Gratitude Journal, Day 266

Before I start my gratitude journal for the day, I want to say that I noticed one of my earlier posts of the day got cut off. To the anonymous question asker - I am so sorry my message was so short before! Here is a link to the updated message.

1. I am grateful for my mentor, who has turned into one of my most valuable friends.

2. I am grateful for my family’s and my friends’ unconditional support and love.

3. I am grateful for God giving me immense amounts of courage so that I can speak up for myself and others, be myself, and be heard.

4. I am grateful for another day of being physically able to play the piano.

5. I am grateful beyond words for my little in Sigma Phi Lambda. I could (and did) write a short novel of the reasons why I love her and am grateful for her in my life and now in my family tree in Phi Lamb. I have the world’s best big, family, and now little.

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List of good things that happened to me in the last 24 hours:

-My poem got a ton of notes omg
-I actually knew what I was doing on my math test today
-I found out my GPA is a 93 and my SAT is a 1990
-I got to set a chip on fire in chemistry
-I had a nice long run
-Gave younger girls on my team a feminist pep talk on said run
-I got a very nice ask in my ask box
-My sister gave me a dress bc it didn’t fit her omg
-Told my sister about the poem and she high fived me
-My MIT interviewer got back to me

Life’s good. All is hella right now.

I’ve decided October is going to be better. I will get my raise, I will have my birthday, Ixora will be coming out, there will be another staff leader and another manager at work which means I won’t have to work all the time, and spring break means I can hang out with my friends because they won’t be in school. Godspeed until October.

with school starting for lots of us, we may overwork ourselves or push ourselves too far. remember to take care of your body and mind: take breaks, step away from the assignment, go get a snack, or just take a day off if you feel like you can’t get through it. your health is what’s most important so put that before everything else, and stay safe and happy!