• Steven Universe Inspired

This is an original piece inspired by Steven Universe. I haven’t gotten a chance to send a message to all those over at the stevencrewniverse, but it’s on my to-do list.

Steven Universe has helped me so much in ways that I can’t explain. From loveable, relatable characters and story arcs that leave you touched to music that can be listened to time and time again, everyone at Steven Universe has given so much… This is my first attempt to “give back.”

I apologize for the quality (had a heck of a time getting it uploaded), but this was what I composed after listening to the entire Steven Universe soundtrack (yes, all of it) at least four times on a trip… The song that most influenced it would be “Mirror Gem.” I don’t have a title for this yet, but I’m open to suggestions.

I don’t know if any of you over there will see this, but I’m going to try. Thanks for all the hard work.

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Frustrations of the Creative Process

In talking with my mum, she’s described frustrating days where she’s gone out to her workshop, spent the whole day out there, and still couldn’t really get anything done.  Just nothing felt like it was flowing right, things being far more difficult than they should be.  While making videos isn’t nearly as time or effort demanding as her woodcarving, I think that is more or less what I’m experiencing.

I do put a lot of work into my vids.  I’m more concerned with creating a quality video that I’m happy with, rather than just rushing to produce content that I’m NOT happy with just to put something on the channel.  Today’s recording attempts have been just that.  Either I’ve gotten a decent video take but with a lot of tripping over what I’m trying to say, or I get a good audio take, but all my gaming skills go right out the window.  Frustrating, to say the least.

Rest assured, I am working on the next scenario.  If things would just cooperate, I should hope it won’t take TOO long to record, I just need to get one good day where things flow better o.o;;

As a sidenote, people had been asking recently about how the amiibo collection was going.  Since the video discussing it, I’ve added Rosalina, Meta Knight, and Shulk to the collection, and I was able to find Pac-Man at cost, so I’m waiting on him to arrive.  Thus I do at least have one from the new wave, so yay, progress.

renjingujifortheladies asked:

*drops into your ask* can you do my renren with eating disorder? idk anorexic or something? canon utapri wikia says he is 183 cm tall and 63 kg. thats pretty damn anorexic if you ask me.

He isn’t, actually anorexic. I checked his BMI cause I was curious. He is about a kilo away from being underweight.

But I did it, or at least I made a attempt on it. Since I am really bad at drawing bodies, I went with something more… abstract? xD The grey one is the original. I’m sorry if it is not to your liking. I tried.

nerdsoka asked:


Moth- What do you find attractive in a person?

Being a good human being, with decent morals and good manners. First thing I look for honestly. And also, wanting to learn. That is such an important thing for me, and honestly if someone has that quality, then become 100% more attractive. Being humble and acknowledging that people may have different opinions, tastes, and beliefs than yours, and at least attempting to understand and accept them, gets a huge A+ in my book :)

shinysylveon asked:

3, 9

3) whats your favorite/least favorite quality about yourself; why? Most fav I guess is the shape of my legs, they look nice from the distance
Least favorite is pretty much my skin, been battling for so long with constant scars, easy bruising skin and never can dress nicely without attempting to hide all of my skin :ccccc poop

9) whats the worst pickup line someone has asked you?
I don’t think much of worst but just terrible cheesy pick up lines & tbh I forgotten what, it was a very long time ago omg

thedeadlyscientist asked:

*Whispers since your muse game is strong and Im getting the balls to finally attempt to rp with you once in my time of stalking your amazing blog* The demon just let out a coo before tossing a box of high quality chocolates to the other. "You seem like a being who doesn't enjoy wine, but at least will accept the chocolates that come with it."

Jays stoic face remained
as it tended to. She leaned over
and picked up the box of sweets
that she horribly missed as the 
other tossed them her way.

Instead of saying anything at
first, she slowly opened it to
view the contents, slipping a 
few pieces into her mouth. 
Jays large, black eyes finally
made contact theirs.

                                      {{❤}} “I don’t enjoy wine. How
                                                 is it that you read me so

anonymous asked:


Favorite qualities?
Compassion. Creativity. Humor. Charisma. Intelligence. Confidence.
Least favorite?
Attachment. Putting others before myself (when it becomes a detriment). Deliberating too much on what to say and when I should do something. My brains attempts to replay things in my head till I begin to feel terrible.

anonymous asked:

Answer all the fucking questions you goddamn ignoranus

put a # in my ask

1) how would you describe your relationship with your mom/dad
2) when was the last time you cried and why
Like a few days ago bc I am trash
3) whats your favorite/least favorite quality about yourself; why
Least favorite is that I get SO jealous and I’m way too clingy??
4) do you smile at strangers
5) how often do people (not family members) tell you they love you
Not often enough
6) how is your life different now from two years ago
Well I no longer attempt suicide regularly and I don’t fuck anyone who asks me to
7) would you ever cheat on someone
😎 are you a jealous person
9) whats the worst pickup line someone has asked you
10) do you believe in ghosts
11) what are your ambitions
To kms
12) 3 deal breakers in a relationship
Idk man if i love u literally nothing like Baylin could kill my family and feed them to me and I’d be like ok cool love u babe
13) what is one thing you’ll never do again
Fall in love
14) whats your most bizarre pet peeve
I HATE being lied to like if u lie to me about some dumb shit ur getting blocked I don’t have time for that bullshit
15) what is your favorite memory
Spending summer nights with Baylin and my cousin and aunt getting high and being genuinely pretty content w/ life
16) whats your zodiac sign
17) what ‘small things’ things terrify you
18) do you like your laugh
19) have you ever stalked someone/been stalked
One time this girl spilled toothpicks where I work and I cleaned them for her then she came back like 5 times that week trying to find me and messaged my coworkers on fb and knew my name and I was like ok buddy
20) do you feel loved
I feel about as loved as a fucking wasp

I just wanted to share this on what is happening. Within the last… not too sure how long, I will say 20 minutes since I took my time and kept trying to fiddle with it all, I made one small piece. This isn’t including the caps, and that I7 piece shown as well. Modelling it this way is going to be a pain in the butt, and I am sure I will find many other issues with this later on, however for now, it will hopefully be alright to use. Sorry if my level of quality in the piece is a bit lower than the rest of the model, however I am rather tired at the moment, which is strange since it isn’t too late. 

Anyway, enough of my rambling, hope you are enjoying my progress so far, I will keep updating this as I go along, and I will be attempting at least 1 step per night. Take care. 


I was at the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado last weekend and attempted to take a picture of their entirety. I didn’t really succeed, at least not to a degree that I like. While I am not too happy with the quality of these pictures, I do really like the scale they show. I’ve got more pictures from the dunes that will show up on my Tumblr later.