Worth It - Fifth Harmony

To be honest, I was not too sold the very first time I watched this video. The Fifth Harmony girls were all in different clothing, they didn’t dance that much and it mostly showed their faces. I guess my expectation was different. I watched part of the video (the first time) with my friends earlier and they said they didn’t like it as much. They didn’t really understand what was going on and mentioned how they don’t look cohesive (costume wise). I knew I had to watch it the again because I figured is not really as bad as my friends said. P. S. I only saw the first 30 sec - 1 min of the song the first time.

After watching it the second time and on, I finally grasp what the message of the song was. It showcases women in power, knowing your worth and Feminism.

Some might say it was a little risqué, being premiered at the Kids Choice Awards a few hours ago. I was one of those people considering the lyric content of the song itself. However, in the video, they were not indecent. 

5H were fully clothed in the Worth It video, with the exception of Ally and to some extent, Lauren who showed their midriffs.

This shows personality, individuality and control. They were BO$$ES in this world. They’re saying that females can take charge. I believe this encourages girls to that they can achieve anything and show that they can be a boss, they just have to own it and tell themselves the they’re worth it.

In the video, there was a quote on Stock Exchange screen in the background.

Again, it shows that woman can take charge and they will not step down.

@FifthHarmony Feminism is sexy

The entire video may be a little suggestive based on their body language but Fifth Harmony is saying that it’s okay to feel sexy and confident. 

At first impressions, I think this is a good video. I believe the main messages were obviously stated. The girls were classy, a little provocative, powerful and confident.

They know what they want and they’re not afraid to speak up, which is a good message for young girls everywhere.

Know your worth. It’s okay to feel confident. You can achieve greater despite what people say. Take charge in your life. Speak your mind. You’re Worth It.

I’m sure there are a few more things I haven’t touched upon, meaning and message wise, but these my thoughts about the music video.

I give this mv 4/5

And lastly, is this Dinah Jane or Beyonće?

Check the video for yourself! Let me know what you think!

i want everyone to listen to twenty one pilots but they have to do it right like nO you cant just casually listen to them or just check them out you have to sit down and listen to the entirety of vessel while doing something like drawing or something that allows you to give almost all of ur attention to the album because you have to listen to every word that tyler says and all the sounds and like„, youve gotta do it RIGHT

Guardians Tarot → The Hermit

The Hermit is withdrawn and isolated from others.  Whether self-induced or inflicted by outside forces the isolation is often a path to discovering truths about himself and the world.  He carries the patriarch’s staff- a symbol of power and authority- to further enforce his ability to learn from his journey.  Eventually his isolation will end, allowing him to bring what he’s learned back to others.  The card is also closely tied to The Moon.


"I think how everyone gets along so well. I love every single guy on this team. A lot of times you hear horror stories about the NHL — and about it becoming a job and how 23 guys show up at the rink, 23 different taxis type of thing — but it’s unbelievable how close-knit this group is, and just incredibly cohesive." -Chris Kreider on what he likes best about the New York Rangers



[Ahem] I mean: Huzzah! This appears to be of a legitimate nature and that greatly pleases me.


(I tried to make this a video post so I could embed the video directly but that option has been disabled by the user who uploaded it on YouTube. So here’s the link.)



Alright everyone, it took me a little while to post all of this because…uh….because I have a problem I actually decided to see if I could research this and I thought that would be fun...for someone…hopefully.

(Yes, I know this is about an animated television show…yes, yes I know.)

I’d always hoped this blueprint was official but when I first came across it over a year ago I wasn’t able to find any legitimate sources or proof. (This video hadn’t been uploaded back then.)

However, that has changed. This video is part of the 'Inside Titans Tower' special feature on Disc 1 of the Season 2 DVD release of Teen Titans.

That’s right, it’s real. It’s 100% real. (I’ll go ahead and apologize now if I’m the only one who gets this excited. For me though, from both a logistics/fanfic/writing perspective and as a shipper, this is fantastic. Though, to be honest, I think I may be enjoying this more for non-shipper reasons — or at the very least my shipper and non-shipper reasons are on par with each other.)

Now once you’ve watched the video (or if you would just like to skip watching ti) feel free to click the ‘Read More’ divider. (Fair Warning: This becomes rather extensive, more-so than I originally planned.)

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The thing is when Stefan and Elena were THE couple in S1 & S2 (S3 didn’t really have a central couple) their relationship (and their relationship problems) didn’t over power the show.
—  a poster on the previously tv forums talking about the decline of ratings being linked to the Damon and Elena relationship.  (x)
On the Queen of this Tragedy

“If only I could redo it, and we could be together tomorrow.”

This song is the story of a girl that clings to tomorrow,

And repeats it over and over.

I know there are a small handful of theories regarding Kuroha and Mary’s relationship, but tumblr user folklores and I were doing our usual 5am-no-sleep discussions, and we (read: mostly her, I just helped) came up with something we thought was pretty interesting, so we decided to share.

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It’s official ladies and gents, I’ve hit rock bottom. Heres my first official fan mix.

You Know I’m No Good- Arctic Monkeys (Amy Winehouse cover)// Im Shakin’- Jack White// Tighten Up- The Black Keys// Crying Lightning-Arctic Monkeys// Cigarette Daydreams- Cage The Elephant// Love Interruption- Jack White// High and Dry- Radiohead// Boys Don’t Cry- The Cure// Demolition Lovers- My Chemical Romance// Bonus: Dearest- Buddy Holly.


Shitty teenage bucky who’s dick smells like pee wearing steve rogers cum sock and a fringe leather red crop jacket open to show his two chest hairs and laying on Steve’s bed. Steve just turns around and leaves. The socks come up to mid thigh.

smoothjupiter asked:

i hate to ask a question that you likely get a lot, but - what do you do to animate sprites and make them fit cohesively into the game? seeing from your gifs that the game makes a kind of visual-kinesthetic sense. is it trial and error, or instinct, or by design?

I haven’t been asked that before actually, haha. Thanks for being curious! 

Animation is kind of my first love as far as art goes, so I’m always thinking about how things will look in motion. A lot of it is just iteration, or trial and error if you like. I don’t think there’s a sprite in the game at this point that hasn’t gone through a few revisions by now. But I think something I figured out as I worked on my game is that the actual motion of the object as it moves through the environment matters just as much as the sprite itself. Lots of games seem to overlook that part. The sprite animation is really just there to compliment that movement. So I guess it helps to have a solid goal in mind for how you want the movement to be represented in the actual gamespace, which I usually do since that kinda stuff is fun to imagine for me

I have been considering writing a zine for a little while now. I suppose it just took me a while to figure out what I wanted it to be about, as well as a few trial and error projects. 

After seeing social workers and psychologists since I was thirteen, they noticed that I have never really held onto anything other than dirty fart-box music and creative outlets. I suppose I decided to finally gel those two interests together in what will come across as an extremely aggressive and fed up cohesion of opinions from a bunch of displaced people.

I have finished drafting the majority of interview questions and all that bollocks, so I will hopefully be in the final stages of piecing and printing this fucking bastard together within the next two months. Depending on how this one comes out, I would like to keep making these in the future.

Go the Broncos.