‘top 20 video games meme’
  1. *Final Fantasy 7
  2. *Shadow of the Colossus + Ico
  3. *Ocarina of Time + The Wind Waker
  4. *Chrono Trigger
  5. *Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  6. *Final Fantasy 9
  7. *Journey
  8. *Diablo + *Diablo 2 (yes)
  9. *Okami (yes)
  10. *Romance of the Three Kingdoms X (that soundtrack)
  11. *Pokemon
  12. *Warcraft 1 (the first game) 
  13. *Legend of Mana (yeahh yeah yeah yeah)
  14. Professor Layton series general
  15. Super Paper Mario (“CONCERNED HUBBY OVER HERE”)
  16. Dragon Age
  17. Skyrim
  18. *Super Smash Bros.
  19. *Tetris Plus (best tetris)
  20. *Wiz ‘n Liz (shitty wizards)
  21. *FREECELL (my best time is 36 seconds)
  22. *Chip’s Challenge(wow)
  23. *3D Movie Maker (1995) (HOLY SHIT I FORGOT ABOUT THIS)
  24. *Labyrinth the computer game(DOUGLAS ADAMS was a designer/writer on this game)
  25. *Lunar: Silver Star Story (fuck yeah anime dragons)

*games I have played more than once

The first ten on that list I had a really hard time putting in any kind of order at all. I could shuffle them around and it would be accurate.

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Plot 005: Truths Universally Acknowledged  
  • Rating: Mature
  • Themes: Romance, Angst, Friendship
  • Type: 1x1
  • Inspiration: Austenland
  • Location: Burghley House, Lincolnshire, England
  • Status: OPEN
  • M [30-35]: Lee Pace, Henry Cavill, Tom Hiddlepston, JJ Feild, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sebastian Stan
    • Either a failed actor who’s come to Austenland because it’s the steadiest gig he could get or a history professor who’s trying to get as close to a first hand look into the era as he forgets about his messy breakup from his long term girlfriend. He’s the resident Mr. Darcy though his cool demeanor doesn’t win him many as friends among the other actors as it does the guests who are always trying to thaw him in order to get their Pride & Prejudice ending. 
  • Margaret “Maggie” Callahan [27]: Scarlett Johansson, Léa Seydoux, Jessica Chastain, Rosamund Pike, Felicity Jones, Mia Wasikowska 

    • A recent divorcee, Maggie was kicked to the curb when her husband traded her in for a younger model. His secretary to be in fact, cliches abound. It shouldn’t have come as a shock to his second wife who’d also been his mistress for a time; karma is a bitch. With an ironclad prenuptial agreement in place she found herself with $10,000 for every year they were married and walked away with $30,000 as a parting gift. Unfortunately their kids were not something so easily given away by her ex and his expensive lawyers were able to grant him half custody. They will now each get 6 months with their two children and he of course gets to have them first. Now she’s left with nothing but his dirty money that she wants to throw down her garbage disposal until her friend from book club passes along a flyer to Austenland, a place that just might help to lift her spirits and get rid of his attempt to buy her out of the marriage. 

In the idyllic countryside of Lincolnshire resides an old British estate with sprawling lawns that are now occupied with rich woman who are coming to live out a real life Austen romance. Cue Maggie Callahan, a woman who’s only read half of Pride & Prejudice and that was for the swanky book club she used to be a part of with the housewives of the gated community that she used to live in before her divorce. All she wanted was a chance to escape the harsh reality that she’s unqualified to find high paying work, she’d scraped by on minimum wage plus tips as a singer in a bar before being plucked up by her ex-husband who got her used to living the high life, and that she won’t be allowed to see her kids for the next six months. She’s now been transported into the Regency era where there’s the promise of suitors who’ll speak to her with poetry and elegant balls that will keep her dancing so long her feet will ache.

Each new arrival has their whole story scripted from the very beginning but Maggie, who’s never been good at following a story anyways, deviates from that and grows close to M. It’s utterly confusing for her to differentiate whether what they have is real or play acting but she’s enjoying it as much as she can until it becomes too much and she realizes that she’d rather face the hard reality of her messy life than delude herself with fiction.

  • I’ll be playing Maggie with Scarlett Johansson preferably unless you have a strong opinion against her and in favor of any of the other ladies above. 
  • M’s reason for being in Austenland is totally up to his player as is his background and personality (mostly, I would prefer for him to come off as guarded at first but the reasons behind this are completely up to you). His description is shorter and more of a suggestion based of the character Mr. Nobley from both the book and the movie. Whatever you come up with please put it in your app :)
  • We can also have fun creating the various NPCs for the other guests and actors at Austenland.