Imagine character A accidentally catching character B masturbating. Character B does not notice they have an audience and continues what they’re doing, including saying things like how much they want character A to fuck them. Character A finally pipes up, “You know, that could be arranged, if you’d like… “

Imagine Person A reading a book/watching TV/playing a video game/etc. Person B is bored and decides to tease Person A by tickling/poking them to try and annoy them. At first, Person A puts up with it. Gradually, Person A gets annoyed, until they finally snap and tell Person B to stop. Person B stops for a bit, but then mischievously tickles/pokes Person A one last time. Person A, filled with rage, chases Person B around the house until they crash into each other. They both laugh at their childishness.
(OT3 option: Person C joins in with Person B.)

Persons A, B, and C are close friends. Then A and B start dating. After a few solo dates however, they both feel that something is missing: person C! A and B plan to invite C along on their dates to ease C into the concept of going out with both of them. But this turns out to be harder than A and B thought because C is just too dense to get what’s going on. In a fit of frustration, A and B place a kiss on both of C’s cheeks at the same time to get the point across. How will C react?