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Trust - Orangenoise

Hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, Orangenoise is a shoegaze/noise rock band with influences that also seem to have tinges of punk and metal. This is my favorite song off of their newly released EP, Veracious. This particular song really caught my attention because of the strange modal scale (which I can’t seem to put my finger on) used for its chord progression. 


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//orangenoise. From Pakistan. Listen to this.


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ROCK!!!! Thanks to @orangenoisepk #shoegaze #dreampop #indie #np

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Lussun TV Sessions : I Don’t Know - //orangenoise

This is //orangenoise performing ‘I Don’t Know’ on Lussun TV, an initiative of new alternative/original musicians by the artist’s themselves.

Producer/Director: Nadir Shehzad Khan
Co-Producer: Bemisal Iqbal

Video Production team:
Talha Asim Wynne
Salik Abbasi
Nefer Seghal

Audio Production :
Mohammad Ali Suhail

Audio Engineers:
Daniel Arthur Panjwanney
Danial Hyatt
with Khizar Jhumra

Art/Projections team:
Amman Mushtaq
Faizan Riedinger

Edited by :
Khizar Jhumra
Nadir Shehzad Khan

Adnan Adil

Bring it '13

2012 was such an awesome year! Starting with our Uth Records episode, the countless shows we played, unnecessary traveling, gettin our first full-length album out, getting plays on XFM London with Mary Anne Hobbs, lots of good reviews and of course all the love and support you guys showed us

Looking forward to even massive cosmic alignments in 2013 and the start of a new journey!

Happy new year!

It’s been a fantastic couple of weeks since its release, over 3000 plays and 500 downloads and a lotta people even paid for it! (Thank you, you know who you are!) Just need some reviews now, so all you music people savvy with ink and quill on our list clean up those earphones, connect those hi-fis give this a go at full volume and send us a review!


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Here it is finally!


Recorded at the LJP studios in Karachi, for Ufone Uth Records.

Many many thanks to Gumby, Agha, and of course Zeeshan Parwez for piecing this together seamlessly! Lovin the trippy visuals, hope you guys like it too!

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"Every Heart Has a Noisy Story" by Nadir Shehzad (Lussun TV) features one of our tracks;

The semi-official definition of orange noise is “a quasi-stationary noise with a finite power spectrum with a finite number of small bands of zero energy dispersed throughout a continuous spectrum.” We have not been able to determine where this definition originated but it is commonly used in reference material.

Orange noise relates to musical scales. The bands of zero energy coincide with the notes in the scale. In effect this means that the in-tune notes of a scale are removed, leaving only the out-of-tune frequencies. This creates a clashing, displeasing noise.