Finally Meeting Ashton part 1

Pairing: You/Ashton

Prompt: You’ve been talking to Ashton online for months and now you finally get to meet

Words: 1,850

This is for alexia lrwlns 😎


"Miss, come right through here."

You watched as the bulky security guard unlatched the barrier, and then made your way towards the side door of the stadium. You listened for any further instructions, but the guard’s voice was overpowered by the chorus of teen girls leering at you from the other side of the barrier. The flashes from iPhones suddenly stopped you in your tracks. You realized that you would probably see those pictures on Twitter later, accompanied by captions like “groupie slut” or “fuck her”. You shook your head. You had seen tons of screencaps between Ashton and other girls where they had begged to be groupies, and he had replied gallantly, stamping out their desperate requests. The trick was never to refer to your agreement as such, and keep it as normal as possible.

I’m here, you texted him, hoping that he would appear instantly and whisk you away.

Instead, a woman wearing a headset and a clipboard called you over. Wordlessly, she began to lead you through fluorescent-lit hallways. You tried unsuccessfully to catch a glimpse of what was on the clipboard.The top page looked suspiciously like your Twitter picture. Finally, she stopped in front of a heavy black door. 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER was printed in plain black letters on an unglamorous piece of paper. She motioned for you to knock before she disappeared down the hall. You knocked twice, and the door opened without hesitation.

Your mouth dropped. Luke Hemmings towered over you, snapping his gum. No matter how many interviews you had watched, how many fan pictures you had envied over, or more recently how many Snapchats you had received with him smiling on the side, nothing could have prepared you for seeing him in person. He gave you a once over, and his face broke out into a grin. “Hi, I’m Luke,” he said. You gave him a smile and introduced yourself. Internally you were screaming.  “Come right in, I’m just on my way for a meeting with our vocal coach,” he gestured past him as he stepped out into the hallway. You were still recovering when you noticed the other band member in the room.

Calum was sprawled across the couch, scrolling through his phone. He gave you a quick glance, but then turned his eyes back to the screen. “Ashton, she’s here,” he called, without looking up again. You had avoided gawking at everything around the room, but since Calum wasn’t paying you any attention, you took the chance. It looked just like any other dressing room that you had seen in the backgrounds of their Keeks and Instagram photos. Food wrappers and crumbs were spread across the tables. Someone’s phone was charging in a speaker port, obscure pop rock music blaring. You sent him another text, and sure enough the charging phone pinged. From where you sat, you could tell that his background was of him and his siblings.

You were starting to wrinkle your nose at the faint smell of sweat when you noticed another girl standing in the doorway. She was dressed like you; outfit gathered painstakingly from a Tumblr picture, hair perfectly tousled. “Is Michael around?” She said, looking uncertain. You hadn’t even noticed his presence, but Michael abruptly shut the laptop and emerged from the corner of the room. He growled at her and grabbed her by the wrist, dragging her off to a different room and slamming the door. Calum scoffed and rolled his eyes. Suddenly he glanced over at you again. “You’re still here?” he said. His tone wasn’t rude, just matter-of-fact. “ASHTON,” he called even louder.

“Alright, alright, what do you want?” You and Calum turned to see Ashton walk into the room, rubbing his hair with a towel. Ashton’s eyes widened when he saw you. You stood up and stepped towards him, unsure of whether to kiss him or pounce on him like you had always dreamed of doing. This was your first time meeting in person after months of direct messaging each other on Twitter, sending Snapchats, and finally exchanging numbers.

He made the first move, wrapping his arms around you immediately, even lifting you up a bit. “Hi! You’re here!” His eyes were lit up.

“I’m here,” you grinned, taking in his happy expression.

“Calum, why didn’t you tell me she was here? I would’ve come out sooner,” Ashton said, still hugging you. You were going to pipe in and say that he did earlier, but Calum cut you off.

“Are you kidding me? Fuck you,” Calum said, putting his earbuds in and scooting further away. You watched as Ashton’s expression clouded over. His grin faded, and you could see his jaw harden.

“Ignore him,” Ashton said to you while still facing Calum, who was already ignoring him and continuing to scroll on his phone. Ashton turned back to you again with a slight frown. This was the Ashton that got fans complaining, whining that ‘he wasn’t being fair’ if he wasn’t being a ball of sunshine at all times. You were taken aback by this change in mood, and for once he looked like the 20 year old that everyone forgot he was. Almost as quickly as it had appeared, the callous expression disappeared and was again replaced by the bright smile.

“Come on, we can eat now,” he said, making his way to the kitchen area. He set a drink down for you and began to cut his grilled cheese into slices. You sat down across from him in the small booth, both of your knees touching under the unbelievably small table. “Nice phone case,” he said, eyeing it when you set it down in front of you.

