I’m going to just end this by talking about absolutes.

Or facts.

Alright so, we have a house, and the house is green, the house is green.

Just because your opinion thinks the house is blue, doesn’t mean it’s right.

The house is green, and your opinion is wrong.

How does this apply here?

I’m sick of seeing people back up arguments and get upset because it’s “just your opinion” and get hurt.

Sometimes there are absolutes, sometimes you’re just wrong, accept it, and don’t get but hurt about it.

I’m not going to back off you because you just say “well I have the right to my own opinion.”

Because I have the right to tell you you’re wrong if by fact and objective view you are indeed wrong. So stop using your feelings to manipulate the argument.

This is the first and last time I’m saying this, and if I lose followers I don’t care.

If I can prove you’re wrong, I WILL tell you and I WILL explain exactly why, where, and when you are wrong, and I won’t give a damn about your “opinion” or “how you feel”.

I’m not being an ass, I’m just trying to help and let you see how it is so you don’t look stupid and embarrass yourself with a wrong view of things.


Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Beef (by Bee318ti)


Yan lang naman hinahanap ko sa mga lalaki eh. Syempre, hindi lang solely diyan. Syempre, anjan din ung looks and repsonality. Pero pinaka tinitignan ko kung may respeto ba siya. Hindi lang sa akin. Sa lahat. Kasi kung gwapo ka nga, mayaman, bastos naman, aanhin kita? Magkakagaguhan lang tayo sa huli niyan. Oo, aaminin ko, hindi din naman ako ganun ka respeto. Pero alam ko yung mga limitasyon ko. Alam ko ung sobra na sa hindi, alam ko ung offensive sa hindi. Ayoko sa mga taong nambabastos ng mga babae. Hello, babae kaya yan. Respeto naman. Parang walang pinag aralan eh. Kung gusto mong respetuhin ka din, matuto ka din muna rumespeto sa iba.


most people say that vegans are arrogant. how is it arrogance to be choose a healthier and kinder life style? while i won’t deny that there are some arrogant vegans out there most of the other vegans and vegetarians that i have talked to are very down to earth and kind. they are people that take the time to discuss their views and opinions (which they usually research). we don’t try to force our beliefs on other people. we simply answer their questions with the information we’ve gathered. on the other hand most non vegans (but not all) become immediately defensive and angry if not outright rude when meet someone that doesn’t eat meat. they belittle, put down and mock them simply because they don’t understand. they do little (if any) research on topics that they claim to be experts on. so who is the arrogant one?

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❤ ❣ ❣ ☒ ☑

❤ - Any tumblr senpais?

 Myself. No but really I don’t have RP senpais. Art senpais though, I adore Kinomatika. 

❣ - An unpopular opinion I have.

The Shimon Arc/Family felt so incredibly forced to me. I will fight anyone over this- I think that the Inheritance Arc should have been centered around past characters with new development, rather than 7 new characters, with 7 new (completely unrelated to the Tri-Ni-Sette) flames, with new drama that created plot holes. The Tomaso family should have had more coverage. The Arcobaleno could have had more coverage in that time. The Primo Guardians could use more details. Hell, give us some Varia and Timoteo information. Where’s CEDEF? Where is Lancia or the Kokuyo Gang?

No instead we get a new batch of characters and flames with a convoluted plot involving a murdered family, revenge, revenge again, and the power of shounen friendship. I would’ve preferred seeing a Naito Longchamp comeback any day (also “unpopular’ opinion but he’s a fantastic character in KHR).

❣ - An unpopular opinion I have.

"You’re trying to make me look bad, aren’t you?" (If you know that quote or read it in the character’s voice, bless you.)

M.M. got such a shit treatment in KHR and Chrome was disappointing.I liked Chrome when she was first introduced in the Varia Arc. She was gonna kick ass! Oh… no she didn’t. That’s okay, she was fighting an Arcobaleno, I’m not mad at that lost. Chrome vs. Glo Xinia! …. Well he was overpowering her. Future Battle with Ghost- She fucking faints in Mukuro’s arms… Inheritance Arc! Ye- She dropped her weapons and was taken away. It takes her until the third day of the Arcobaleno Representative battles for her to really find her resolve- y’know that thing she was demonstrating when she first showed up. Her character development took so long and dragged out, it was really upsetting. I wanted to see Chrome be strong! Be that powerful illusionist! Show us why Mukuro was interested in you! Instead we get a damsel in distress who is only ready to fight in brief situations.

I don’t hate Chrome by far. I just feel she got shafted in the development field, which is something I really look for in characters. I wanted to see her be able to hold her own WITHOUT Mukuro.

Now you may then wonder, “but you started this topic about M.M.” and I’m getting there. She is easily one of the most disliked characters in KHR. I know this because of the obnoxious tagged hate she used to get. M.M. had resolve, she was a fighter. Strong? Maybe not compared to your onslaught of fighting protags. She’s not a flame wielder, but that doesn’t stop her from fighting for her own beliefs and wants. She has a backbone, she wants to help Mukuro, she is loyal to the Kokuyo Gang (Protip read the manga, read the bonus chapters. M.M. is there. She was there even though Mukuro was in Vendicare. She stayed with the broke Kokuyo Gang and helped free Mukuro in the future arc.)- there’s so many details that sometimes people completely look over and it pisses me off. She’s flawed, but instead of being coddled by the fandom she gets relentless shit for it. People who bitch about her being greedy are the same individuals that just love Mammon so much! Or when people say “She’s mean to Chrome! Hitting Chrome was uncalled for!” Tbh I would have loved to see Chrome be slapped sooner. What I REALLY would have loved (and what M.M. would have wanted) was if Chrome fucking slapped her back. Headcanon time, but one of the biggest reasons TYL M.M. is tired of Chrome is because she is wasting Mukuro’s time. Jealousy too, and the slap may have been “dramatic” but how would you feel if someone you care for constantly exerts himself to protect another girl, who IS STRONG, but doesn’t USE her OWN strength that she DEFINITELY HAS. The potential is there, but it’s not being used. M.M. DOESN’T hate Chrome- in fact she warns Chrome that she’s just Mukuro’s puppet (which was fucking true because as soon as he was free Chrome was no longer needed.) Chrome needs to stand up for herself! If she took a page from M.M. or Shitt P or Adelheid or Bianchi or I-Pin or even Haru and Kyoko- all these characters fight for themselves at one point or another. They fight for their rights, or morals, or loved ones, or themselves, but Chrome hesitates so much. If Chrome was as ballsy as people RP’d her, I wouldn’t be so frustrated with her. I would LOVE to see Chrome NOT faint on a goddamn battlefield. She’s a fully capable fighter but she just… disappoints.

tl;dr - M.M. gets too much undeserved hate and people need to stop coddling Chrome like she’s a helpless baby. Chrome should have worn more fights (Same with Squalo but that’s another issue).

☒ - A fact about the mun.

 I’m a punny motherfucker.

☑ - A fact about the character.

 He’s a punny motherfucker.

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No, I really want to watch it but I'm scared of being scared! Haha I'm such a scardy cat sometimes!

Well I can tell you that first and the third season are the least scariest (is that how you say that? idk). So you can ease yourself into that with the third season (it was the least scariest season they have (welp that’s my opinion)), and then if you are feeling like it maybe the first one. Anyway it doesn’t really matter what season you start form. This is why it’s one of my favourite shows. You can just skip seasons if you want. (In my opninon people who are scared of being scared are the ones who would survive every horror movie ever, srsly no “hello! who’s there?” scenes or “hey let’s go into that creepy house because it definitely isn’t haunted or anything”)