NanoSounds from my Steven Universe AU!

She is night sky fluorite! Her weapon is similar to Garnets, except it’s her whole arm and only one arm, but same concept. She wears a broken emerald around her neck usually, and said Emerald is actually Smiffy, who she hopes to fix one day.

This was also a SAI test + my shading brush test. Bug me if you want it, its sooo good. Please do not remove the description ;>

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Why is Cullistair a thing? Why is it so good? What are the feels about? Please I need to know (for science) cause I'm confused

I would mostly like to blame elfrooted because their stories have dragged me into this. I can definitely recommend reading Swords & Broken Shields, it’s incredible and so well-written. Admitted, I had rather intense ‘young templar recruit’ feelings concerning both before, but wow… it’s really great? It was the kind of ship that flew in from the right and smacked me in the face before I even knew what was going on. And I’ve been tossing headcanons back and forth with my friend redelice for a while, who is currently drawing a lot of amazing Cullistair art because we both became rather emotionally invested and… I think it’s making it worse. So much worse. I think it’s the kind of ship you have to experience, really. 


I can`t choose. 

(The sketch (x))

      Stars are my children, even if older, I will cherish them-
                                                           just like a mother should 

Me and ceediculous were crying over stick-figure characters and we decided to make stick figure characters. Mine didn’t really end up as a stick figure?? But she comes close.

A woman that seems as old as the starts but as young as a 20 year old, she’s an entity full of mystery, but she often whispers stories of stars that reside under her garments and parasol.

                        People say that her name is Seuni.


I forgot to post my latest sculpture. Meet Odysseus! He took about 3 months to make because everything is made from scratch. The actual ship is made from green sytrofoam that was then paper mached and painted, the balloon is foam board and ribbon on a wooden dowel covered in red material, the dragon is made from clay wrapped around a wooden dowel. It is held up by heavy-gage wire and sits on a wooden base.

It’s huge and not as heavy as I expected. There’s actually a Tolkien/lotr reference hidden in there! Here’s some progress photos!

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your IPod/iPhone/iTunes/ Media Player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass on to 10 people.
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(I have over 1000 songs, and an open mind)
Young Volcanoes - Fall out boy
Undisclosed Desires - Muse
Don’t Let It End - Styx
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
Sleeping By Myself - Pearl Jam
Mack the Knife - Bobby Darin
Brother - Gerard Way
Ghost - Mystery Skills
Beyond The Sea - Bobby Darin
Cha-Ching - Imagine Dragons
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Um, how exactly are those street art pieces "bro shit for people who like axe bodyspray"? From the looks of it it seems to have the intent of criticizing America's obsession with money over people, war mongering and the Oscar's racist crap, how is that bad? The abelist slurs were unnecessary yes, but the rest? Also not all art have to be subtle either? Like I am genuinely asking, I am not trying to be rude or anything

they come across as very pretentious, entry-level observations and hyperbole. The one comparing the Oscars to drug addiction, for example. When you get past “media addiction, I guess” what else does it have to say? It’s the sort of art that is intended to give the illusion of depth more than to have actual depth.

just because I’ve been seeing this a lot in my tags…

it makes my really uncomfortable when I see my art tagged as #me or #kin. I spend a lot of time on my art, a lot of personal really intimate time with my art and seeing it tagged like that makes me feel really uneasy.

I really strongly identify with my art. These sorts of tags feel like someone else is laying claim to what is a very real part of me and saying it’s them instead.

Okay, I’m posting it in the right month this time! Unlike last time with the sketch!

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what made you want to pursue architecture? im working on my college "why do you want to study ___" essay(s) and am quite stumped :c

Hi anon-

This answer is probably coming to you very late. I’m sorry about that! I haven’t been on Tumblr very much, either on my personal or otherwise.

Well, I like to tell stories. I chose architecture because I was fascinated with how architecture/our surroundings is the backdrop for our lives. Each person’s life is a story. I love love love hearing about people’s lives- their history, their minds, their experiences, etc. Architecture allows me to tell stories in a concrete way. I’m also a writer, and I have great love for all art forms because of the stories they tell. You’ll find that a lot of architects have extremely varied interests because architecture is a sort of culmination of all aspects of design and art.

Out of all the disciplines I enjoy, architecture was the only one where I was required to have a degree to practice. So, plain and simple: I chose to study architecture because I needed a degree to practice it. I don’t regret it in the slightest. It’s a little more difficult for me as my mind isn’t entirely geared towards architecture, but I find it very rewarding- especially on the graduate level. I am also in love with the fact that architecture is everywhere. It’s one of the only things that mankind makes that has the ability to last for thousands of years.

I hope this answers your question. The reason for studying architecture varies from person to person, and I’m sure there are other architecture students who are here on Tumblr that could also help!