sooo I've been thinking a lot about solarpunk

and mostly about a question posed here: “What would the punk aspect of solarpunk be?”

The big popular post going around and a lot of resulting brainstorming focuses on the beautiful cities and light and art nouveau influences, but what about the places that aren’t the cities? what about the people who can’t afford and/or don’t have the privilege of solar everything and beautiful self-sufficient homes and all of those trappings? how does solarpunk even begin to exist? it looks like such a lovely utopian idea/place and that’s all cool but then i saw this. (credit)

what if solarpunk outside the cities isn’t pretty? imagine people struggling to survive in that wasteland, the biggest desert you’ve ever seen and hotter and more dangerous, too, by lack of ozone layer and proper protection. imagine the people scrounging for solar panels because they’d be so USEFUL out in a place where there is nothing but sun but they’re expensive when you’ve got nothing to show but some sunbleached clothes and farms of cacti. 

imagine cities powered by massive solar panels on the edge of the desert, defaced with corrosive paint made from desert flowers and aloe and sand, angry capslock messages that ENERGY IS 4 ALL because there’s plenty to go around, so stop being stingy and keeping life about profit

shift gears for a minute, go back further, think about cyberpunk. all that tech sounds pretty cool and looks pretty metal (pun intended) until you realize the cultural aesthetic isn’t as green as we thought it was and  god we’re guzzling gas faster than ever but how do we get clean energy out there without provoking the Big Bad Business

(image credit) the caption on this post reads, “we have a name before we have a manifesto. Isn’t that awesome?”

the hashtag makes me think of twitter, social media, anonymous. an uprising using that one key- #solarpunk- to gather meetings like this, with temproary signs and locked doors and watchful eyes around every corner, slowly turning it around to go from cyberpunk to solar, a revolution of energy. electricians who fix things illegally, maybe to restore electrical power to suspects who just happen to have a few too many power outages, or to subtly convert gas guzzlers to fuel efficient to needing none at all. 

think about that war, between oil, and the sun, and fighting it, winning it, changing the world, only to end up with nothing, struggling to survive, because you weren’t the face of the revolution and didn’t have enough pennies to pay for panels- because, of course, most physical money is being marked wasteful and invalid, and credits are the new system! isn’t the system great? 

of course it is. you helped build it. it’d be greater if you were a participant, though. 

just. rugged edges of solarpunk (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

"No Big Wonder I Caught a Cold Getting Home In the Rain Like This" by Admantist (feat. KK Vantas & Crudely-Drawn Laptop Backpack)

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werebearbearbar and crabsandlobsters both asked for living quarters of musketeers.  I am not known for my amazing scenery drawing, but I gave it a shot.

I added to details from the book that I love too much to not put in- Athos has a portrait in his room (I think it’s above the hearth, in the book) that shows a certain family resemblance, and he has a sword on his wall that he refuses to sell no matter how bad things get.  I also headcanon that he has some furniture leftover from his finer days, but those pieces do not include a bed, which came with the room or something.  I also like the idea that he chose a place up high, with windows that couldn’t be looked into.  In this case, he made the mistake of picking a room with East-facing windows, so they glow with the wrath of God every morning whether he likes it or not.   And I prefer his room spartan rather than totally decrepit, which I’ve read in fics a few times.  I figure he doesn’t keep a store of alcohol- he goes out and gets it every night and brings it back, so it doesn’t stack up to extremely.  

Book Athos would have a much nicer (or at least cozier) place that TV Athos, I think.  The book also has a large chest in his apartments, full of relics from his past.  I don’t think TV Athos would allow that.  And separate rooms for his lacky Grimaud, who does not appear in the show.

I should do Aramis- his rooms are super awesome in the book.

anonymous asked:

hi! i know this was a really long time ago, but i've just found this /post/74370454950/not-french-and-probably-a-mistake and it's literally my favorite thing ever. would you ever consider writing a continuation (with a happy ending!)? if yes, please please please. thanks :)

Aw, hi anon! This fic was definitely completed since I posted that lil snippet, and thank you for asking! here it is (with happy ending, too! ^_^ ) 

  • not french and probably a mistake by bleep0bleep (E, 8k) A witch’s curse sends Derek into a parallel universe where his life is a TV show. At first, Derek thinks he’s lucky Stiles got sent into this universe with him. He’s a little confused when Stiles starts kissing him furiously. // Dylan isn’t sure why his boyfriend is acting so shy all of a sudden. It’s kinda cute. And he’s totally down to roleplay Sterek again, that’s always hot.

ironshade asked:

I'm a big Teferi fan. Since he's lost his spark and is also something of a remnant of the pre-Mending past, I don't really expect to see more of him ever again (though it hurts to admit this). Do you think there is a chance, when next we visit Dominaria (also a long shot), that maybe we can see some of the older characters again if they're still alive? It'd mean lot to me and those like me to see Magic remember its past from time to time.

It’s worth asking about, at the very least.



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