Yesterday began the final chapter in Lucky’s saga. He is now a permanently indoor kitty after being on the streets for 7 years with the scars to show for it. I wish many more strays could have the happy ending he has.

He settled in quite nicely last night before curling up with me in bed. Today he’s been flaking out everywhere. I guess watching birds and the neighbors is hard work.


Adding onto this story, is this cat. I’d seen him around the house for probably close to a year now, but he had never wanted anything to do with us. Yesterday when I was coming home from work, I saw him crossing the street and my neighbor who feeds the birds walking after him. She and I talked for a minute about him and the black and white cat (who since came back after our first meeting). As she and I talked, a car came over the hill; my neighbor walked to the middle road to slow the car.

Turns out the driver was the tabby’s and the tuxedo cat’s owner. And he knows my family. He told me the tabby (named Pitter Patter) just showed up at his house, and he’s never been able to touch the cat (versus the tuxedo named Garcia who is a huge love). Well after they left I decided to try to lure the orange tabby close. He took some coaxing, but after a bit he came up and eventually started purring and rubbing all over me. He did this for about 45 minutes before my hands got too cold. And even when I went inside he sat at my back door crying. 

When I got home from meeting a friend today, I just called out in the general direction of the cats’ house and up comes running the orange tabby. He loved on me for about 30 minutes and even settled down in my lap for a bit. My neighbor called my family tonight. He’s moving from the area and has been looking for someone to take his cats. Long story short (too late!) the orange tabby is going to be mine! My neighbor is going to pay for all of his shots and neutering. I have a new cat!