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Russia plans to meet with OPEC before group’s June gathering

Russia, the world’s biggest energy exporter, will meet with OPEC before the group next gathers in June to discuss whether to adjust production limits, amid prices that are almost half their level of 10 months ago. More » http://dlvr.it/9ZmWVn

Waited for today for 6 months. Later I’m going into hospital to a Neurology Clinic. I’m excited but so scared.

2 and a half years ago I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia (and put onto medication i will have to take for the rest of my life) which is a nerve problem in the trigeminal branch in my face, it’s one of the most painful illnesses in the world, it’s nicknamed ‘the suicide disease’ because of how bad it is for some people, they will take their lives to stop the pain. seriously, google 'the suicide disease’ and it will come straight up, it’s really sad. the pain will come into my face and it will be so severe i will not be able to open that one eye (it always happens down the one side of the face),  my eye will be swollen, and tight and will start pouring with water and i can barely open it for the pain some how stops me from being able to, it’s a horrible pain, it’s very frustrating as well. but late last year i started to get some signs that i may have been misdiagnosed, (i wasn’t really told much about it, but reading into it more i can see now i am also unsure) because my pain will come and go and i will have serious attacks for idk 4 weeks twice a year maybe, and nothing in between (which isn’t typical of TGN) and my attacks last longer than a few seconds (this doesn’t seem typical of TGN) and even up to an hour or 2, i also don’t seem to have any triggers, this seems to be more classic of 'cluster headaches’ which is similar, not quite as painful, but also a very serious problem, which i think i have rather than TGN, because i know the majority of people with TGN struggle almost every day of their lives, have sudden short pain attacks (seconds to a minute) and something will trigger it (e.g brushing their teeth)
whereas for me, i seem to have longer painful attacks, suddenly but not triggered, some have even been up to two hours in agony, but importantly, the longer i’ve had this the longer i can see it, but mine come and go, i will not have any problems for months but then all of a sudden BAM it’s back, several attacks a day for a few weeks, it’s horrid.
(im in a support group for TGN and some of the peoples stories are really upsetting, it must be awful, i know when i have my few weeks of several attacks daily it’s so upsetting, painful and really stops me from being able to do daily things) but so hopefully it will be properly investigated and i will be able to find out for sure which one of the two i have, and know where to go from here.


Mama, I want cheese. I can so clearly hear my son’s voice in my head as I type that statement.  His voice is deep with a slight whine, his bulging brown eyes stare at me hopeful that I will, indeed, walk to the refrigerator, pull out a fresh string cheese and tell him “take small bites”.  He is two and  a half and getting smarter everyday.   The word mama rings through the air every time he says it and stings my heart.  It is my greatest joy being his mom.  

Three months ago I gave birth to a gem of a baby, and we appropriately named her Ruby.  For seven years I did not conceive a child and was convinced that I never would.  My son came into our family through foster-adoption, a hard, long (and unfortunately ongoing) process that I will write about one day.  

With two children, both miracles in their own right, I look at my life and I am impressed.  I am impressed with a God who opens barren wounds.  I am impressed with a God who gives families to orphans.  I am impressed with the grace He gives to enjoy this life. 

My heart, my life, is full.  

The friend I made about a month and a half ago told me he was making a bunch of bomb ass cupcakes for my birthday. I didn’t doubt him, but…
I woke up from the weird weather and checked Facebook to find this glorious picture.
Lemon, red velvet marble cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting. From scratch.
I don’t know how many are for me, but Happy Mutha Flippin Birthday to me

Three months today.

