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1. Why did you choose your URL? Saudade is a word that speaks to me, it sums up precisely how I am usually always feeling…as if I’m missing someone and missing somewhere, homesick. However no matter what  I do the missing factors are just elusive as I can’t grasp what they are and this emptiness remains never-the-less. Its hard to really explain the feeling other than using Saudade. I read an article entitled Aesthetics of Saudade somewhere a long time ago,and it just felt right.

2. What is your middle name? I have 2, one being Imani.

3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? A flying Bison like Appa (I can see me trying to smuggle him into my apartment)

4. Favourite colour? It changes..people say black is a shade and not a color, but its my only constant favorite. 

5. Favourite song? Wings by Daesung (my fav songs always change though)

6. What are your top three fandom’s? VIP, Primadonna, BlackJack.

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr? Its more informative than the news, honestly. I get to see what’s going on in the world here to a more accurate degree than on any news site. Its also cool to connect with people who have the same interests.

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would you rather?

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Pierce your nose or your tongue? - Nose only for the fact that my tongue is too short to pierce ;(
Drink whole or skimmed milk? - whole, skimmed? no thanks.
Die in a fire or drowning? - oh god, uh, drowning? because i don’t wanna feel the pain of burning..
Spend time with your parents or enemies? - what question is this? parents over anyone!

Are You?

Single or in a relationship? - single, so all y’all eligible peeps out there, holla ;) LMAO ew.
Straight, gay, bisexual, other? - bi, because i’m greedy?
Tall or short? - short.
Right handed or left handed? - right
A lover of music or a lover of books? -  music, reading makes me sleepy.

Do You Prefer

Flowers or sweets? - flowers.
Color photos or black-and-white photos? - always been a fan of b&w
Sunrise or sunset? sunrise, it’s so pretty
M&Ms or Skittles? - m&m’s
Staying up late or waking up early? - stayin up late.
Sun or moon? - moon
Winter or Autumn? - winter, i don’t like leaves. haha.
10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? - 2 best friends
Rainy or sunny? - raaaain.
Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? -  strawberry thanks!
Vodka or Jack? vodka!!!

About You

What time is it? - 2:30PM
Name? - Teesh
When is your birthday? - 19 August
What do you want? - to live a happy life.
How many kids do you want? - 4! 2 boys, 2 girls.
What would you name a girl? CHAERIN, lmao no i’m kiddng, anna-jade
What would you name a boy? reimana
You want to get married? - yes yes yes.


Are you double-jointed? - No
Can you roll your tongue? - Yes
Can you raise one eyebrow? - Yes
Can you cross your eyes? - yes


Which shoe goes on first? - Right
Ever thrown something at someone? - Yes hahaha.
On average, how much money do you carry with you? - Anywhere between $100 to $150 taxi money
What jewelry do you wear? - just earrings
Do you twirl or cut spaghetti? - Twirl
Have you ever eaten Spam? - nooope
Favorite ice cream? COOKIES AND CREAM dude.

How many kinds of cereal are in your cupboard? - 3?


Car ride? - 10 mins ago
Song played? - gdyb only look at me, shit is addctive!
Time you cried? - last month?

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Will you guys be live streaming the MADE concerts that are coming up? Or do you know of any links?

I’m assuming security will be pretty tight at the concerts, so we can’t guarantee that there will be any livesteams or audio streams, but if links are made available, we’ll try our best to post them!

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I don't get why the bae bae verse is gtop-y._.

ummm to be honest I don’t really know either because I’ve been super busy and just briefly read the lyrics so I haven’t fully formed my opinion on it but a lot of people have said it’s very gtopy so I was taking their word on it for the time being until I’m free to look myself lol

I think Rida said she was making a post explaining it? jiyong-oppar

that Bigbang scenario game

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1. You walk into the classroom to have 3 people call for you at the same time. Seunghyun who sent you a cute good morning text just 2 hours ago. Seungri who is waving at you eagerly, wanting to show you whatever it is in his backpack. And Daesung, who sang you a song last night over a phone. Who would you go meet first? 

i would wave/high five ToDae as i go, but i would choose Seungri, bc, come on, knowing him it’s probably either some good food or something pretty wild. he seems like that kinda guy that would think it’s cool to sneak a pet snake or tarentula into school, and I wouldn’t wanna miss out on that

2. You are to have a duet stage with one of the Big Bang members. Which member, and one of his solo songs, would you choose to rock that stage together with? 

GD, with What Do You Want. bc i don’t think he’s ever performed it and we would stage it like a really cool, really dramatic, broadway musical style performance and he’d probably be either super mortified about that or just fabulously throw himself into the performance, and either way it would be super cute

3. It is late time of the night, and all of the Big Bang members have been working in the studio for hours. Daesung is the recording booth, Jiyong is monitoring him, Seunghyun is writing something on a notepad, Taeyang and Seungri are sleeping on the couch, the latter has one hand inside a bag of chips. Where are you in the picture?

subtly stealing SRs bag of chips so I can use it to bribe TOP and see what kind of weird stuff he’s probs writing

4. He is your best friend. You can talk to him for hours without getting bored or running out of things to say. You two have so many lame adorable inside jokes that it is getting ridiculous. He always comes to get a have-fun hug, and a kiss on the cheek, from you before the concert starts. He sends you texts about idiotic interesting things the other Big Bang members just did/said. Usually with photos. Who is he? 

hmm. tbh idk about the affection stuff, but the rest i think GD. just bc he seems to me like that kind of person that, if he opens up to you, you’d share millions of inside jokes with. he’d probably be quite busy with work and stuff to text all too often but i like to think that when he would, he’d send super random pics of things he finds hilarious and made him think of you in some really weird way. 

5. A wild party has just found its end. Tell me :

1) who is that drunk member, singing inside the car and insisting that the night is still young

Seungri, definitely Seungri. he’s got his shirt half undone and is drunkenly belting out Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack into YB’s suffering ears

2) Who is the even more drunk member, saying that he is not drunk as he takes a selfie with an invisible phone? 

it’s obvs TOP. he’s throw his arm around half-naked-diva!Seungri and is convinced they’re taking a selfie for his new instagram account. actually his phone got confiscated earlier in the evening exactly bc everyone was scared something like this would happen

3) Which member is the one who is dozing off inside the car, kicking the singing-drunk one in an attempt to shut him up?

GD.  half bc he’s worked hard and does want to sleep, and half bc, frankly, he’s been wanting to do that for a while, to kick Seungri to make him shut the hell up, especially all these times he’s embarrassed him on stage. now that he’s drunk he’s finally got a good excuse to get kicking. plus next morning, probably no one will remember what he did 

4) Who is the one member who is totally sober and is helping you to sort things out? 

YB bc he’s spent the entire evening browsing fanpics on Instagram, judging or side-eyeing drunk Seungri

5) And lastly, who is the member who disappeared an hour ago and won’t pick up his phone?

Dae. disappeared around when TOP had 5 drinks and started to get too clingy, so he fled, probs to wild!party at the other side of the club

TOP’s confiscated phone is the only one to have any power left so we’re using that to call him and that’s why he fearfully won’t pick up. he learnt never to pick up a call from drunk TOP sometime 7.5 years ago - unless he needs blackmail material

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