why I hate the pen comic

I gotta get something off my chest. Every few weeks a tumblr comic of a certain nature appears. It usually has very crude drawings by what appears to be a young, up and coming professional cartoonist. There is a purity and honesty to them that makes them popular, but I need to express a big problem I have with them.

They’re ironically enforcing an incredibly negative message, while promoting positivity. A very nicely drawn comic I just read gave the message that you should “Ignore the haters” aka the people who would criticize your art in a negative, deconstructive way. It was a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the message I received: that people who don’t like you or your work should not have a foothold in how you conduct yourself.

Yes, I agree with that. That’s good to do. But how is this doing that? How is this ignoring the haters? How does passive engagement with the haters, upholding the haters, and sentencing the haters equate to ignoring the haters? How is this positive at all?

The message of creating art is always a good one. Everyone should create art, unhindered! But I sense there is a problem when this message is constantly being reblogged and redone and rehashed. It doesn’t evolve, it stays the same. It’s a sign of an unaddressed problem that is consistently on peoples’ minds and is never really resolved. It plays off of and strengthens peoples’ already debilitating insecurities.

So, what? Why does this bug me? It bugs me because it gets so many things wrong. It bugs me because it’s done by someone really talented, and could be much much better. It bugs me because this raw emotion was turned into a soulless workplace poster, trying to delineate a moral message through a calculated caricature of a scenario presented as fact, instead of creating a true narrative with characters and setting and conflict, which this has none of. It’s not really art. It’s an essay, like this one. It tries to suppress criticism, like this. These attitudes are accepted and celebrated and permeate too many cartoonists in the tumblr community, even though it doesn’t do anything to make anyone happy. It might make someone feel a bit better, but it’s only because it reaffirms your unhappy thoughts.

But what do I know? I’m just a fucking janitor.

I also love the symbolic of Emma being on a bench, a page of the book with her - shout out at 3X21 where Emma was once again on a bench, not knowing if she belonged to the story.

Here we are again, with a page of a story Emma is now doubting and who goes to her to support her?


This is exactly the same, he tells her she’s not alone, and last time they both had that kind of talk, he was telling her that her happy ending could be here in Storybrooke.
Interesting how he confessed to her last week she was his and here we are.

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I'm going to start the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines, i've seen some amazing transformations on instagram. Is it better to do guide or to train for my own?

When you follow a guide, I recommend you to only get inspired by it.

Because we all have different body types, so train according to your body.

However, if you don’t know what to do, you may want to follow it then modify it in the future.

Women’s workout plan


Thinky thoughts 4x16

What a beautiful episode regarding Captain Swan and more particularly Emma we had tonight. To see her in that situation broke my heart- Jennifer Morrison- Just Jennifer can kill you with such raw emotions and her tears reduce me to a puddle of emotions. She literally breaks my heart in tiny shards.

I love how complementary Emma and Killian are, how they are here for each other. I do feel like this episode was the rightful following of what happened last week: she’s his happy ending and he proves to us all and to her that he’s hers.

Emma comforts Killian knowing he’s scared : she knows him, knows his past, knows his biggest fear is to lose her. I love how Emma did not hold back ONE SECOND. In front of her son, in front of her parents, she went to him and hugged him because she’s here and not going anywhere.They still both have huge issues but they have now learned to live with them together and to be there whenever one of them doubts : their dynamic is beautiful to watch for those moments. Killian is worried and Emma reassures him- the way he would reassure her when she’s doubting herself.

The display of affection in front of others is such a huge step for Emma too, for she was not one to express much in the past seasons she keeps showing support and love to her pirate. It’s also touching to see how much Emma trusts Killian with her past, not so long ago it would have been terribly hard for her to open up about it; it’s now so casual, because in a lot of ways, he’s her confident, much like Charming with Snow

But what moved me is how Emma took everything about her parents’s lie, very bad of course - which is no surprise since she realises she was lied at all along. Back to that time of her life where she was lied at- foster families with pretty dreams of families ending by being all lies. Emma was so deeply hurt - Jennifer was stunning for how she portrayed betrayal and managed to give us the impression Emma was like a child- foster kid, orphan, lied at- it was heartbreaking. 

