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zayn’s speech 9/28 charlotte

the only thing I want in life is more fics of Karma pining over Amy while they’re still fake dating after the threesome and before Karma sleeps with Liam and she hasn’t realized Amy loves her yet and she starts noticing every little thing about Amy and she’s like “crap no I don’t have a crush on my best friend stop it Karma” and basically everything that was going on in her head in episode 7 that the writers neVER SHOWED US

Do you have design skills? With which you’d like to pay the bills? Well, you’re in luck, we’re hiring a JR designer! Details below:

* Mastery of CC: Proficient in Photoshop, InDesign, and highly
proficient in Illustrator
• The ability to work on highly complex, detail-oriented designs
* Strong typographic and illustration skills. The ability to
illustrate is a major plus, because sometimes we produce things that
require the illustration of 400 different vegetables
* Be, like, cool, but not intimidatingly cool (Niceness also a plus)

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lesmiserabelles said:

valvert as intense rivals at a dog show

"Valjean, at last. I see you’ve decided to enter your mutt." Javert gave a brief nod towards the Alpine mountain of a dog that lay at Valjean’s feet. "He has a ridiculous name, didn’t he? Chacha?"

"Chouchou," Valjean corrected with a slight frown as his dog sniffed Javert’s miniature poodle. "Cosette’s idea. She was only little at the time. Whereas I think you and you alone decided to call your dog The Stars, am I correct?"

"That’s his showname, yes." Javert gave a light tug of the leash and the poodle whined, reluctant to move away from its new friend. "I have a different name for him at home."

Valjean raised his eyebrows as he bent to pat The Stars’ head. “He seems well.”

"He is an expert in his field." Javert puffed out his chest a little in pride, giving the impression of a dull-coloured peacock. "I am certain he will win Best of Show this year, isnt that right, Snookums?"

The poodle trotted over to sit at his owner’s feet in response.

"Snookums?" Valjean repeated, hardly daring to believe it. "Snookums?"

Javert had the decency to look faintly embarrassed. “It was his name before I adopted him; he wouldn’t respond to anything else.”

Valjean bit his tongue to hold back a grin. “Well, good luck to Snookums Javert. May the best dog win.”

Javert nodded and shot another disdainful glance at Chouchou, who simply yawned. “Oh, we most certainly plan to.”

See naw! Look here, Ichabod!

Poignant situation aside…

After Abbie said “My faith in you is my greatest weakness.”, you were supposed to say “And yet, Lieutenant, your greatest weakness has become my greatest strength.”

There would then be meaningful eye contact and silently shared acknowledgements accompanied by a beautiful music in the background. You could’ve at least squeezed her hand reassuringly like you do in 9 out of every 10 Ichabbie fanfics. Then we would’ve had another Ichabbie moment to blog and reblog. 

But what did you do? “Lieutenant, do you think Katri….” NOOOOOOOO! Moment, Wasted with a capital W.

Nod yo fool head if you understand, son!


                  ——[] ❝ Horace, what do you think? Would I make a good model?
                                   Lawrence asks with a hint of humor in his voice — showing off
                                   the white robes he’d just been given by the Arabs. It’s their sign
                                   of acceptance — and why not, considering that he’s risked his life
                                   to save one of their tribesmen?