Honestly seeing Killian being so thoughtful with Belle was truly an amazing scene. Yes he was once someone who attacked her, disregarded her life…
But now he is a person who cares about her life her well being her agency. He cared that she was manipulated by Rumple and he cares that she hurts and as someone who has been hurt before Killian is capable to soothe her with words. Been there seen that, he understands she hurts and yet manages to tell her what she needs to hear.

I truly enjoy the way they set up these two as friends. In fact I think they can get along very well for they stand for the same things.

sometimes im like.. yo… marie schrader is probably bisexual but she doesn’t really know it. over dinner she’d say ignorant homophobic/biphobic shit but her heart is in the right place, probably, and then one day some other woman is flirting with her in a store while she’s trying on shoes and for the first time in a while she actually buys them cause she’s really flattered and blushing

I’m really not sure about the plot revolving around good guys not being so good guys: here the thing if it’s to show that the world is gray and that people fight to get better okay but I’m slightly concerned that this is just a way to white wash the actual villains..

Don’t make the Charmings bad guys to make the villains look better.

You are allowed to have an opinion.

You are allowed to like something.

You are allowed to dislike something.

What you are not allowed to do is push your opinion onto other peoples opinions and tell them that theirs is “wrong” and try to change their opinion into your opinion because your opinion is “correct”

It’s called an opinion for a reason…

"Excelled in different areas" actually sums up my opinion on the SNES and SEGA Genesis in general, even though that post was just about music.

Nintendo pioneered many longer-form games in the console space, with games like The Legend of Zelda and Metroid, which were expected to be accomplished in multiple sittings and had a focus on exploration. SEGA, on the other hand, was made up of arcade game developers through and through, so many of their best efforts were fast, short, challenging, and skill-based. Neither approach is better, but both lead to very different products.
The SNES’s higher color palette and greater graphics capabilities allowed for more rich, lush worlds, while the Genesis’s faster processor facilitated action that took quick reactions, reflexes, and execution.

I’d never want to look at a colorful, richly detailed game like Donkey Kong Country 2 attempted on the SEGA Genesis, while I’d probably suffer playing a super fast-paced, intense action game like Alien Soldier forced onto the SNES.

That episode was better than what I thought it would be.
The Queens of Darkness were delicious though I think we got way too much scenes of them.
Rumple eating noodles is everything I had wanted and never known I needed.

Emma and Killian being a lovely couple all adorable is beautiful. The way they love and support each other is amazing. Also Emma has her boyfriend getting her coffee this is just perfect.

I’m surprised to find myself liking and enjoying the Belle and Killian brotp: these two really grew to be friendly and it is a nice and good change. I hope he helps her move on. One thing got me tonight : Belle needs to move on from Rumple and get what she deserves.

Blue fairy more like 50shades of Greg fairy. I’m still not a fan of this plot about the book. I just hope it blows up to their faces.

And Emma beautiful Emma, I’m afraid of what’s coming for you.

another context-free minirant

hey, here’s a fun tip: if you want to apologize for being shitty, maybe don’t tack on a bunch of crap about how much this situation is stressing you out. like if you have some context that alters the meaning/implications of your shitty statements then yes, i want to hear it, but that’s all the additional info i need. explanation, clarification, apology—that’s it. you can spare me the manipulative bs.

(well, if you’re getting harassment from my friends/followers, you can tell me that too, and if it’s genuine harassment i’ll go talk to them or make a general post about it, but that’s the only exception.)

anonymous asked:

Do you respect poets? Or you don't take them serious, like anyone can write poetry its harder to write stories or a book.

If I had to guess how passive aggressive this was supposed to be on a scale of one to ten, it’d be like at least a seven. 

But to treat as if it’s entirely serious, because I could be wrong: I have the utmost respect for poets. I’m a fucking terrible poet (unless I’m writing bullshit sonnets about Shakespeare orgies on Tumblr). I don’t think it’s harder to write prose, I think it’s comparing two entirely different art forms, like painting vs. sculpture. You can’t really make a fair comparison. I will admit straight up that I don’t know as much about poetry as I do about fiction and consequently I don’t have the same degree of personal appreciation for it. I often find it (especially contemporary stuff) confusing but that’s doesn’t mean I don’t ‘take it seriously.’ I take it as seriously as I take anything other piece of literature. Actually many of my favorite works are long, epic poems—The Iliad, Beowulf, 80% of Shakespeare—but I don’t think that’s really what you’re talking about. 

Poets and poetry are amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever suggested otherwise.