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Regional power brokers could turn Yemen into proxy battleground

Prosecutor: Evidence shows crash co-pilot concealed illness

Despite return ‘home’ to Russia, Crimeans are … ambivalent

Dirty power: Sweden wants your garbage for heating homes

Bipartisan fervor on criminal justice reform

Harry Reid says he will not seek re-election

Nigeria claims to destroy Boko Haram HQ

Assad says he’s open to dialogue with US

S. Korea wants release of two held by North

Opinion: Estate tax isn’t killing family farms

Settlement reached in Ferguson lawsuit

Faster payouts for sick nuke site workers

Nigeria hit hard by falling oil prices

Building collapse in NYC leaves 19 injured

Germanwings co-pilot ‘intentionally’ crashed

FBI: Bomb parts found in Tsarnaev’s home

Opinion:  ‘60’ Minutes’ and Africa

Indiana enacts religious objections bill

Opinion: Don’t reduce poor to customers

Calif. AG moves to reject anti-gay initiative

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I know this is absurdly pathetic but I can't help but feel seriously bad for Amy. Her entire freaking existence is to be a hopeless romantic for someone not remotely interested in romance as part of some big cruel joke. As far as we're concerned she will never stop loving him but he will never reciprocate those feelings cause the guys who control the universe are adamant in letting them be together. Really her only chances are in fanfics, which are, to her, false realities that never truly occur

I personally find it hard to feel bad for her when the game’s writing never makes her out to be discouraged or depressed when Sonic “spurns” her. Amy doesn’t take his lack of interest in her hard at all in canon and the way their relationship is written never truly leans into “Woe is Amy”

This is one of the reasons why I find fanfics that treat her as if she’s some poor little lamb just because Sonic is not lovey-dovey gaa-gaa for her so irritating and even perhaps telling of author immaturity - Amy is not a victim of the situation when Sonic doesn’t get to his knees of proclaim undying love for her and authors who think he’s some big bad meanie for not doing so seem to have a pretty warped idea of romantic relationships, that all love should be requited and that not doing so is akin to some great crime.

ShadAmy fic authors are particularly bad about this when they get her with Shadow because of the former being characterized as a poor little victim of non-romantic interest and treat Sonic like the bad guy, even characterizing Shadow as treating blue like he’s a justified object of loathing for breaking the pink rose’s achy breaky heart. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves regarding Sonic fanfiction.

I love SonAmy and all, find it an interesting pairing and I actively ship it but I only like it’s when its lighthearted and pays the two character’s realistic, likeable development. It’s a cute, funny pairing. Yet some fans treat it as srs business.

My Philosophy

Eat what you want.

Do what you want.

Love who you want.

Be who you want.

Don’t hate.

Only apologize for things that hurt others.

Appreciate what you have.

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lol No hard feelings. Just wanted to clarify what I meant but I do see how my line of thinking can lead to the perception that "Sonic is an asshole" so what you said is understandable. I didn't know about that moment in Sonic Battle and I can't believe they made Sonic do that! But then again, a lot of characters were portrayed strangely in Battle, from what I've seen. Like Cream being presented as an uber-pacifist even though she showed no problems with violence in Advance 2 or Heroes


Battle really does have questionable writing…

But another thing that I find uncharacteristic is Amy’s creepy attempt to manipulate him in Chronicles by inventing a person who doesn’t exist in the attempt to inspire jealousy. That’s pretty desperate, creepy desperate. And it comes off as flanderization.


Hey all! Question for the Night Vale fandom (or just people with opinions): My gf and I are doing Fem!Cecil&Carlos (if that lab coat hasn’t given it away i’m being Carlos) and i wanted some opinions on clothing choice. Most fanart I see have Carlos either in some sort of flannel or red shirt, so i have tried that. 

So two things;

1) Is there a preference for one of the above looks? or none of them, go find a new top/pants etc.?

2) makeup thoughts? (see final pic for this attempt, i went for my usual workplace makeup look as i figure a person can do science in it)

note: will have brown wig for actual thing, just hasn’t arrived yet so ignore my regular hair. 


Shooting on the streets of Helsinki

It is currently -3 Celsius and winds of 25km/h have been battering the city for quite some days making me wear 3 layers of gloves (thin ones but still!).
I never thought that one day I would be living in such winter conditions coming from Brazil. And if you would have told me, when I was young, that I would be going out to photograph strangers on the streets then I would have told you you are out of your mind.

I have been living in Finland for the last 7 years and since I moved to Helsinki my passion for photography transformed what was a hobby into something I can’t live without.

For an European capital Helsinki is a very safe place, relatively big and super quiet. Finns are known for being very private and a people of very few words but you would be amazed the reception one gets when shooting around. It is not to say that I do not get my fair share of evil eyes but even locals are amazed that I can do with such ease. Some say that because I look like a foreigner (and yes, I totally do) I get a free pass. All the better for me.