Three months ago I never though that I would be with such an amazing and sweet person. You opened my eyes to realize that I was able to find such a love like this. We both have been broken from horrible abusive people, but we finally found each other. I’m glad to call you my best friend, my lover, my other half, and my supporter. Thank you for treating me with care and love. I’m glad to have spent all the time in the world with you and have fun filling adventures with you. You take care of me and protect like no other. Thanks for looking out for my well being. Even from an hour away, you manage to find time for me every time. I love you to the moon and back. I love you way too much to describe it. You make me feel happy and excited for each new day. Talking to you continues to get butterflies in my stomach. I just feel so comfortable with you. In my own skin. You accept my flaws and love me more for them. I miss your kisses. I miss your touch. I miss the way you hold tightly at night. I’ve never been this happy in my life before I met you. You truly have changed my life. I’m glad I met you. I’m happy that I messaged you first. If I didn’t, who knows what would have happen. You’re the best babe. Just so funny and amazing. We could laugh for days if we tried. But I do love you with all my heart. One day, you’ll be mine forever. Till then happy 3 months. I’m crazy about you. Thanks for everything baby.

So some months ago me and my friend were chatting and he’s into anime/manga/games etc then I asked him

me: so if I were ever to cosplay which character would you recommend?

fren: satsuki

me: ? I’ve no idea who that is

fren: go google

me: (after googling)

this? well not so bad?

fren: lol no not that one lol look for more

me: (scroll down)

(then found the above image)

me: -_-

fren: lol

me: ..I guess you just want to see me naked. or half naked

fren: well lol but would you wear that costume?

me: don’t you even think about it -_-

fren: how about if I make that costume for you, and free of charge? (he makes quite good costumes actually)

me: lol I’ll think about it

fren: really? lol

me: perv lol pick something else for me won’t you? lol

(of course I wouldn’t cosplay that character cause I know nothing about her lol)

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When will you update? T.T

That it’s a good question ^^’
Tbh I’m not sure, I want to do it soon.
I was supposed to update a one shot almost a month ago but the last words are being difficult to write for some reason.For the rest, I have two second chapters (TFC & LD) half written. I really need to sit down and finish all that.
Fortunatelly, I’m back to college so I write parts in the bus (i have a lot of time to write there and it’s where I get more inspired) but I haven’t had the time to edit, I don’t like doing it in my phone I need Kevin for that (my laptop)
I really hope to update soon, but I can’t assure anything. Sorry, I know it’s been a while.

Two months ago, just after the end of a long holiday weekend, Jason Whitlock convened a morning meeting at the Los Angeles offices of his ESPN-backed black-interest site, The Undefeated, which is slated to go live this summer. Five days before, to coincide with the NBA All-Star Game, the site had introduced itself with a feature story on Charles Barkley and race written by former AP entertainment editor Jesse Washington. It was the first published proof—a year and a half after the site had been announced as a black-led, black-culture-themed counterpart to ESPN’s prestige outlet, Grantland, built around the personality of sportwriting’s preeminent controversialist—that The Undefeated existed.

I know maybe in a month from now i’ll look back and just be sad about it and maybe a year from now i’ll be confused for crying but i i am so tired.I was still in this relationship and still thought of you during passing period and i was thinking about when i’d get to see you next or play with your hair or just get to sit next to you and hear you talk about d&d and to just hear nonchalantly “Oh no we’re not going to see each other at all” sucks.I was still in this relationship.I was still actively seeking it when you stopped a month ago with out fully letting me know this is something you don’t want to pursue.Two and a half years.Two and a half years.I feel so pathetic.I feel like i’m stupid for not knowing or not feeling a difference in attitude.How do you even miss that?Maybe that’s why this isn’t going to continue.

Changing times

So I’ve been training for a half marathon if you don’t already know. Yesterday was my short run and I haven’t run this distance in a while. I used GPS and timed it. I ran 3 full miles in 19 minutes! I can’t remember the last time I did that! A month ago I probably ran the same distance in 27 minutes and was equally as happy!

