What explains the difference? In part, it’s because American teen shows absurdly have high stakes—instead of dealing with the lives of typical teens, the teens on these shows deal with murder, huge amounts of money, and supernatural love stories. The British teen shows, on the other hand, are steeped in the mundane, with teens sorting through realistic problems of regular life.

So I hear controversy over hae’s Arabic elsa and accusations of “brown face” as well when it’s kinda visible through most fan photos and cams that he’s currently quite tan? May I also remind you that suju is known for cosplaying other ethnicities in the past? I’m kinda curious as to why it’s seen as so extremely wrong as, stated before, they have done something like this before. Take in mind that Koreans often see things like these as pretty funny (although at times pretty racist) and suju maybe didn’t see this as offensive (this reminds me of shinee and the sombreros but I saw nothing wrong in that) and more as an homage to fans maybe? I won’t take sides though but maybe we’ll see some sort of apology to quell the fans… Who knows. Photo credit as tagged

emerald-protector said:

How do you feel about Knuckles' characterization in Boom?

From what I’ve already heard/seen? I don’t like it.

Main series Knuckles isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, what, with his gullibility but let’s give him some credit - Sonic Team had the right idea in making his less intelligent moments stem from naivety. And this makes sense. For his entire life Knuckles has lived in isolation presumably never seeing the world beyond Angel Island. This justifies and is a good explanation for why he is the way he is.

What is Boom!Knuckles’ characterization turning out to be?

"There are things inside these things!"

"We are definitely not at the beach anymore (Sonic: “You can say that again”) … We are definitely not at the beach anymore”

"then my delicious whipped cream filling will shoot out like toothpaste!”

"I sound like a fortune cookie *bites* …eh, but I don’t taste like one”

Given that the Chaos Emeralds are said not to exist in this continuity and given that by extension it is unlikely that the Master Emerald does therefore meaning Knuckles isn’t it guardian and Angel Island likely doesn’t exist, there’s no good reason for this kind of characterization. Hell, even if he was still the ME’s guardian and lived a life of isolation that’s still no justification for his morphing seemingly into a non-sequitur spouting thicko.

It isn’t clever.

It isn’t a better way of using the character.

It isn’t interesting.

All it basically amounts to is simplification of a character’s personality into an annoying, overdone archetype.

I have to admit, I did have my doubts about Tyranny

Diverging so much from The Strokes’ music, I was concerned that Julian was going to find it difficult to capture that magic that he has maintained through the years. Thankfully I was wrong. Tyranny is a work of art, and the essence, that x-factor, of his music that has awed his fans for over a decade still prevails. 

Also, Father Electricity is my favourite atm… which one/s do you guys think are the best?

no matter how many of you guys drop out of the emblem3 tumblr fandom, like so many of you guys have already, im not going anywhere and never will. so if you ever need to remember there are still some full emblem3 blogs I am one of them and I’m not getting bored or losing patience with emblem3. I’ll wait forever for new music. I’m happy with their tweeting. It’s enough for me. They’ve done a lot and I think that we can wait longer if that’s what they need.

People complain that Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” is catering to the male agenda by stating ‘boys like a little more booty to hold at night’ and that Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” truly embraces feminine independence. I am an avid listener of the song Anaconda, it is on my phone and I love the feel good agenda of the song, however, you have to understand that the song is EXTREMELY catered to the male agenda. The main chorus is a man talking about how he will only get a rise out of women with asses, and one line in the song is “he don’t like em’ bony he want something he can grab” stating yet ANOTHER male preference towards women with large butts (also please do not think this song is catered towards fat women). So why are we targeting Meghan Trainor? Easy. #1 she is not a globally popular singer, her summer hit was all we have heard from her so far, and #2 she is a plus size woman. It is hard for people to embrace femininity of plus size women STILL and most of the hate comes from internalized fatphobia
So please before you go hating on Meghan for saying “Skinny bitches” or claiming male mentality is important, and that Nicki’s song is not problematic, I really want you to look hard and deep at Nicki’s lyrics.

anonymous said:

I personally prefer Archie and Boom Amy over SegaAmy but I respect those who disagree. Only this kind of bothers me, are you and the Anon saying a girl is less of a girl if they are more tomboyish or action ish?

No. I’m not saying that, I don’t think that and I don’t intend to come-off as that.

My problem lies with the reasoning for doing it. I’ve said it multiple times before - Getting rid of Amy’s crush and changing her character in this manner is misguided and positive discrimination-like. It’s being done to mould her into an arbitrary idea of what a good girl character “should be like”. And it’s such BS.

Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in snother’s world. It requires profound purpose longer then the self kind of understanding.
—  Bill Bullard

Get over yourselves! It’s so fucking annoying and tiring, reading people bitching and throwing up shit about the band they “love”, I respect your opinion, whether you like the songs or not,  “Run, run, run” or “GGAG”, being a fan doesn’t mean you love and support everything they do, but what gets on my nerves is that you’re always complaining about fucking everything, Jesus Christ, calm the fuck down! We knew since the very beginning that they will try something different, if you like it and love it, good! Enjoy it! If you don’t like it and hate it, good! Don’t listen to them and that’s it, go and listen the past albums that you used to love, they changed & nobody’s obligated to like them, but move on and stop trying to spread your hatred, like how hypocrite and convenient people can be! 

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I used to think Amy's relationship with Sonic was cute/silly, with her always chasing him around and being loyal to him, and him being either uninterested or shy. But now it frustrates me not seing their relationship grow at all. I feel bad for Amy.

You mean in the main series?

I feel sorry for the fans of every character who doesn’t happen to be Sonic, Tails or Eggman, having to put up with their favored characters getting shoved to the wayside and ignored. Then again, the former two aren’t getting the best portrayals nowadays either…

So Terry raped his teenage daughter (repeatedly) and knocked her up…and he has the AUDACITY to beat up Mickey for his sexuality?! And have his son raped as well!!?? WHAT THE HELL!

I just want to wrap those two Milkoviches up in warm blankets and tell them everything is gonna be okay,

ps. At the lack of condoms used in the show…and everyone getting pregnant I am very afraid a serious STD is gonna become a part of the plotline.