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Thranduil visiting Bilbo in the Shire, being a too comfortable guest and an emotional drunk. 

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In ‘No More Dream’, I’m in charge of saying ‘Okay mom, I told you I’m going to study hall now!’ I have been to study hall a lot. I didn’t always study, but mostly read books. Mainly comic books…wait, was that the library? Never mind, I’ve never been to study hall.
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On the seventh day of Christmas my corgi gave to me…

Seven toys a-swimming,

six ways of laying,

five golden wreaths,

four calling phones,

three French fries,

two turtle friends,

and a puppy in a pine tree!

In lieu of actual writing, it’s time for….


- Cullen is a massive cuddler. After Kirkwall and what happened in Kinloch Hold he’s been bereft of intimate human contact for a while so when his and the Inquisitor’s relationship becomes physical his need for contact goes into over drive and in private he’s almost like a puppy who just NEEDS to be pet and touched and loved.

- He’s happy being the big spoon and the little spoon. He loves being the big spoon because there’s that sense of intimacy that comes from wrapping himself around his lover and making sure she feels protected and warm and safe.
But when she tries to be the big spoon, he thinks its adorable because she’s all hands and arms and legs trying to snuggle around him and eventually she ends up with one leg half over his hip and an arm squished against his chest.

- After the end of Inquisition, the Inquisitor sneaks a mabari breeder into Skyhold, complete with pregnant mabari. Once the bitch has her litter and they’re at the age of being able to imprint, the Inquisitor surprises Cullen with the puppies.
Despite never telling anyone, Cullen has always wanted a mabari - he’s almost completely beside himself when he sits down with the puppies and plays with them.

-The puppy that imprints on him isn’t the strongest, or the most clever or the bravest. It’s probably the most mild of the pups and actually very shy and underweight. But it takes to Cullen immediately after showing little-to-no interest in anyone or anything else - in fact the breeder was almost certain it would perish.
Cullen gives the puppy a new lease of life, and once its old enough to be away from its mother and siblings, it follows him around everywhere.

- Cullen spoils his mabari rotten, lets it sleep on the bed (much to the Inquistor’s chagrin at first) and feeds it scraps off the table.Spending time with the dog and training it, playing with it almost makes Cullen seem younger. He has an infectious grin on his face whenever he’s playing with his dog.

- He grabs the Inquisitors arse at basically every oppertunity, whether or not its appropriate. She doesn’t mind, and does it right back to him when he’s least expecting it.

- At the end of a bad day, whether due to lyrium withdrawal or reports or recruits, when Cullen climbs into bed the Inquisitor is lucky to get more than two words out of him. He responds to questions with grumbles and huffs, instead burying his face in her neck or chest, willing the days trials away.

- Ferelden taste is simple, and sometimes the food the cook at Skyhold makes is too rich for Cullen’s palette. On occasion he’ll go down to the kitchen and make something himself. A traditional Ferelden dish which to most other people is bland but to him, is the best food in the world.
The Inquisitor catches him several times, and after fumbling the first few times, Cullen later begins to invite them to the kitchens with him to help. He enjoys cooking, and likes having her there to talk to. Plus she appreciates his efforts and they get some privacy, a chance to eat together in solitude which is rare.

- Holy shit, he likes cheese. Not as much as Alistair, but he really likes cheese (it’s a Ferelden thing).

- Cullen actually has quite a good eye for tailoring, though he would never ever admit it to anyone.

- When his family finally visit Skyhold, Cullen is mortified by them. He loves his family, his siblings, but everyone at Skyhold wnts to know about their illustrious and apparently squeaky-clean Commander before they knew him.
His siblings are only too happy to oblige them with stories.
It leaves Cullen wondering why he invited them in the first place.

- He kisses the Inquisitor every oppertunity he gets, especially if he knows they’re both going to be busy for the day, or she’s going to be leaving on a trip soon.

- He hides letters and notes he’s written for the Inquisitor into her pack before she leaves on a trip. He never knows how long she’s going to be gone for, so the number of letters and notes changes every trip.
The subject is never particularly serious, usually its just little thoughts he’s written down, but he hopes his notes are a comfort and reminder to her that he’s waiting for her back at Skyhold.

- While the Inquisitor is away, Cullen sometimes goes upto her room and just stands in the quiet. He wonders where she is, and if she’s safe. If she misses him as much as he misses her. Being in her room is calming, and several times he manages to fall asleep there.

Feel free to add your own. Try and drown the vitirol and hate in fluffy headcanons.

Imagine your OTP are platonically living together as roommates. Person A lies to their parents about being married. Person A’s parents drop by unexpectedly, and person A convinces person B to pretend they’re married. The parents expect person A and person B to sleep in the same bed, so they do. What happens after is up too you.

There’s always time for living,
Can we just do it again.
One more time like it once was…Way Back When.
You gave me something to believe in,
We were the best of friends.
Well I remember the good times…Way Back When.

(La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la)
Memories will fade if you wanted me to let you go,
I’ve got you on your way, i feel it for you don’t you know.

We’re superheroes and villains,
When we used to pretend.
We go wherever our minds will take us…Way Back When.

(La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la)
Memories will fade if you wanted me to let you go,
I’ve got you on your way, i feel it for you don’t you know.
It’s a promise that I made, never be afraid.
I know we’ll be okay, this luck we have it cannot go.

Ahhhh oo, Ahhhh oo
And you’re on own,
Ahhhh oo, Ahhhh oo
Y’not alone,
Ahhhh oo, Ahhhh oo
I know i’ll see you again, again.
Ahhhh oo, Ahhhh oo
And if all these things,
Ahhhh oo, Ahhhh oo
Come to an end,
Ahhhh oo, Ahhhh oo
We’ll always have…A Way Back When.

(La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la)
Memories will fade if you wanted me to let you go,
I’ve got you on your way, I’ll be there for you don’t you know.
It’s a promise that I made, never be afraid.
I know we’ll be okay, this luck we have it cannot go.