Dear Oprah,

My best friend since kindergarten, Kerri, was diagnosed with a very rare liver cancer just after her 17th birthday.

4 painful months later, Kerri passed away but before she died, Madonna put a smile back on her face. Kerri had been a huge Madonna fan since she was just a little girl. One day unexpectedly, Kerri received a phone call from Madonna. That day was the first day since she had been sick that I heard true happiness in her voice.

And the phone calls didn’t stop there. Every day after that, Madonna would call Kerri. Kerri and Madonna developed a true friendship; they talked about everything from music to the afterlife.

Madonna was Kerri’s angel. Since Kerri is not with us today, I wanted Madonna to know how much of a positive effect she had on Kerri. She is the reason Kerri woke up every morning. She is also the reason that I’ve been able to deal with losing Kerri. And for that, Madonna is my angel too. She saved us both.



She’s wonderful.