Of course her first reaction is to pull away from Killian, of course she would run away but while her parents are now not people she wants to be around, she for sure has her pirate lover. And it’s beautiful she seeks the comfort of  his arms and how he just tells her what she needs to hear, her friend is okay, her parents are sorry, and more importantly he’s here. She is not alone anymore and she doesn’t have to go through it alone

They are both here for each other and that’s so very important- FORESHADOWING about how they will be there for each other no matter what the last shot with Emma being standing in front of the clocktower felt like Emma Swan the first time she arrived there, first curse.

Emma is standing at a crossroads, lost, not knowing the way to go, doubting her family and on the way to take the road to Evil!land.

Foreshadowing, scenery speaking for itself, I do believe there’s some good bueno CS scenes coming with Killian proving how much of a support he is to her and how he’s her ultimate fan.

The Signs From A Leo’s POV

Aries: Chill the fuck out

Taurus: I don’t know you but i know you’ll be there for me when I find you

Gemini: Just breathe man! Not everything has to be done RIGHT NOW

Cancer: Stay in your lane for a minute

Leo: Theoretically you’re cool but HEY EVERYONE EYES ON ME NOW

Virgo: You’re so cool and collected how do I be you

Libra: You’re hella lets be friends 

Scorpio: Will you ever tell me what you were thinking? 

Sagittarius: I envy you??????

Capricorn: I don’t think you’ve changed since you were 13

Aquarius: I think I’m in love 

Pisces: Whats going on in our head right now theres like 1010 of you 

I think I have a problem with The Walking Dead not necessarily because I think it is a bad show but because I don’t agree with the message it is conveying. The whole show is about how “only the strong ones survive, but not the most intelligent or the most kindhearted” and “if you wanna live, you must change and become cold and ruthless or you don’t have a place in this word and you’re weak and pathetic”. It just doesn’t coincide with my values. There are many ways to survive besides being the stereotypical “badass”.

This is the last thing I’m going to say about this for a little while because I will probably get hate for it but whatever. I feel like we should be treating the boys like our friends. If you had a friend that got very anxious about something and told you quite often that it made them highly anxious, you wouldn’t go ahead and make their life more difficult but putting them in the situation. Matty has stated plenty of times that he hates meeting fans in the the airport because it makes him anxious and that he doesn’t want people showing up there. Before you go to the airport and do the only thing that he has told you not to do, think to yourself
1. Would I subject my friend to this level of anxiety
2. Would I like someone purposely going out their way to upset me, knowing full well that it would upset me

Honestly I don’t give 2 flying shits if it’s your only chance to “meet” them (honestly it doesn’t even count as meeting them, you are literally just getting a photo that will most likely come out blurry because they are in a rush). DONT DO IT. THEY DONT LIKE IT. If you loved them as much as you made out that you did, you wouldn’t go to the airport because you wouldn’t want your fav to be stressed out and anxious just for you to get a photo to put on Instagram and Facebook so your friends think you are cool. Put people’s mental health before wanting to look “cool” to your friends honestly wtf is the world coming to

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Have you heard Future Hearts? What is your opinion about it? I love it!

It’s really good!! All my doubts with the last 2 singles were gone, it’s like a perfect combination between Don’t Panic and Nothing Personal/Dirty Work, it’s like if you ever enjoyed an All Time Low album, you will love this album, it’s really all over the place, every song is different and good

As amazing as Lana is, I think it’s high time we commend Jared for his talent. His mannerisms, his “looks” and everything about his characterization of Henry is so reflective of how Lana plays Regina. They emulate each other and play off one another so well - you can totally see it this season especially, and tonight’s scene!

He’s always been great, and I truly adore Henry more than any other character, so watching his acting chops grow just makes my Regal Believer heart soar (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 

Gemini: Mysterious. Always seem like an alluring attraction at first or from afar. Hard to pin down or put a finger on. Generally change after you spend some time with them. A little indecisive, and definitely change their minds easily. More complicated than you see on the outside. The soul-searching, direction changing, experimental-phase type. Usually cryptic in communication. The type to hold grudges for long periods of time. Can express intense emotion one day then close up the next. Often gifted at some art form, and express emotion best through it.