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I feel your suffering with the coin drop game. I play it everyday before going to bed and gosh, the only thing that I am currently doing is amassing coins like an unwilling Scrooge McDuck. I already have all images, all stories, and 2 outfits, but not Hideki and it is killing me and making me cry on a daily basis.


Okay true story back when I was playing koi cafe there was literally one day where I had so many damn coins and kept winning the champagne bottle and decorating that freaking cake that I played coindrop for ONE STRAIGHT HOUR, just letting that slot machine spin and spin and spin and NOT ONCE DID I GET HIDEKI NOT ONCE

Moral of the story: THERE IS NONE THIS SUCKS

First Things To Do When Writing A Fanfiction.

So I wanted to write some rules and I decided, hey, why not put it on tumblr?


this is a huge God damn world. As long as it’s on the Internet, believe in yourself. SOMEONE WILL READ IT AND LOVE IT.

2. Decide what fandom you’ll be writing about.

3. write your first chapter.

4. Make a cover with any kind of  app thingy or whatever. ( this one is optional I  write mostly on wattpad so its required there but on tumblr, I recommend making a cover anyway because it helps. IT JUST HELPS. )

5. edit your chapter and make sure that there are no errors. ( again. optional but RECOMMENDED THERE ARE TROLLS. )

6. Make sure you’re proud of it and you love it.

7. Publish / make the chapter public, for anyone to read on the internet.

8. Do a victory dance! you did it!

I have received quite a few asks regarding my opinion on the matter of which “Origin/Race/Alignment/Background/Romance” is the “best”. I have also been told that the stats I collect on this blog will be used as fuel to the fire, to “prove” that one option is “right”. As already stated in the about page, I am not posting my personal preferences on this blog. I will say, however, that I do not believe that any Origin/Race/Alignment/Background/Romance is superior to any other Origin/Race/Alignment/Background/Romance.

Whether or not someone uses this blog’s stats for nefarious purposes is beyond my control. I merely started game-stats for curiosity’s sake and to give people a way to connect with others that share similar interests. I sincerely hope that no one will use their preferred choice’s stats to validate that choice or to invalidate the choices of others. 

I will not be deleting this blog anytime soon, so if you are unhappy with the way a stat is turning out, please do not take out your anger on me. Instead perhaps find joy with those that share what you love. Do not let it bother you whether you are in the minority or whatnot; in the end, it is all just numbers. You love what you love. No one can take that from you.

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Do you encourage reporting? Even though I'm in college and it happened when I was drunk....? I was locked in the room and people were trying to get in but he didn't let me go until he was finished, it sounds worse than it was. I just don't know how to go about it :( is reporting gonna cause me more stress in the end?

Kris is excessively neutral about reporting. I think it can go awesome. I’ve heard success stories that make it worth it….. but…. I also know it can go terribly.

When you’re in college you have two major reporting options- the one everyone has- the police, or just the college conduct board itself.

Some colleges have great track records when it comes to sexual assault survivors.

some don’t.

Reporting will cause stress- whether or not it’d be more or less than if you didn’t report…. no one but you can tell you.

 A lot of people feel guilty if they don’t report. Another option, if he’s a student, is not to press charges but there’s a word… and like basically they write down his name and that there was an incident and it can be used to prove a pattern if someone else comes forward that he hurt them too.

Reporting is a super personal decision and you have my support if that’s what you want to do.

but you also have my support if you don’t think you can handle it right now/don’t think it’d be worth it.

Carson is also a good resource for college/reporting/your rights sorts of things/

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This is probably strange, but I have a very irrational fear of pills. It's like I have this odd gag reflex and I can never get the pill down without choking. Sometimes I actually have panic attacks when I'm trying to take pills. I haven't had any bad experience with pills, so I don't know why this is happening.

hi anon,

I don’t think it’s as strange as you think. I think that a lot of people struggling with swallowing pills, maybe all for different reasons, but a lot of people definitely have a hard time with it.

There are a lot of alternatives to taking pills, like chewable tablets or gummies, so that is one option for you. If it’s something you want to work on, start small. Maybe try taking a small pill. Make sure you are relaxed and ready to take it, to see if you can avoid the panic attack that comes with it. I think that if you stay relaxed and don’t really think about it so much, it kind of happens naturally, like you swallow naturally and the pill will just go down. I’ve heard that if you look down, as opposed to up, it is easier to swallow pills that way. So those are some tips. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of much help, but I think that you can learn to take pills if that is what you want to do, or like I said, there may be ways to avoid it completely. Maybe some of our follows can chime in too.


Option one: get out of bed, get dole, pick up glasses, buy new stretcher (or plug whatevuh)

Option two: hit a shitty bong and probably not do anything.


And the final in the set (for now) of my Doctor Who commissions from Big Chief Studios! Portrait of John Hurt’s (as of this moment, still mysterious) War Doctor, titled “The Lonely God,” officially approved by the BBC! Ref images were provided by them as well. Part of my official series, but as you can see has quite a different, darker feel than the others; I was going for an intense, fiery battlefield sort of thing. It’s the Night of the Doctor, after all.

Will be available to buy at the DW Official 50th Celebration in London, and online afterwards! Follow me on Tumblr or Instagram for relevant announcements.


MCU + written word - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Inspired by (x).