Not as lean as I could be but hey, that’s life #lifegoeson. I’m not as fluffy as I could be either! #optimism 😁😜👌👌 considering I’ve been eating fried chicken, pizzas donuts cookies and more, I’d say my body is holding up pretty well! Butttt can’t be too relaxed forever.
It’s almost bikini summer season 😱😱 where has this year gone…
Going to do some photo shoot pics for my newest program/ebook #OperationSxy Summer Edition 😁 get excited!!
Sports bra: @fabletics
Pants: @glyderapparel
Shoes: brooks ghost

One of the last @elliquark i have😭😭 try freezing your yogurts or cottage cheeses or Greek yogurts. Then when you let it thaw a bit before eating, it tastes like froyo/ice cream consistency! 😱😍😍 thanks for the tip @r_sevillano10 !
Andddd doing the finishing touches on my latest workout program ebook “#OperationSxy Summer Edition” 😋😋😋 👙👙🌅

Allow me to Re-Introduce myself. I still remember my very first goals when I first started my journey - they were to fit into a #bikini and to be able to run #5K. Now I can do both and do more then what I had originally planned. There’s no stopping me. I’m in #beastmode and I #beastit every single day. #NoExcuses #fitfam #operationsxy

Busy bee 🐝🐝 with these ebooks for you all!! Lemme give you a rundown of what ill be releasing soon enough!! PATIENCEEE PLEASE!

#operationsxy ebooks:

1⃣Volume 1: down and dirty desserts - only desserts with no protein added!! (sample meal plan for the busy clean eater)

2⃣Volume 2: pump it up with protein (includes smoothies, protein bake and no bake) (sample meal plan 2)

3⃣ Volume 3: sweet and savory bites: meals & snacks for the clean eater (7 day slim me meal plan)

4⃣Volume 4: poppin pancakes (includes protein and non protein pancakes) (ultimate week meal plan guide)

Up close and personal with my 3 ingredient mug cake from my #operationsxy EBOOK! Head to my blog (itsvmfitness.blogspot.com) to find out how to order my “Down and Dirty Desserts” - over 30 clean eating desserts, clean eating guide, printable 2 page grocery list, and sample week plan of my healthy eats! For $8!!! ❤❤❤ enjoy the #foodporn 😍 #vmfitness #vmfityear

So yes!!! I think I’ll be designing a tank top or buttons! BUT OF COURSE, I want all your opinions since you’ll be the ones wearing it!

FIRST, do you want buttons or a tank? Obviously buttons would be geared for girls and guys, but the tanks would be a women’s tank.
So let me know below!

For buttons, the phrase will most likely read:
“It’s a LIFESTYLE, not a DIET”
“#operationsxy” TANK TOP CHOICE:
🔵🔴Choices for the back: 🔹"It’s a LIFESTYLE, not a DIET"

And what do YOU want on the front?!🎽 Some options: 🔹Fit happens
🔹Strong over skinny
🔹I’m a Beauty and a Beast
🔹Body Under Construction
🔹BEAST in the gym 🔹Muscles over Bones
🔹Strong is the new Skinny
🔹Pain is temporary, pride is forever
🔹I can & I will
🔹Mind over body
🔹#beastmode 🔹Fit life
🔹Yes I’m a girl and I have muscles
🔹Working on my Fitness
🔹Fitness addict
🔹Dream big, lift heavy

And if you have any other options, comment below!!! I’ll choose the top few and then ask for your votes again! HOW EXCITING!#workhard #workout #gymwear #gymgear #getfit #fitness #healthspo #fitlife #fitgirls #fitchicks #athleticapparel #gymclothes #tanks #cute #fitspo

Often known as reverse calories #celery is a #healthfood that not only tastes great but provided other benefits such as fights cancer, lowers cholesterol, aids in digestion, lowers blood pressure and aids in weight loss. How can you not be incorporating this little superstar in your #diet everyday? #fitfam #operationsxy

Love seeing when you all make my recipes! So if you do please tag me ANDDD the hashtag #vmfitness so I can DROOOOL over the #foodporn!!! Here we have @bleegray and @jessica_louise_goode who made my black bean brownies (down my feed), @amandabucci who made my Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Cake from my ebook #operationsxy volume 1, and @healthyhappyhippy who made my healthy cinnamon rolls in my Volume 3 ebook! THANKS LOVES!! ❤❤ #recipes#healthyrecipes#healthy#eating#healthy#lifestyle

OOOH these look delicious!!! @blensvw made my healthy coconut macaroons from my #Operationsxy ebook Volume 1: down and dirty desserts! HEAD TO THE BLOG FOR MORE DETAILS AND WHAT THE EBOOK HAS TO OFFER! ❤❤❤ Itsvmfitness.blogspot.com

SNAPPPP made some healthy pb cups from my ebook #operationsxy down and dirty desserts!! Over 30 clean dessert recipes, clean eating guide and grocery list, and sample meal plan of my weekly eats = $8!!! Head to my blog to check it out! 💜 #vmfitness #vmfityear

My day will consist of chilling outside working on #operationsxy ebook : sweet and savory bites - meals, snacks, & protein recipes along with the additional “vm slim plan” - just an example of how I eat before a big event! And playing with this devilish puppy, and continuing to eat mushy healthy food - had oats mixed with Greek yogurt and some protein powder mixed in! #vmfitness #vmfitmay #vmfityear