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Hi! I absolutely love this blog, it has brought me so many wonderful times with all kinds of wonderful fics! I would wish for a few more Creature!Cas fics though, I've pretty much read them all this far o3o But my question is if you have any domestic fics where Cas is still full angel, got the powers and all that mojo and maybe uses them in daily situations? In most domestic fics he seems to turn into a human, which i dont like. I would be so happy if you knew any. Thanks! :D

First of all, there’s plenty of resources if you want more creature!cas beyond what we have at this blog (resources are on the tag and also our other page).

Secondly, the fics below are YMMV wrt domestic situations (some are more roommate/motel fic as opposed to fully domestic [especially as you get to more bamf-y!cas which positively correlates with plotty fic and negatively correlates with curtain fic]). Click on individual reviews to see if they have the domestic tag or mention being domestic in the review to get an idea of just how domestic these fics are.

I. Full stop angel!cas:

II. Power fluctuations/temporarily depowered but bamf/powerful angel!cas at some points:

III. AUs with angel!cas:

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Dan reblogged your drawing :) congrats ^^

Yes he did!!!! More than my drawing, it was Matilda (oppa86oppa)’s gif, as I’ve said in other messages, hehe— she did a fantastic job with the effect, don’t you think? Of my drawing there’s only the part of the heads of the two cuties—- but I can recognize my trait and when I go on Dan’s tumblr I start giggling like an anime schoolgirl, hehehe… probably if there’s a prize ”the girl who visited Dan’s blog most” I’d win it oh.
And have you seen the tag under it?! ”I love it”!!! Dan loves it!! Ahh I am so happy!! Super duper happy!!! ♥ Hehehehe btw thank you so much lovely anon ♥