man I can’t imagine many people liked chthonic sacrifices


you get this perfectly good meat, and you just

burn it completely to a crisp

I understand the logic, and I know it’d be for mostly underworld stuff, but I’m just imagining being there and watching this perfectly good meat go


MISSION: To watch all three Lord of the Rings movies in three weekends of the month of December. You choose which day you’ll watch the movie for that weekend, at whatever time. (As long as you watch it, damn it.) The Fellowship of the Ring premiered on December 10, 2001. THAT WAS TEN YEARS AGO. Caps caps, caps all caps. SO. In accordance with the 90s kid’s (and adult’s) current despairing of their age and post-childhood, let’s torture ourselves needlessly even more. If you’re going to liveblog, post graphics, gifs, audio posts, touching “Harry Potter Lord of the Rings will never leave our hearts, thank you JK Rowling JRR Tolkien” messages, then do it. Use the #lord of the rings tag.

Download links (ganked from @mrsgamgee):
Fellowship of the Ring | fileserve | torrent
The Two Towers | fileserve | torrent
Return of the King | fileserve | torrent

Watch online links:

Download the damn things, Jesus. It’s fuckin’ Lord of the Rings.

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Top five quotes from my (French) students’ essays about the US:

"I want to live in the US because I like rap, however the US doesn’t like tupac. I know this because Tupac is dead."

"I don’t want to live in the USA when I’m old. The USA is a third-world country, like Mordor!!" 

"In the US no one likes people like me. If I go to the US I will only buy cheap postcard." 

"America looks good in Avengers. But only in Avengers."

"My father told me they forbid some type of cheese in the US. It is obvious americans live in another century. I call this century the terrible century."




PART I (Baroque)

A compilation of chamber music from Baroque music (1600–1760) in Western classical music featuring the works of Bach, Vivaldi and others.



PART II (Classical period)

A compilation of chamber musics from the Classical period (1730–1820) in Western classical music featuring the works of Mozart, Beethoven and others.



PART III (Romantic period)

A compilation of chamber music from the Romantic movement (1815–1910) in Western classical music featuring the works of Tchaikovsky, Johann Strauss Jr. and Sr. and others.



[Message 3 - Left at 6:51am] Clementine? Baby, if you can hear this, call the police. That’s 9-1-1. We love you…we love you…we love y—[Beep]


Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto at the Star Trek Into Darkness Tokyo premiere

  • friend:I need some relationship advice
  • friend:Oh, I know. I'll ask my aromantic, asexual friend with no dating experience whatsoever
  • friend:*explains situation to me*
  • friend:So what should I do?
  • me:...
  • me:okay yahoo answers don't let me down this time

Will + empathy


Two times he asks her to come with him. 


zayn running up to help niall walk off stage 25/6


#i like how they’re both such strong characters #but deep down they’re sarcastic sassy bastards - for time-and-relative-dimensions