Can anyone pass my phone number to Harry, I really really really need to have a word with him about hair structure.

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Did ashton actually shave some of his hair?? I thought he was joking in that video. omg someone help this poor kid

i dont think he did, but i’m not sure. it could be either he’s wearing it funny or his hairline is receding to prepare him for early retirement

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Yall Harry fans are fighting a losing battle. Harrys face is weirdly drooping already and his hairline receding like mad. And he dresses like a basement version of dougie from mcfly so he can get interesting. MESS. "Dirty hot" lmao if u mean straight up greasy and gross then yes.

what is this supposed to do for me harry doesnt pay my bills why are you in my inbox being like this 

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Is that all you can say? A picture of Dr. Fucking Phil? You pussy, you're going to hide behind his receding hairline and his pedostache? Figures, it's something you both have in common.

lets fuckin’ go m8

Why does Harry get so much hate for his hair? Everyone thinks it’s ok to joke about his so-called receding hairline but would you be ok with someone constantly pointing out your huge nose, for example, which you inherited from your grandma and which you’re not especially fond of? Would you be happy with someone pointing out that your hips are disproportionately large for your body? I don’t think so. We all get annoyed when someone points out the huge zit we got overnight, as if we don’t have a mirror and aren’t already disgruntled by its presence, so how do you think it feels when someone keeps joking about something much more sensitive and permanent? This boy has always been known for his lush locks. It can’t feel good to have people harping on about his receding hairline, it just can’t feel good to a 20-year-old. Even if it’s not at all as bad as people make it out to be (I don’t think it’s bad at all at this point), even if in reality it is actually flattering or brings out his eyes or whatever, I just hate when someone points out something that is totally out of your hands and that you can’t fix (I doubt he can do anything about it until it settles and stops developing), something that was determined by your genes before you were even born. The guy is already aware of it, as seen on their last interview with Jimmy Kimmel, so I wish people would just drop this topic.

Harry, if you happen to be one of my eight and a half readers, don’t worry, your hair looks fantastic :) I’m just talking as a matter of principle ;)

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lmao so the pap that shot these recent crusty candid pictures of harry just admitted he was called to take them. why is harry such an attention heaux and why does he think the world needs more pictures of his receding hairline getting a skinny vanilla late at starbucks?

its not a secret the paps get called when harrys in LA but anyway i agree he need to save his self esteem for those 2 strands of wafer hair

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What actually was with Tennant's emo hair in the 50th? Is his hairline receding or something? He'd definitely put on some weight, he was busting out of that suit.

I’ve heard that his hairline was receding, but they could’ve still done his hair up, I’m sure, if they tried.