north carolina piedmont gothic
  • You rarely worry about the dead rising from the graves; the clay is too tough for even the living to penetrate. But as you walk in the graveyard, you hear a scream and banging from below, and realize: that’s not the scream of someone who’s dead
  • You go to uptown Charlotte one afternoon and find that every person there is the exact same businessman: black suit, receding hairline, and muttering something under his breath that is impossible to hear through the static
  • Lake Norman is beautiful on a sunny day. But as you sit on the dock you notice something strange and dark in the water, coming to you from the Duke Energy power plant. The dock begins to shake—
  • “Lexington BBQ is the best,” your friend says one afternoon, offering you some of her homemade BBQ. You smile and thank her, biting into it. Something red rolls down your mouth. You wonder why you didn’t see her neighbors this morning
  • There is a woman who lives down the street, but you can never hear her voice because of the hissing and buzzing noises emerging from her coat, and always leave her presence covered in dozens of mosquito bites
  • There is a church deep in the woods. When you go there, you find that none of the patrons ever blink. You hear the hymns reverberating from the walls of your house days after leaving the service
  • It’s the summer of the cicadas, and they are everywhere. They litter the sidewalks, the streets, your house, your clothes. You feel a little sick, and when you double over, cicadas come spilling forth from inside you
  • It snows a half inch, and people are screaming. They rush to the grocery stores or abandon their cars on the road. The next day, the sky is red, and there is a gentle drizzle of what seems like blood. Everything is calm
You ever look over at bae and think


this nigga kinda cross-eyed and his hairline receding and his lips chapped and he need to clean his ears and he ashy and he smile like a gremlin

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Tom Hiddleston is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. His eyes, his aristocratic nose, his evil and his geniune smile, his jaw, his neck, his arms, his fine hands with the veins on it, his looooong fingers, his chest with its 3 chest hair, his crotch, his lenghty legs, his big feet and even his receding hairline are so freakin' gorgeous. He's so gorgeous I wanna cry.

Good god

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Zayn's forehead is small so he doesn't have to worry about a noticeable receding hairline like his ex-mayo bros.



Not too overly fond of this one but eh. That’s Karl Finnegan, BLU Heavy and an Irish Tavern Owner when he’s at home. He’s 49, and mostly tee-total. He might sip a glass of port while Rocco over there downs everything liquid in range with seemingly no effect. Rocco Fierro is the engineer, and an Italian Wrenchmonkey. He’s 40, his receding hairline likes to remind him, and just as loud as Karl, if not more so. Most of his expressions involve cussing. He hits everything. He loves cars with a deep passion, especially sports cars so he’s been trying to design his PERFECT car for the last 30 years. Never managed to settle on any design though. These two are always off talking together, and don’t stick their nose in anywhere except when forced. Which means they miss a greater part of the novel because they’re off being pals, whoops.

awkwardwa replied to your post “when artist draw michael with a full head of hair…. lmfao okayy”

I lowkey had a thing for Michael before I discovered 5sos’ receipts and now I feel like his receding hairline and loss of hair is my punishment or something

im coming back at you about this rai cuz really, REALLY, him and harry are at a race of time, who will bald first?

I use to think luke was cute but he dead look like a caveman.

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Does ryan look his age?? What does he look like anyways?? Love that youre keeping us up to date!

Nah I figured he was mid 20s till he told me his age. Tho I recently saw him without a hat and his hairline is receding a little lol. Uh he’s white and has a dark beard, wears glasses sometimes, always wears a hat and a hoodie and usually sweatpants, not very tall, he’s missing his fingers. Thats all i can think of. Hey its a blog gotta keep it updated haha. Idk whats going on rn with us because he was like weirdly persistent and aggressive about me going out with him to a bar tonight. He finally shut up but yeah i feel weird about the whole thing. Its very unlike him. Maybe he was drinking already idk.

Finally covered the baldspots that were bugging me

But suddenly it feels like his hairline has somehow receded. =_=

godamn wig making… 

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Harry looked so good last night Jon. I see you starting to accept him slowly back into your life...I see u accepting bae....

I give credit where credit is due and he didn’t look like trash but his hairline is receding again so I have to renew his hair club for men subscription