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I get frustrated when I feel like a "Charity Case" because I am treated to things and I can’t pay for it. I get annoyed when I feel like a "Mooch", I just want a chance where I can do things on my own so I can stop relying completely on everyone else. I get angry when I get excluded and IGNORED. I will get an opportunity within weeks at the rate it is going as of now. This weekend I get to work on our business a lot more and hopefully get our products in line. I am not patient of a person but I have been pretty good lately. Work Ethic will determine how far I go and how much respect I will receive. I have gotten what I wanted today and Each Day is a Day closer.

Dean and Cas having trouble conceiving. It’s obviously making Cas really upset so Dean decides to adopt a kitten to give Castiel something else to focus on and baby until they get lucky.

He ends up finding this little cat sanctuary that have only older cats up for adoption. Dean knows Castiel is a sucker for all cats and Dean would rather have a cat who was house-trained than a kitten anyway. He ends up adopting two sister-kitties and bringing them home with him. 

He gets through the front door and finds himself with an armful of Castiel. The pregnancy test he took that afternoon is positive. They’re going to have a baby! 

And Castiel is equally as delighted with his kitties as he is about the baby. That night, Dean finds Castiel curled up in bed, a cat settled on either side of him, telling the kitties about how they’ll soon have a baby to help him look after. 

Do you still have the Ooh Factor?

After all of these years, do you still have the Ooh Factor? You do remember the freshman Ooh Factor when you first hit the blacktop; you were literally oozing with Optimism, [saw] Opportunity, and had [good] Habits. Like athletes, salespeople need an edge; these factors are edge- the triplets to maintaining a successful sales career.

  • Optimism: What are you expecting each day? Are you looking through the lenses of optimism and seeing a favorable outcome or looking through the microscope of the daily minutia? When you look through a microscope, you magnify your problems and often you become drilled down into things you have no control over. You have no control over yesterday’s customer who had sub-par credit or was $11k buried in their trade. How many problems did you have when you first got into the business? The only thing you were focused on was making a sale; you didn’t know enough to have any other worries. A baby doesn’t know when he will begin to walk; he just gets up and tries, falls, and tries again. The same is true for you in sales; you fall down, and must get back up and try again.
  • Opportunity: Because of your optimism, opportunities seem to open up everywhere. Ever hear of beginner’s luck for the green pea? Beginner’s luck is nothing more than optimism; because of the optimism, opportunity is created. While the new kid is sprinting across the lot in order to grab a key for his next customer, all of the veterans stand around and jealously sneer at his efforts. The sad truth is they remember they too used to be that way. Optimism breeds opportunities; conversely pessimism produces more problems. What you look for you will find; when you look for the problems in each customer, you begin to punch holes into your own sales. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Pessimism overcomes optimism and becomes a vicious cycle. When this happens, you begin to focus on the problems hindering you from making a sale instead of cherishing the opportunity right in front of you.
  • Habits are the glue that holds your fortunes or your misfortunes together. Habits guarantee results 100% of the time; unfortunately you may not like the outcome of your daily disciplines. If you make it a daily priority to read 30 minutes pertaining to sales, make 3 new phone calls, and don’t leave until you catch 2 ups each day, your habits will reap you a fortune. As Dennis Waitley said, “Habits are like a submarine, they run silent and deep.” It takes time to rewire your patterns you’ve developed; you didn’t obtain the habits overnight, nor will you rid yourself of them. If you don’t like where your are, change your habits to obtain your have-its.

You still have the Ooh Factor; it may be lying deep in the recesses of your mind, but it has never left you. All it takes is faith in your abilities, daily action, and focus in the daily disciplines. When you tweak the efforts-you will reap Ooh results.


   “In order to make it to the top, you have to be 
     willing to start at the bottom. I believe that those who 
     made it to the top of the mountain, didn’t just fall there. 
     They worked their asses off for the sake of an oppor-
     -tunity that lead them to more opportunities that 
     eventually lead them to greatness.”


I have wanted to learn Audacity for pretty much the last couple of years. Why did I not teach myself? That shit is hard! I have tried the YouTube tutorials, and nothing really helped. So I pretty much kept the idea locked away and went on with life. Opportunities present themselves, you just have to listen, watch, and pay careful attention. 

My idea for this next blog is an intro I can use in my radio station show; something different than you hear on a regular basis when the other DJ’s are on. This seems very broad as an idea in general. There are a couple different ideas for specific things I would like to incorporate into it, but the overall sound could change as I am working on it. I think my ideas revolve around everything I can immediately think of that I have adored, or found funny.

 I started my project the same day as we knew we officially had to do Project 3. I am happy we get to do it! After the tutorial I am thinking that this might be easier than I thought, not that I even thought it would be “hard” I just knew it was not something I was familiar with. I know this will help me in my future classes. I am a Public Communications major. I have been thinking about looking into a minor that has something to do with animation, directing or visual production type things.

As I working on this project this weekend, I realized there is very much a rhythm behind creating audio tracks. There is a flow that is like a natural wave washing upon the shore. None of it can be too chaotic or it doesn’t keep its proper course. Too many different things make for “noise.” Noise is when there is to many sounds and it keeps the listener from understanding the true message, because everything you see, and hear is a message, whether you know it or not. This project was about audio communication, and I am excited to take this knowledge with me into the future. 

I have a lot of interests and the best thing I think there is about college is the more education I get the more my ideas for my future evolve. I love that! I hope everyone else is as stoked about this project as I am! The more I get to dabble in the things I am interested in, the more excited I am to continue on into my next semesters.

Dean and fallen!Cas have sex but they’re not dating. They’re not exclusive or committed. Dean tells everyone that. Castiel understands. Dean doesn’t want to be tied down.

(Dean, for his part, is under the impression that Castiel is sleeping with him because he wants the experience, not because he has any real feelings for Dean. Somewhere along the line, they got their wires crossed in a spectacular fashion.) 

When they’re out working a case together, Dean heads off to a local bar to pick up someone, trying to drown his sorrows and supposed unrequited love in sex and booze. Castiel stays back at the motel and takes the pregnancy test he bought before their trip. 

When Dean gets back a few hours later, Castiel is sitting on the bed, the test in his hand. Dean’s been drinking and he has lipstick marks on his collar but a few kisses was all he could stand before he missed Cas too much to be away from him.

Seeing Cas’s hurt expression, Dean sobers up immediately and asks him what’s wrong.

Castiel throws the positive pregnancy test at him. 


It takes them a few more false starts before they finally admit that they’re in love with each other. But they’re happy and together by the time the baby arrives. 

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She was goijg through preclampsia, they are still in the opporating room and the baby is very premature-m

*nods getting up quickly^ were are they I need to see them right now

Department of Labor selects Virginia Workforce Investment Board for economic growth initiative

Department of Labor selects Virginia Workforce Investment Board for economic growth initiative

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Monday that Opportunity Inc., the Commonwealth’s local

Workforce Investment Board serving South and Western Hampton Roads, has been selected by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) as one of 12 organizations nationally to participate in its Sector Strategies Technical Assistance Initiative.

Over the next eight months, Oppor…

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