Stupid Dumb DMMD Headcanons

Clear wanting to learn things and having Koujaku be his teacher okay

Clear going up to Koujaku and just studying his clothing and asking Kojaku to teach him how to dress as nice as he does. So Koujaku takes him into his closet and dresses him in a suit that is just slightly to big for him,promising that one day they will go out and get him his very own fitted suit.

Clear being so excited about being able to be as dapper and put together as Koujaku and asking him to teach him how to dance because how usefu is nice clothing if you can’t dance properly! 

So Koujaku and Clear spend the night dancing and tripping over each other as Clear bashfully tries to follow Koujaku’s flawless lead that ends with Clear dressing in Koujaku’s clothes and Koujaku in Clear’s and just telling each other that the simple things about the other is really amazing because they both tend to forget that

Here’s an earlier entry about the history of Portland’s KGW-AM (today’s KPOJ-AM).

The Oregonian newspaper owned KGW-AM-FM when it got a construction permit for a TV station in 1947.  The company returned the permit in order to focus on its newspaper business.  The paper later bought KOIN-AM and used it to start KOIN-TV in 1953.

North Pacific Television, which was a consortium of Seattle businesswoman Dorothy Bullitt, owner of KING-AM-FM-TV, and other Portland businessmen, purchased KGW-AM-FM.  Bullitt later bought out her partners and launched KGW-TV in 1956.  The ABC affiliate swapped affiliations with rival KPTV in 1959, becoming an NBC affiliate.

The historic Columbus Day Storm of 1962 destroyed the KGW-TV tower.  It replaced the tower in 1963.  The following year, KGW became the first color TV station in Portland.

After many years of calling itself “KGW Northwest NewsChannel 8’ and “KGW NewsChannel 8,” it now brands itself simply as “KGW 8.”  In 2009, it launched the KGW Studio on the Square, a high-definition TV studio in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square.

As of 2014, Sander Media owns KGW-TV and Gannett Company operates the station.  It also serves as the Portland Bureau for the Northwest Cable News regional news channel.  

Here’s a complete KGW-TV newscast from October 3, 1983:

KGW-TV still inhabits the building you see on this advertisement.   Here’s a Google Maps link where you can see the building today.

Source: Wikipedia (KGW-TV)

This is a screenshot from the scene in Christian Ward’s office. He has a wife.

I don’t believe for one second that Christian Ward was telling the truth about Grant (and I don’t think that Coulson, who was able to detect that Randolph was an Asgardian after he had been hiding that little tidbit for centuries, believed Christian either - but that’s getting off the subject).

Christian has a wife, and although I don’t think he has any children (there probably would be pictures if he did) I wonder how the hell he managed to get married.

Is he as horrible to his wife as he was to Grant or does he actually love her? Did he actually fall in love or is it a politically arranged marriage?

Because if he is abusive to his wife then hopefully the truth will come out in one way or another, and his wife will be helped and it will be revealed that Grant is telling the truth. 

My opinion on Ward changes a lot. I believe that he should get a redemption arc, but then I am reminded about just how many people he murdered and I realise the team has every right to hate him.

However, whatever my opinion on Grant Ward, I  want the truth to come out about his brother. Grant has been nothing but truthful this season and although the team has every right to hate him, they should do so knowing exactly what he wen through.

+ It was super obvious that Christian was lying, and he seems like a real tool, so i want to see him crash and burn. 


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