It also helps a lot that I have a certain obsession with shapes and forms. Helsinki being one of the known cities in the world for architecture makes it for a fun photography game to try to position subjects around.

Not everything is roses though. Winter temperatures can plunge to - 20 Celsius and if it’s windy then forget about walking around. And with this kind of weather batteries will die very fast. On the top of that days become shorter with only few hours of light so camera settings can get really really weird like F4, ISO 6400 and shutter at 40th of a second. This makes it very difficult to be using film cameras during the winter, since I am stuck with a certain ISO through the whole film, and moving from light/dark areas of the city involves a lot of fiddling around with the camera that could be spent  on the lookout.

On the flip side when the light starts to come back it’s all good from there. Sometimes the sun won’t set until 2200 and the City comes back to life with parties and everyone trying to soak as much of sun as it is possible.

Helsinki, and Finns in general, are a very interesting experience from a photographer perspective. You won’t find hoards of people as in bigger cities such as Tokyo or New York making it much more of a work to find interesting scenes than in those places. Keeping an eye in the events and national holidays is a good way to know when people are gathering.

Check my portfolio at:

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If they do another Sonic Riders or similar game, I'd like Orbot and Cubot to be playable, maybe with tranformable semi humanoid(IE: EggRobo) bodies, they'd be more definitely then the generic one game only Badniks like the ones in the Sonic Riders series.

Agreed. They have one hundred times more character and likeability than E-10000′s :|

What attacks would they use though? I imagine irritating other racers with non-sequitur random utterances would be Cubot’s :D

Rewatching Turn: Eps 1-2 Review

(spoilers ahead, read at your own risk)

The first time I watched Turn: Washington’s Spies, I was in the middle of chemo treatments (yay chemobrain), and I was watching on a small computer screen. Now that it’s come to Netflix and the DVDs are out, I’m watching on a big screen TV with my brain intact.

I can’t review it as if I’ve never seen it before, but as it happens, watching this show the second time is actually easier, in my opinion, especially since, in the interim, I’ve read the two major historical works about the Culper Spies that currently exist, as well as doing other research. 

Some observations:

1) Who are these people? Why are these people? There’s very little in the way of explaining who anyone is at the beginning. While this goes far toward making the interactions seem authentic and avoiding the trap of artificial exposition, it makes the story harder to follow if you don’t have someone with you who has seen it before. It also makes Abe look like a really bad husband if you don’t know that whole can of worms family story.

2) BENJAMIN TALLMADGE. There is just no denying the power of Seth Numrich in this role. The minute you see him, you want to see more. 

3) I didn’t know the history of the Culper Spies when I first watched, but now I’m seeing that a lot of the non-historical embellishment takes place right at the outset, and it gets closer to history later. There are certainly real events depicted (Abe’s oath-taking and capture by the Continentals, Brewster’s early involvement, Selah’s imprisonment), but we also have John Andre striding in long before his time, Simcoe being Simcoe before he’s supposed to be there, and Anna Strong being…a lot of things Anna Strong was not. We also have Abe Woodhull married with a child years early. I get that a lot of this is to establish background where background is unknown, and I don’t actively hate most of it. I’m meh on some, though. 

4) The establishment of the conflicting philosophies of Loyalist vs. Patriot are VERY deftly and expertly handled at the beginning. Richard Woodhull, while an embellished character, serves the very important purpose of typifying one mindset, while Brewster and Tallmadge typify another. Abe is in the middle, and almost from minute one, his internal conflict is palpable and engaging.

5) Speaking of the devil, Jamie Bell is incredible. He’s what pulled me in originally, and he’s doing it again. Woodhull is an extremely complicated role because he was a guy with a very unusual and extremely introverted personality, but Jamie manages to make me care a huge amount without doing anything that outwardly explosive. His choice to play the role in an understated way makes his occasional outbursts all the more impacting.

6) I get why they brought Andre in early, to avoid having a bunch of random dudes we don’t care about in charge of British intelligence before he gets there, and I think JJ Feild is pitch-perfectly true to the spirit of the character. I enjoy seeing him, and he’s a great counterpoint to Robert Rogers. That said, I feel like this storyline is the least integrated into the show as a whole at the beginning. Since I have the benefit of hindsight, I know that once things heat up and Abigail takes her place, his story converges with the main story and really enhances things. I’m just not sure how I feel about the randomness of it up front. I don’t dislike it. I just think it’s kind of…well, like I said, random. Not that I would ever really complain about JJ and his tiny, tiny braid.

7) I forgot Gorgeous Washington doesn’t appear in the first two eps. I remember that when my sister first made me watch, she was like, “WAIT UNTIL YOU GET TO WASHINGTON.” Now that’s how I feel about the people I’m making watch it now. 

8) It’s amazing how this show doesn’t waste any of Alexander Rose’s book. We’re on page, like, eight after two eps…

9) Dude, Burn Gorman is unreal. 

10) I can’t handle Ensign Baker being adorable. It’s just torture the second time around. YOU ARE TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD, ENSIGN BAKER.

