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anonymous asked:

do you think juvia has any relations with brandish? im loving all these thories & i can see where people are coming from, but i just dont see it happening, imo. hbu?

I was just discussing this with my friends! HAHA

I think that I’m the only one who doesn’t see the resemblance and I’m always at the lookout for those! Maybe her eyes, but the angle didn’t show much more than that. The hair is not alike and 99% of women in Fairy Tail have big boobs. But that’s my opinion and I might be wrong. Maybe the next chapter we get a better shot of her face and it might change my mind.

But so far, I don’t buy it. It would have to be an amazing back story to make a teeny tiny bit of sense.

It would have to make Juvia never known about Brandish in any way. We don’t know much about Juvia’s past, but what we do know is that:

- Juvia didn’t have anyone growing up;

- She never mentioned any family at all;

- She went missing for seven years while in Tenroujima and we never saw her preoccupied in giving news to anyone;

- She was one of the highlights of The Games, yet no one approached her - at least, that we saw;

- She spent another year with no whereabouts and when Gray disappear, she never thought of looking for anyone;

- Gray didn’t look like he saw a similarity, but we only got a couple of panels;

- Natsu didn’t seem to recognize the smell, as he did with Silver (but he didn’t smell Cana and Gildarts either so this is a weaker point);

- And, finally, as far as we know, Juvia is from Fiore while Brandish is foreign.

I could be proven wrong in the next few weeks, but so far, I’m not buying it; not until we get more screentime from Brandish and Mashima does some magic. But then again, we had ONE shot at Brandish.

I hope I answered you well! 😁

carolb74 asked:

I agree but taylor has never indicated shes gay shes only ever dated men and maybe shes trying to protect karlies relationship with josh who is the love of Karlie's life her words and im talking about the obsessed ones who wont stop attacking them

You’re back, Carol! Thought you left.The thing is Taylor pings for a lot of people. She has never said she’s straight and has a history of dating men with gay rumors. Also Karlie’s story with Josh is inconsistent.

things that tore us apart

“hey” is the only thing you say,
pressing your hand against the doorframe 
and leaning in, looking past me
as if you would see anything different,
but its all the same.
nothing has changed except maybe you,
and me, and whoever decides to fill my body next.
the chain on the door covers your eyes
and i cant help think about how different you look,
like a stranger,
one i wouldnt expect to meet me 
at my threshold with groceries in a brown paper bag.
now, of course, you only bring me a heart
and say its nothing.

“hey” is the only thing i say, 
unlatching the chain, and letting you inside
like im letting you drip my down my throat.
i busy my hands with the locks,
the locks i put there, at first, to keep you in,
and then, eventually, to keep you out.
but now it seems, to anybody watching this exchange between our worlds,
like i put them there
to keep my back turned to you, 
to avoid you while you spread out on the couch
and let all your dead-eyed visions
collect on the coffee table.

“hey” is the only thing you say
when you notice the missing ash tray,
the one you used to use as a church,
where each burnt shell was an empty prayer,
and each smoke tendril was a hand to send it up to heaven.
now its just a black spot engrained in the wood.
now youre just a black spot engrained in the wood.

some things did change, i guess,
but nothing as much as the two of us.
i remember when our old bodies fit together so well,
and how they rested so easily right where you’re sitting.
i remember when i shared that smoke with you
and helped you send it up to wherever
you wanted it to go.

i want to talk to you about that smoke, now,
among other stupid, half-symbolic things that im not entirely sure you’d understand or even remember,
but i dont. instead i finish with the locks,
which are also stupid and symbolic,
and spread out next to you on the couch.
i wish i had my own dead-eyes visions to unload next to yours, but then i remember that i left all of mine
somewhere inside of you.

“hey” is the only thing i say, and sometimes, its the only thing i can say.

Rose’s Character Growth

Ok I absolutely loved We Need To Talk. Because we get to learn, after thinking for so long that Rose is this absolutely flawless and perfect being, that she actually did have a bunch of flaws and needed to grow and learn about others. 

This also finally explains that one very weird line in “Story for Steven.” 

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 sasstrick-stumph asked: SP Patrick or SRAR Patrick

Anonymous asked: Save Rock and Roll or Folie a Deux

Voltage Selfie Day

Just a friendly reminder, it’s Voltage Selfie Day :) maybe post a photo or two just for two days or a couple hours? Do it for fun and you can destroy the evidence after that.