You were at a loss for words. This was the day you had been anticipating for weeks, yet to be in the moment and try to act casually was overwhelming. It felt easier coming up with witty responses behind the safety of your phone. The night before as you packed your bag, your best friend came over to give you a pep talk and stay the night. “What if there’s no connection?” You confided in her as she flung various crop tops out of your closet. “What if he only wants one thing?” She shook her head.

“He’s gotta want more than that one thing,” she said breezily. “I mean, you got lucky. In the end, you’re a six, and he’s a ten…” You threw a pillow at her. “Hey, now don’t mess this up,” she warned you. “Not just anyone can have this opportunity. So just be yourself.” She turned off the light and dozed off easily, but you lay awake for hours.

“And one more thing,” she said from her car window before she backed out of your driveway. “Get Luke to follow me.” You groaned as she sped off.

Thankfully, Ashton took control of the conversation flow. You smiled a little as he talked about his day. Even with his mouth full you could still hear his bright and twangy Australian accent. What you couldn’t get over was that you were just sitting together and he spoke leisurely, as if you went on dates together normally and had known each other for years. The difference with the reality of it was that he had only followed you on Twitter six months ago, and you had already seen each other naked without actually being together. Now, he was ranting about the rumors about the band. Your levelheaded attitude about all of them was what drew you into him. Besides your good profile picture.

"Yeah, we’re all kinda pissed right now. Our management has been on our backs lately about hooking up- uh, meeting up with the wrong people." You noticed him shifting forward.

"Oh?" you said, trying to keep your voice steady, but Ashton brushing his fingertips over your knee wasn’t helping.

"Yeah," he murmured, his hand crawling further and further up your thigh. "I will never understand people’s desire to expose others online. Or take pictures at the wrong moments." His eyes glanced over at your phone. You both turned to look at Calum, who was facing away from you guys. Ashton had told you all the details of what happened in the wake of Calum’s nudes leak, when the management had found them in their hotel rooms, kicked out the girls that were already there, and dragged Calum away to yell at him. Although online he was outwardly positive, in person he was constantly moody about the situation. “It’s just so stupid, you know?” You nodded, consciously sliding your phone to the side of the table.

The conversation lulled for a bit, and you started to pick at the grilled cheese half that he had offered you. In your mind, you were hurriedly going over what you had planned to say in case the conversation did get dull. You had rehearsed exactly how you would bring up a past joke that he had made over DM, and were wondering if now would be a good time to mention it, when you felt a sudden squeeze. You looked up and saw Ashton staring right at you. His eyes were trained on you as he brushed his fingertips over and over on your inner thigh, all while he continued to eat as if nothing was happening.

Luke entered the room again. “It’s time,” he shouted, banging on the door of the room Michael was in. “Get up,” he said to Calum, kicking him. Calum jumped up and they wrestled each other, whooping and cursing.

“I’ll see you after the show?” Ashton stood, withdrawing his hand from your thigh and wiping his mouth. He started to walk away.

“Wait!” You quickly pushed in your chair and followed after him. A woman was already fixing him with his earpiece and audio monitor. He quirked his eyebrow at her, signaling her to leave.

“What is it?” He asked, fiddling with the monitor himself.

“I can’t watch you guys…” You said, kicking at the ground sheepishly. He looked impatient, waiting for an explanation. “I don’t have a ticket.”

“You don’t have a ticket?” A low chuckle escaped his throat. “You’ve come to meet me at our show, but you don’t have a ticket.” He began to laugh, giggling at first, before it escalated into a full hearty laugh. You stared up at him in awe. It was the first time you heard his laugh outside of the Internet, nor over the phone.

“Oh, you’re a riot in person,” He laughed, leaning down to get in your face. “Just stand by our hairstylist girls. You’ll blend right in.” The technician woman poked her head from around the corner, mouthing now at Ashton. He waved her off. “Alright, now I really have to go,” he said, mussing up his hair. Before you had a chance to say anything, he wrapped his arm around your waist and gave you a peck on the lips. You stared up at him in surprise. He grinned, doing the rock symbol with his hand as he trotted away.


There’s part 1, hope you found it realistic enough! 😊


I wish I could do an Amanda/Sorceress genderbend character sheet, but let’s face it guys, Sorceress is technically the Sorcerer’s female equivalent in the series and she’s basically his gender swapped version of him. 

So I decided to switch roles between The Sorcerer and The Sorceress in the story with Rachelle.

Also his name here is Anthony Laurence and his attire is a typical school uniform from Japan, similar to Amanda’s clothing in the series. Even though his hair color never been shown, or the fact he has hair to begin with, I assumed that his hair color is dark green since Amanda’s/The Sorceress hair color is almost similar to her skin color.

He has a cold and arrogant personality and always thinks himself superior than the others. When revealed as the sorcerer his appearance has changed and has a cold sadistic personality.

i wish they’d stop saying “it’s the return of old tony”, but now that they basically confirmed superior tony is the very antithesis of tony, i am feeling a bit better about this bullshit. marvel is all about status quo, after all, so our tony has to come back at some point, and call me optimistic, but this shows they know what tony stark is like really