11) Ok, Mary Woodhull, praying out loud in the middle of the night while people are sleeping is not going to endear you to anyone. You are latently awesome, but we’re sure not seeing any evidence of it yet.

12) THAT BABY. Where do TV shows find these kids? That is the cutest baby evar.

13) I have a *thing* for Selah Strong. There is not enough Selah Strong. MOAR Selah Strong.

14) The establishment of tone is really, really well done at the beginning. The viewer simultaneously sees what a theoretically idyllic place Setauket should be to live in, but also how tense and uncomfortable it’s become because of the war. I applaud how well this jives with the tone of Rose’s book, since it’s not easy to turn a history book into a gripping narrative.

15) There are some great subtleties. I know this is actually a complaint by some people, but I like that not everything is spelled out all the time. For instance, the general powerlessness of a populace with officers quartered in their homes is not discussed outright, but it’s shown through scenes like the one when Simcoe accosts Anna Strong while she’s doing laundry. Major Hewlett’s difficulty in trying to deal with Joyce’s murder also subtly shows the difficulties even decent British officers had to contend with when trying to keep the peace between bored military men and angry inhabitants.

16) Ultimately, the first couple of eps start to lay out what an incredible story this will turn out to be. Two of the most cinematic plot points are also the most historically accurate. Woodhull did take a loyalty oath, on the advice of Tallmadge and Washington, and he was arrested by the Continental army so that he could be approached about spying. No embellishment needed to make those events interesting and suspenseful, as we watch a peaceable man make a life-altering decision.

17) The Anna/Abe story is still my least favorite. It has no basis in history and ignores the fact that Anna was significantly older than depicted and the mother of several children who were left entirely to her care while her husband was imprisoned. Local history remembers her as someone who assisted the Culpers, but there’s no hard evidence she was 355 (the “lady” spy Woodhull mentioned in one of his still-existent letters to Washington), and it’s actually rather unlikely, considering her life situation at the time. I get that they wanted to add relationship drama, but I just don’t think it’s necessary or adds much to the show. That said, I am glad to see strong women on screen. Anna, Mary, and Abigail all have their awesome moments. I just wish they’d stayed closer to history with Anna.

18) I LOVE how, when Simcoe is first captured, Brewster tells him exactly who he is. That 100% jives with the personality of the historical Brewster, who was the only Culper Spy who signed his own name to all his reports.

19) The beanie is still awesome.

20) Some questions I have:

—If you’re going to wait to introduce Washington, why not wait a little while to introduce Andre? I get that he’s sort of a counterpoint to Tallmadge, but that doesn’t mean he has to be shoehorned in that soon.

—How is it possible for someone as nice as Samuel Roukin actually is to play Simcoe with that amount of slimetastic commitment? It’s truly impressive how much he makes my skin crawl.

—Did we have to see pickled dead people? Did we?

—How is Ben Tallmadge that awesome? 

Just watched their video explaining the book and I’d like to say I TOLD YOU SO OMFG I’M SO PROUD OF THEM, OK? They are going to prove to all of you non-believers that they’ve written the whole thing themselves and worked REALLY HARD on the book <3


The Reason I Love Geekchic Above Everything Else

I think part of why I love geekchic so much is because of how oddly compatible they are. They’re so incredibly different and yet they somehow have so much in common (Bonnie, cooking, etc.) and based on their personalities and the like I can tell you that they’d work so well together as a couple. They both have their insecurities. Serena is hung up over her crush on Ash yet she isn’t brave (or stupid) enough to go right out and tell him. Clemont, being the soft-heart that he is, could very likely have a crush on her from the innumerable amount of subtle evidence that has been shown (heck, even the writers seem to ship them), but Clemont would value Serena’s happiness over his own, and would not try to outwardly interfere. I can imagine him talking to her when she’s feeling down, giving her advice & telling her that she’s beautiful. Ash believes in her too, but the difference between him and Clemont is that Clemont believes in what Serena can do now, while Ash insists that if she trains hard she can do anything. And while they’re both right, Ash offers his encouragement by default, the same as he would for anybody, and thus the words ‘you can do it’ would mean far more coming from Clemont. His ability to understand what her talents are now as opposed to Ash’s ‘hard work is the key’ outlook leads me to believe that eventually Serena would stop looking to Ash for approval and start looking for Clemont, as he has invested so much of his time into her happiness and truly believes that she can make it, whereas Ash is just really nice and cares about everybody in the same way.

I also think that Serena would give Clemont a lot of confidence, especially on the dating spectrum. The fact that he can mess up trying to make something nice for her and she’ll still love him anyway would be a real eye-opener to the inventor, because he would stop worrying about failing and focus on making the effort. Another part of why I am just so in love with these two is because they symbolize everything I’ve found to be true about life. They were both so insecure, so at odds with the world before learning through each other and the events that came about from their worlds colliding that love isn’t finding someone who’s perfect; love is finding someone who’s perfect for you.


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