grunge/ lucid ☯

grunge/ lucid ☯


"Alas!" said Éomer. "I will not say that she is the fairest lady that lives." "Then I must go for my axe," said Gimli."But first I will plead this excuse," said Éomer. "Had I seen her in other company, I would have said all that you could wish. But now I will put Queen Arwen Evenstar first, and I am ready to do battle on my own part with any who deny me. Shall I call for my sword?" Then Gimli bowed low. "Nay, you are excused for my part, lord," he said. "You have chosen the Evening; but my love is given to the Morning. And my heart forebodes that soon it will pass away for ever." 


i must become

         a  l i o n  h e a r t e d  girl

grunge/ lucid ☯

🌊You can’t just love me. It’s not that easy.🚀