17 Ophies Available!
£21 + £3.50 Global Postage

Ophies Ampheritos are winged serpents that live in Arabia guarding the frankincense groves. The adults are dangerous to humans and can deliver a nasty bite, although they are not venomous. (Thankfully these are just hatchlings!)

If you feel like taking on and training your own Ophae hatchling then check out the new batch available in my Etsy shop. I have just listed the ten pictured above. Which breed will you collect? Draconian, Muroid, Testudine, Alligatoroid, Hognosed or the mysterious and rare Undead?

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If you’ve listened to OPH pt.1, you’ve most likely heard Adagio for Strings. If you haven’t heard the original orchestral composition by Samuel Barber, please take a listen! (It was also the main theme for the movie Platoon (1986), and it’s beautiful.)


Now available on Etsy
£21 + £3.50 international postage

Muroid Ophae Hatchling (Rat-like)
his Ophae has a rat like face with rich blue and purple ombre markings on his face and a black body. 

Undead Ophae Hatchling
ndead ophae aren’t actually dead, but they wear rather disconcerting and as yet unidentified bone masks. He has a cream body with grey wings and a grey mane, with red eyes. He’s also a little longer than most hatchlings.

Testudine Ophae Hatchling (turtle-like)
 turtle-like ophae with aqua and royal blue gradient markings covering some of his scales. He has long, black, pennant wings with aqua and black barred corverts.


u guys……im so upset
so u kno ive wanted nakamura asumikos work forEVER like before i even made this blog and i couldnt buy it bc no stores where i lived had it and i couldnt order it bc my parents would disown me literally so i waited till i moved away for university (which i just did 1 week ago)
and i found the store in the city so i prayed and prayed that they would be in stock and THEY WERE!!!! LLOOOK THIS IS IT IN MY CART BASKET THING!!!!!!!!!! (unfortunately sotsugyousei and her illustration book werent in stock :”””( )


u guys im not lying when i say i CRIED i had tears in my eyes i mean reading her work online was incredible but holding it in your hands is a completely different experience and i was so happy to finally be able to support her work by buying it i didnt even care how embarrassed i was to stand in the bl aisle but……………………..


on the back it said must be 18+ to purchase u guys im only 17 and i am so upset…i turn 18 in about a month which isnt that long but still to leave it behind………like…..after waiting so long…
but tbh im actually kinda pissed cuz doukyuusei is like PG and sora to hara is too like they barely kiss i can understand ob and sotsugyousei being 18+ but cmooooon

anyway that was my adventure. it’ll be my bday present to myself i guess … how pathetic lol but rest assured i WILL BE BACK!!!

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I.What’s your name? Rebecca

II.When’s your birthday? March 2nd 1995

III.Where are you from? just outside of London, England

IV.Have a crush? i have loads of crushes all the time eyyy

V.What’s your favourite color? anything in the purple/blue region

VI.Write something in all caps? SAVE IT FOR THE MORNING AFTER (lyrics from an arctic monkeys song i’ve had in my head all day)

VII.Got a favorite band/artist? i have way too many. it changes all the time. right now it’s ben howard as there’s some very exciting new stuff on the horizon for him :3

VIII.Favorite Number? 7

IX.Favorite Drink? dr pepper and english breakfast tea; PG tips mmmmm

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{ repomannumber1 }


Under a new identity, the woman went by Rosalie Ophae. At first, Marni was reluctant to get a new identity but in the end had no choice. Her stomach was ruptured only a year ago due to childbirth and before she knew it, she was mangled with a pile of bodies. Fellow graverobbers of hers sated her until Marni was reclaimed as Rosalie.

                                     Fellow graverobbers; more like family.

Along with a new identity, Marni claimed a stomach from Gene co. The past year, she had been paying as much as she could, and as much as she could was fifty, to forty dollars at a time. Two thousand, she remembered the papers stating, two thousand must be paid full otherwise she would be up for repossession.

                                    After a few months this year, she stopped paying.

Marni knew that any life without her daughter, her lovely little Shilo, would be absolute torture. Even the organ replacement wasn’t of her choice, but was thrust upon the idea in her near death. Along with new identities and organs, Marni began to intake Zydrate. Only a little here and there, nothing too drastic. It helped her get by with her troubled thoughts and pained anxiety. 

Blue hues curled around each corner, making sure she was completely alone before opening the lid of her satchel and taking out that little glass vial that would magically mist all her troubles away. The needle injected against her forearm and she released the trigger with a panted sigh.

                  What a fool she must look, but in that exact moment, Marni didn’t care.

Hazed and in bliss uncontrollably, the woman stumbled against the wall of the nearest brick building and exhaled. The Zydrate dropped from her hand and onto the cold, wet ground; even that she didn’t care of.