Hi. Nigerian-American here. I’m really glad that the 200+ girls in Nigeria received as much attention as they have. Lord knows, that could have easily gone unnoticed since it’s in Africa. But, the shitty thing that comes along with all that attention is the sensationalism. I have a simple request.

Stop making Boko Haram’s abduction of the 200+ girls in Nigeria a feminist issue.

It is not a feminist issue. No, they do not fear most an educated free-thinking woman. They are a political opportunist group who will stop at nothing to further their own ends. They are preying on a destitute population suffering under very weak infrastructure, corrupt government (heavily skewed wealth distribution), and extreme unemployment. They have targeted men as well. Actually, their real target is schools and all those involved in schools in general (teachers, students, etc.) because they are very much opposed to Western education. They definitely do not discriminate when it comes to their victims. And they didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. They’ve been active and violent for years now and this is not the first extremist group of this sort that Nigeria has seen. . 

And that’s another thing. Can we stop spreading misinformation as well? Anne Hathaway said that only 5% of Nigerian girls have access to education which is completely erroneous… 

I’m getting real tired of feminists on tumblr trying to piggy back on this issue. The last thing we need right now is “social justice” tumblrites misrepresenting #bringbackourgirls and Boko Haram to fit neatly into their selfish little agendas. 

Lastly, I’d like to provide a friendly reminder. Reading a news article online does not make you a regional expert on Nigeria. For you to really understand what is going on here, you need to at least have an understanding of Nigerian history. Nigeria’s social/political/economic situation is far more complex than most of the people on this bandwagon know. So if you don’t understand the issue in its context (that would be Nigeria), then just… stop.

I encourage junior researchers to take an opportunistic approach to paper reading: asking an expert for 3 to 5 most relevant papers, reading each for 20 minutes, taking almost no notes, and then branching outward to read related papers in the most relevant conferences and journals published within the past 5 years.

MBTI & Development: ESTP

To get the most out of this profile, familiarize yourself with the concept of ego development. Applying this concept to MBTI typology can shine a light on the potential strengths, weaknesses, problems, or pitfalls of your type. Use this profile as a guide for building self-awareness as well as for understanding which areas to focus on for personal development.

ESTP (Functional Stack: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni)

  • Core Values: autonomy, pragmatism, action
  • Strengths: live for the moment, action-oriented, adaptable, responsive
  • Weaknesses: easily bored, restless, disruptive, instigate mischief to excite themselves
  • Shadow Conflicts: Si seen as dull, pointless, a distraction from here and now; Ni seen as concerned about insignificant/impractical things; Ne seen as impractical, ungrounded, intangible

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