So I’m pretty sure the person Dean is talking to here is Cas. It can’t be Sam as even with his new short haircut that much of his ear and neck wouldn’t be visible from this angle, and I also spy a tiny bit of a tan collar there in the corner. And you know what this reminds me of? That scene in Road Trip where he’s talking with Cas and says “so what you’re saying is we’re both a couple of dumbasses?” and even with everything going on he’s still so soft and calm around him.

I’m gonna stick with my theory that Dean will not be cured all the way in 10x03, but Sam will administer human blood to him that will act as a temporary fix until they can figure out what to do about the MoC. I don’t know if Cas will be present for the curing, but it looks like he’s in the bunker at some point as I believe they’re standing in Dean’s room in this scene. IDK I’m just emotional about the way he talks to Cas and the way he is with Cas and the two of them standing in his room talking goodbye friends I am gone.

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Video Game Challenge

✘[3/7] Male Characters - Albert Wesker | Resident Evil 5

anonymous said:

Imagine Bucky NOT being ashamed of his arm. He loves the strength it provides him, and sees it as small recompense for what Hydra took from him. He can protect the people he loves with that arm, but it's not all violence. It can tear through metal, sure, but it can also softly pet Beast Kitty's chin until she purrs happily. He can run a finger down Sam's spine so gently it makes Sam shiver. His arm gives him options most people don't have, and after having no choices for so long, he loves it.

to be fair, it takes him a long time to get there. at first, he hates it; he remembers waking up with people hovering over him and pain and metal where his arm should have been, and out of all the awful things that happened during the war and his time as the winter soldier, that’s one of the ones that haunt his nightmares the most.

he also hates it because of the things he was forced to do with it; his arm has committed nothing but violence and it’s caused more pain and suffering than he wants to think about.

at first, he actively avoids using it, because he’s tired of using it to hurt people.

he doesn’t really start to think of it as a positive thing until he uses it during a rescue mission, to save civilians who are trapped under the rubble of a fallen building. with the arm, he can move chunks of rubble that even steve can’t budge, and he saves the lives of five people that day.

after that, he notices the little things he can use it for. he can open any jar in the cupboard, even when darcy has glued her mod podge shut again and even thor can’t open it. he doesn’t need an oven mitt to grab a hot pot off the stove when he’s helping clint cook. he can lift the couch with one hand and vacuum underneath it with the other.

he has a long talk with natasha about what it means to be unmade and the measures she’s taken to rebuild her life in the aftermath, and she quietly admits that she’s never talked about this to anyone but clint, and never in such detail. she tells him that he can’t change what they did to him, and she can’t change what they did to her; all either of them can do is make choices in the here and now, and remembering that helps her. bucky can’t decide if it upsets him or comforts him at first, but he thinks about it a lot.

it takes him a long time to get there, but eventually he decides that the most important thing about his arm is how he chooses to use it.