‘bum’ now - I really need a job. So expect some new stuff soon. I’m currently working on a creative CV/promotional mail out to get some love and affection sent my way, and I also plan on setting up a shop to sell some prints/zines etc. If anyone has any suggestions as to what websites provide the best service to do this, let me know!