Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.

Happy Birthday Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands | 31 January 1938

"In laying down my duties as Queen, I am above all filled with a sense of deep gratitude. Without your heart-warming and encouraging expressions of regard, the burdens of office - and they have certainly made themselves felt - would have been very heavy indeed. I would like to let you know, in saying farewell, that your affection has given me the strength I needed. In the future too, your continuing closeness will remain a great support."

Reasons Why Beyonce Is The Answer To Everything



When someone sees your message but doesn’t respond:

When you finish getting ready in the morning:

When someone thinks they can throw shade your way:

When your ex texts you:

When you walk into the office:

When people subtweet:

When you see a babe at the grocery store:

When you see your haters:

When there’s a breeze:

When your favorite song comes on:

When someone unfollows you:

When you get chilly:

When you’re cooking:

When someone in front of you is walking slow as hell:

When you tell yourself you won’t spend all day on the couch:

When someone uses Facebook as their personal diary:

And, basically, when you do LITERALLY anything:

anonymous asked:

Kristen has looked so stunning this past week. Well she always looks that way but she did look exceptional IMO. Just amazed at how some fans want to nit pick every lil thing about RK. To want to be that invested in their private life is obsurd. Would they like to have their private lives out there for everyone to critique on, doubt it. I applaud RK for going against the Hollywood norm and closing off the part of their lives that mean the most to them. wish fans could understand that. Cindy

Hey Cindy…K knocked it out of the park once again which proves why Karl can’t give her up and she’s sign on as the knew face of the 11.12 bag.  Love that the shiteaters wanted to say her time with Chanel was over but I think that’s been a fruitful venture for both Kristen and Karl and unlikely to end as long as Karl finds projects that he feels that Kristen is perfect for.

Some of the nit picking truly drives me nuts…little details like did Rob buy something at a store…HTF do I know, I wasn’t there.  The endless speculation can truly drive me nuts.  It’s one thing to be curious and to celebrate their careers and their relationship, but it’s another thing to stalk their friends IG accounts and put meaning to random comments, to look at videos and try to ask what one or the other bought and what was their motivation at this moment in time…UGH  to me that’s a bit stalkerish…I’m more of a big picture girl.  Details come in handy but I try not to be creepy about it.  Can’t say I’m always perfect..but I try.  LOL

I’m sure most know that one of the things that drew me too these two crazy kids is how private they are in the face of being so obvious during Twilight promo.  As much as I’d love for them to make an announcement so I could have my day to scream for the hills…


I love what they’ve managed to do.  It will come out someday that they are married and do have a child (or at this rate perhaps children by the time the news is released).  And the tizzy this news is going to create is going to be..


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i think you're an amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and one of the most talented writers i've got the privilege to know. you've gotten me through some pretty tough times and idk, we're the greatest friends but i'm certainly glad we get to talk. uwu

            thank you nonnie. 
                               this was so sweet it earned a pooh hug.
                  and i’m always here for talking, tough times or not.