This is a reminder that behind every blog, there’s another person.

~ chris

it’s so strange how we remember things people tell us that seem so insignificant, but for some reason that one thought of theirs stays with us for 10 years, burrows and makes its own thoughts and all you can hear is their voice saying the exact thing they said that day years ago and you still don’t know why

everyone keeps talking about how we survived the haitus but im pretty sure the haitus just fucked us all up okay we’ve only gotten one episode and we’re all focusing on snapback like all he got was five lines maybe and theres already three fanfictions and the entire tag is about him guys this doesnt look like we survived at all

anonymous asked:

Ok so Andy Dwyer, Owen Grady and Star Lord. One you kiss under the mistletoe, one you Spider-Man kiss while he's upside down, and one he spins you around and kisses you when you're reuniting at an airport. Go :)


Mistletoe Kiss: Chris Pratt (literally the only way i’d have any hope of ever maybe kissing him ever ever ever is from a Christmas miracle so…)

Spider-Man Kiss: Star-Lord (because that idiot probably got him into some situation that ended in him getting his ankle caught on god knows what and here we are now)


kacymyth asked:

13, Rumbelle

“i know im supposed to be your best man/maid of honor, but maybe i should mention now that i’m in love with you”

(ngl I kinda thought I’d end up getting Swanqueened on this one)

Everyone knew Belle French was Mr. Gold’s only friend. Nobody was really sure why the two spent so much time together – before the announcement of his engagement to the widowed Mrs. Cora Mills (nee Greene) there had been some fairly nasty rumors that she paid her rent in trade, though only the cruelest of the town gossips (among them Mrs. Mills’ oldest daughter) did more than think it.

Once the engagement had been announced, though, those rumors had settled down quite a bit to the point that no one found it particularly scandalous or even interesting when Miss French ended up being selected as a groomswoman for the ceremony (standing with Mr. Gold’s adult son as the best man). It had simply been taken for granted she would be participating in some fashion and only the most conservative people would find fault in that arrangement.

The morning of the wedding was a beautiful day, though it was doubtful Cora would have settled for anything less, but it was less than an hour until the ceremony and Belle French was faced with a decision. She had a secret – she loved Chris Gold. She had loved him since the day she met him and she knew now she always would.

And in less than 45 minutes he would be marrying somebody else while she watched.

“I think I’m supposed to be the anxious one,” he teased as she twisted the pendant she wore around her neck. “You’re just supposed to stand there and look happy for me.”

He meant it as a joke and she smiled as she straightened her necklace out, but it still hurt. She’d been waiting for the right time to tell him her feelings for the past few years but it had never quite lined up right. She’d simply run out of time, and that was what was killing her. But he was her friend, and she had to be happy he was happy. He was happy, right?

Neal came in with a question about something and thank God that distracted Chris while they tried to figure out the catering or whatever it was that came up and she could look at him for a little while – really look at him. He looked older now, but no less handsome. His smiles weren’t reaching his eyes anymore, though, and that was her first clue that maybe it wasn’t too late after all.

She’d waited forever, and she promised herself if he was happy she’d back off and be the absolute best friend he could ever ask for.

Do the brave thing, she reminded herself as Chris finished his talk with Neal and watched his son leave the room.

“Chris?” she called out. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” he replied, fiddling with his cufflinks in the first sign of nerves she’d seen yet.

“Are you happy?”


“That’s not an answer,” she scolded.

“I just don’t know why you’re asking.”

“Just answer the question.”

“You first.”

“Because I love you,” she blurted out. “And it’s gonna get real awkward if I have to say it when they ask if there are any objections!”

Hmm  maybe. Maybe Tyler’s apology only feels fake and not genuine cause you all forced it upon him and guilt tripped him into doing it. And you were all sending him death threats if he didn’t say anything?  And now you’re all making fun of it. Hm maybe. Congrats on making someone feel awful and being bitter. 

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I don’t like small talk.
Please, tell me the deep stuff, until your voice is cracking and you have to avert your eyes. First memories, heartbreak, what can’t you live without, what can you live without. Tell me what feeds your soul.
I don’t connect with small talk. Its exhausting and floats meaningless in space.