danseurofelsa asked:

One thing bothers me a lot about both Daredevil and The Knick is the portrayal of Asians. It's just.. so wrong to have them all either utterly helpless or villainous.

I haven’t actually seen Daredevil yet, but I had seen that criticism going around—and that it’s particularly playing into the “helpless” thing.

I definitely feel you about The Knick though. It’s such a cognitive dissonance thing, because the show is so determined to confront and take down the racism surrounding Algernon. And it’s like, it’s great that they depict all these racist white people and then show how wrong they are. But then you have these Asian characters who are treated more like props than actual characters. You’ve got the one guy who’s just this Super Intense Killing Machine and then everyone else is just background noise for the opium dens. And it’s so jarring, because they’ve taken great pains to confront some forms of racism, while just casually ignoring Asian characters and minimizing them.

I really hope they do better next season. The history of Asian immigrants at this time is so rich and interesting and it would be disingenuous not to get into that. It would be a damn shame to gloss over all of that in favor of only using Asian characters as background.

Opium Den in Singapore, 1941 - Despite being targeted by law enforcement across the globe at the start of the 20th century, opium and opium dens were prevalent fixtures in east Asia, the United States, and Europe up until the mid-1950′s. In the above photograph, opium smokers in Singapore relax in a sparsely furnished opium den, suggesting that the clientèle were mostly working class.


Had such fun during this shoot with Girlieshow in Huntington Beach, CA last month!

We decided to blend Burlesque with a wink to my Thai heritage (I am mixed race)

The corset/outfit was graciously custom designed by Luscious Pearl Designs and the jewelry was custom made by Mirror Mirror Bijoux

The hair pieces are traditional RamThai (traditional Thai dance) pieces.