Day 6

Canadian band spotlight! Dear Rouge, have you guys heard of them? They are a husband and wife duo and their band name is kind of a play on Danielle’s hometown, Red Deer, Alberta. I believe they won the Peak Performance Project in BC a few years back and now they are on fire. (As their song “I Heard I Had” suggests.) Their debut album, Black to Gold, came out a month ago and let me tell you, the thing is brilliant. First of all, I have seen them live twice, and they play this album great live. (Better the second time around though- bands definitely do improve their live performance with practice.) So now I am basically just gonna list my favourite tracks and tell you why I think they are so great. This is probably gonna be the first half because I don’t know the second half well enough yet. Black to Gold, the title track, is the best song you will hear all day. The intro is incredibly sexy, it sounds so good and 35 seconds in there is this LOVELY sound that I cannot describe to you but your ears will rejoice. Her voice starts and it’s all low and cool and then the pre-chorus gets a little higher but her voice sounds SO GOOD and then the chorus BAM. Just listen to it. The second track, Best Look Lately, is also a great jam. I especially love the chorus. “Nostalgia”, seriously, another great song. Every song on here could be a hit. “I Heard I Had” is a decent song but I think I have heard it too many times. It is a great live one though, because with the repetitive lyrics everyone can sing along- I went to see Arkells (Dear Rouge opened) with a friend who didn’t know any of Dear Rouge’s stuff but they were definitely singing along to that song. “Wanna Wanna” is my favourite besides “Black to Gold”. That guitar in the back of the verses sounds so good. It’s like a slow headbanging song. Then when she says “so I’m telling you a secret” her voice sounds so good. It is literally the same two chords over and over but it sounds great- and that impresses me. “October Second” is the first slow song on the album and it feels like it is placed in the perfect spot. Drew has a big part in this song- he isn’t just background vocals, and it is so beautiful because it is like they are singing back and forth to each other, and it’s a story. “We Don’t Fit Together” eases the album back into fast music. My favourite part is the bridge, hands down. “Colours” is probably my least favourite but it is still a good song. “Kids Wanna Know” has a really cool sound, kind of reminds me of MGMT for some reason (no, not because of the title). My favourite part of “You Are a Ghost” is “I know, I know”…and now I am about to fall asleep, didn’t I say I was only going to talk about half the album. And why do I always decide to post at 11pm? And Twenty One Pilots just released “Stressed Out” ahhhh I should have written about that. Tomorrow! (Sorry for all the “ands”)

Lately, it’s been rough

I’ll probably delete this in about ten minutes but I just need to vent really.

Speaking of my last post, being stressed & depressed, today was a rough day. Had to wake from a deep sleep (& hopefully it wasn’t also a wet rockstar dream) after only about 4 hours to go retake, again, a math high school proficiency exam. I want to cry, and I’ll tell you why.

I just took it about a month ago. The passing grade was 242. Guess what I got? 241.

If I don’t pass this test, I can’t graduate. I can’t even get a GED. Math is my worst subject. I hate it. If it was a person, I think I along with half of humanity  would be hunting it down to kill it. It causes me immense stress. I believe I must have some kind of dyslexia, or at least a blockage, against the subject, because I don’t understand it. I can’t remember a problem I did with a tutor right after I just did it. I just don’t get it.

If I don’t get this diploma, my dream goes out the window. What I’m pretty sure I want to do is work in marketing at the Hard Rock Hotel. You have to go to concerts. You have to take photographs. You have to be in the know. You have to know Photoshop. You have to believe in what you’re marketing, & rock & roll is my life.

What else is bothering me is a family problem that has been present in my life for years, since I was a little girl, with my dad. He is the main reason I have AvPD, am very fragile & intensely sensitive & timid. He is absolutely awful, has scarred me mentally for life. But you know what they say; “Domestic abuse is the hardest to leave.” And it is.

Just thought I’d kind of vent this out. I only have my mom to talk to, and usually she doesn’t want to hear about it because she doesn’t like recapping everything he’s done. For obvious reasons. I understand, but it also renders me alone, somewhat.

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random memory i felt like sharing: about a month ago i was in the library going through the old music magazines and i found a whole bunch of st vincent photos/interviews, so i sat in the farthest corner of the library, slowing tearing them out of the magazines and shoving them in my bag. when i finally emerged after about half an hour, the librarian gave me the most accusing look ive ever seen

definitely thought you were going to say “shoving them in my mouth” …would have changed the vibe of this fantastic story considerably