The Afrikana Review - Call For Submissions!

The Afrikana Review is a young adult literary magazine that is seeking to disrupt and expand the black narrative with an eclectic body of fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, and art from black writers.

We’re looking for stories that are out of the box. We’re not looking for the same old same old narrative of slavery, colonialism, poverty, and racism. Don’t get us wrong, those stories are important. They’re a part of our history and they remind us of our resilience and how far we’ve come as a people. But, we want to provide a balance in the literary world. We’re looking for stories that feature black protagonists interacting with vampires, shape shifters, mermaids, and aliens. Stories that reflect the struggle and resolve the conflict teens UNIVERSALLY face TODAY, from THEIR point of view. Because they too are the default.

We look forward to reading your voice and your brilliance. Send your questions, fiction, poetry, and non-fiction to:Afrikana.editor@gmail.com. And don’t forget the quarterly theme is Fight to the Death. Submission email subject lines must be in ALL CAPS.

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Submissions are closed March 1st, 2015.

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Are you looking for an internship? 

The Highlander Research and Education Center is looking for people for its Seeds of Fire Internship. I highly recommend you apply for several reasons: 

1. Highlander Research Center is where MLK, Rosa Parks, and many others learned how to be terrorist “communists”. 

2. You’ll learn organizing and leadership skills meant to help you grassroots organize and bring about social justice.

3. You’ll get to be in a very serene calming environment. The center is literally on high land so you’ll get a nice view of the surrounding Tennessee area.

4. You get paid $200 a week, plus you get housing and some meals. You’ll be in the middle of nowhere so you can’t really spend…. Unless you’re addicted to online shopping, that’s all savings right there! 

5. What you gonna do instead? Sit on Tumblr all day…. go get an internship someplace where they don’t respect you and have you doing data entry and getting Starbucks? Why when you can spend your time learning how to fight for justice?

 The application deadline is March 21 so get the molasses out ya ass.. 


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Wow there’s some good potential with this.
I don’t want to get my hopes up too high in case it doesn’t go through but I have an opportunity to maybe run a small personal training business all on my own right now.
I’ve networked with a company who sells meals and is looking to trade business with personal trainers, I think it’s still in the works but it’s local and if I can get enough clients I can break away from this commercial gym and do/manage my own clientele at an independent gym. I’m going to give the owner a call back today and touch bases to find out more about his company/ potential.

Vitality is Looking for Interns!

We are looking for up to three interns to help us create the second issue. If you’re not sure what Vitality is, you can learn more at our website.

About the Internship:

These positions will be unpaid and require three to five hours of your time a week, depending on workload and deadlines. You will be working through July (when the second issue comes out). Since all of the work will be done online and at your own pace, this might be a good way for publication, journalism, or English majors to get experience and a reference for your resume without needing to spend much time away from classes.

It would be best if you had reliable access to a computer and the internet, as all your work will be done online.

You’d be considered a Junior Assistant Editor, with your name listed as staff on the website and actual issue. On top of that, you will get to see the second issue of Vitality behind the scenes (since you’ll be helping to make it!) and get a copy of the issue (and extra goodies) for free when it’s done.


  • Reading through new submissions and checking that they adhere to our guideline requirements, as well as bringing attention to any pieces you think are particularly amazing.
  • Meeting production deadlines.
  • Responding to emails and tumblr asks through Vitality’s official accounts.
  • Helping to maintain social media sites through posting, reblogging, responding to comments, promoting the kickstarter/issue downloads, promoting our authors, etc.
  • Helping do light proofreading/checking over/brainstorming when necessary.

To apply, click here. Applications are due March 28th, 2015. We’ll be making our decisions by the first week of April.

ladyofthewolves asked:

Hello! I've been following your blog for a long time now and I absolutely love the helpful information you have given <3 I am aware that a lot of writers visit your blog and was wondering if you could help me find writers who are interested in having someone make an audio version of their stories (like audio books). I'm into reading fiction (historical, fantasy, YA), voice over & acting (basically story telling) and thought it'd be fun to record my voice & read stories from aspiring writers :)!!


Every decade of life has its financial challenges and opportunities. In your 20s, you feel invincible. Your 30s brings on a whole new set of responsibilities including career and family. However, your 40s are especially important because you are closing in on retirement. Making a huge money mistake in your 20s isn’t nearly as devastating […]

This is Vigi.
Vigi’s got troubles.

Vigi used to work for an evil, galaxy-spanning mega-corporation but now she’s trying to bring them to justice and she was pretty close too until these a-holes showed up and started doing murder and crimes in the middle of her clandestine operations.

Now she’s in over her head and the chief of security is after her too.

Opportunities is a long-form webcomic in which Jack Frost, “The Holiday Hitman”, and his team of flamboyant assassins are massacring their way through the Grand Intercontinental duPré and all the way to outer space.

If you like suspense, aliens, a colorful group of characters who are mostly trying to kill each other, delicious grubs, incredibly suave hispanic men, hijinks, space, women getting shit done, dramatic tension, and/or Christmas, then what are you waiting for?

Don’t walk!  Run!  Opportunities is the comic for you!


Open City Lagos - Call For Contributions (#OpenCityLagos):

Open City Lagos’ is a simple but powerful initiative that explores how accessible, inclusive and livable Lagos is as a city. Keeping with the ethos of the project, the Call for Contributions is an open invitation for all to share their insights, experiences and ideas on what makes Lagos ‘open’ as a city and why. Respondents are encouraged to look into different aspects of ‘openness’. This includes the experiences of new arrivals, the quality of its public spaces, navigating the city, interacting with its boundaries, as well as the concept of openness itself.

This is an initiative by Heinrich Boll Stiftung Nigeria in partnership with Nsibidi Institute and Fabulous Urban.

Getting Involved

The project kicks off with a call for all who live, work and visit Lagos to share their perspectives on the inclusive nature of city. This includes the experiences of new arrivals, the quality of its public spaces, navigating the city, interacting with its boundaries, as well as the concept of openness itself. Responses can be uploaded directly on to the Facebook page or sent to submit@opencitylagos.com.

The most insightful and creative submissions will be shortlisted and featured at the exhibition for the Open City Lagos international event in October 2015. A wide array of formats is acceptable within these parameters:

  • Short videos (3-5 minutes)
  • Music, audio compilations and sound performances (3-5 minutes)
  • Photographs (with captions of up to 300 words)
  • Short write-ups (up to 300 words)
  • Drawings, models and sculptures (size and weight limits apply – please check with project administrators)

Deadlines & Guidelines

The deadline for submissions is 28 February, 2015. For full guidelines on submissions and project ideas, please download the pdf version of the ‘Call for Contributions’.

Kindly see visit their Facebook page to be part of the conversation.

For more information about this project, contact monika.umunna@ng.boell.org (Heinrich Böll Stiftung) ore.disu@nsibidiinstitute.org (Nsibidi Institute).

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