or maybe not

I have decided once and for all to go ahead with the tattoo as soon as I have the money.

People get Marilyn Monroe’s signature all the time without even knowing her, so why shouldn’t I get a tattoo of Vera’s? I know at least some things about her, and I admire her so much. I can always have it removed if I’m really that displeased with it in years to come. But I can’t see that happening. It’s like my obsession with Johnny Depp. I may not be as in love with him as I was, but I would still be proud to wear his name. Of course I wouldn’t get his name now because I’m not as obsessed but I really want Vera’s. Mostly because of the fact that I love the look of her signature, but for personal reasons too. Sorry to those who don’t like tattoos but I really love them. And Vera-Ellen.

OH YEAH AND MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU LOVELY PEOPLE. some christmas themed Vera photos are coming your way!!!!!!!!!!


"I would be devastating. I’d know exactly how to please a woman, I’d know exactly where to put my fingers, where to put my tongue […] And I’d know exactly how to get that person into it, and get pleasure out of making that person feel pleasure to the point that I probably wouldn’t even have to enter… But when I did it would be explosive.” (x)

Few things am worried about currently...

First of all Gray…

I mean yeah right now he’s so powerful cool and all but what am worried about is his state of mind…


He looks so determined and set to do this mission of destroying Tartaros and notice he emphasized on the “I”. Its like Gray is partly back to what he used to be at the Galuna island arc. He believes he has to do this on his own again, who can blame him? He just met and fought with his father only to discover the truth and lose Silver again….And due to Silver passing his slayer powers to Gray and saying that he leaves the rest to him, Grays resolve has already been set, its his mission to eradicate all the demons who ruined his life and hurt his guild mates.

Right now it seems he’ll never hold back no matter the circumstances which brings me to the next thing am worried about…


I’ll tell you why am very worried about Natsu’s state..

First of all his infected with demon particles..Well yes his affected and down for the count but what if we suppose that affected him in another way unlike the others? 

While the relation to E.N.D and Natsu is still ambiguous, by going with the Natsu might be a demon theory what if the demon particles are the catalyst for Natsu slowly being awakened to a demon? He is still missing the scarf that was supposed to protect him from whatever Igneel wanted to protect him from and specifically Zerefs magic.  

And if Natsu truly gets to be or possesed by E.N.D, the events that will happen next will truly be terrible, the Gray we see currently is absolutely not hesitant to destroy the enemy, and i don’t think that will change once he knows Natsu is the demon E.N.D, he might be shocked at first but i feel that he will set his personal feelings aside and do what he was set out to do, To keep his promise to his father.Destroy Tartaros, the demons and E.N.D once and for all at all costs, even if it means killing his Best friend.


Now for all its worth i hope i am completely WRONG about this cause if it does I’D THROW MY HEART AND DIE IN A PUDDLE OF TEARS…




For reasons we aren’t going to talk about I really want to do a project about ‘bad survivors’.

Would you like this post if you’d be willing to participate? I think the premise will be basically the things that are either unpleasant about survivorship or ‘not the norm’. 

Like right now I just want to take a picture with the caption ‘Asshole. Strong enough to fight back. Didn’t fight back. Bitter. #stillasurvivor’

I’m thinking have it partially be selfies with captions,and or tweet-like-things for people who don’t want to have their faces attached (don’t look at me I don’t know how tweeter works).




My second follow forever! Even though I’m still a total newbie at making graphics, eheh… (*´∀`*) I never would’ve thought I’d reach 1k, so thank you to my followers and the blogs I follow~ (▰˘◡˘▰) I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone— I follow about 260+ blogs so it was hard choosing my favorite blogs because I love them all!  Feel free to kill me if I did though. Hope you enjoy the graphic~! Tell me if the links don’t work or if I spelled your URL wrong.

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Why do I keep drawing happy!MurderFamily AU stuff…. it only makes me sad.