southern-conservatism said:

in response to the troll mylifewithsocialanxiety. she has said the same thing to me about the definition of murder. but you dont need to hate someone for your killing them to be called murder. a women can drown her children in the bath tub out of "love" because she thinks its better for them than growing up in this world but we still call that murder


Thank you for sharing, dear! - Rose 


opinionatedconservative replied to your post: can I just say that I was raped at 15 and I carried the baby to term. I decided to give my child up for adoption and I know that he will grow up in a home filled with love. I have no regrets, and I see my son every holiday. I feel no hate for him, I do not shy away from him, and when he is ready his adoptive parents and I will tell him all he wants to know. Pro-life.

THIS im so screen caping. i really wish u were not anon so i could love you. you are such a wonderful person.